Master List of Dread Trainers

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Wolfs End-Tess

Goblin Bane-plus 5% dmg to goblins. Cost:1,628,747
Dragon Bane-plus 5% dmg to dragons. Cost:1,966,947
River Luck-plus 10% item find. Cost:2,280,620
Skeleton Warding-minus 5% dmg from skeletons. Cost:2,949,520
Goblin Protection-minus 5% dmg from goblins. Cost:1,628,747
Dragon Warding-minus 5% dmg from Dragons. Cost:1,966,947
Bat Protection-minus 5% dmg from bats .Cost:2,280,620
Ghost Warding-minus 5% dmg from Ghosts. Cost:2,949,520

Black Rose Mire-Sara

Spider Bane-plus 5% dmg to spiders. Cost:382,442
Lizard Bane-plus 5% dmg to lizards. Cost:445,677
Spider Protection-minus 5% dmg from spiders. Cost:382,442
Lizard Protection-minus 5% dmg from lizards. Cost:445,677

Black Rose Mire-Gina

Swamp Loot-plus 10% craft Find. Cost:506,653
Plant Bane-plus 5% dmg to plants. Cost:601,684
Swamp Treasure-plus 10% gold. Cost:506,653
Plant Protection-minus 5% dmg from plants. Cost:601,684


Horror slayer-plus 5% dmg to horrors. Cost:159,955
Griffon Slaying-plus 5% dmg to griffons. Cost:185,355
Bandit’s Fortune-plus 10% gold. Cost:324,742
Fear Ward-minus 5% dmg from horrors. Cost:159,955
Screech Defense-minus 5% dmg from griffons. Cost: 185,355
Eagle Eye-plus 10% item find. Cost:324,742

Cemetery Hill-Chloe

Jackal Protection-minus 5% dmg from jackals. cost:210,440
Mummy Protection-minus 5% dmg from mummies. cost:246,531
Ghost Bane-plus 5% dmg to ghosts. Cost:286,108
Skeleton Bane-plus 5% dmg to skeletons. Cost:210,440
Wisp Protection-minus 5% dmg from wisps. Cost:246,531
Ghost Protection-minus 5% dmg from ghosts. Cost:286,108


Lion Bane-plus 5% dmg to Lions. Cost:705,959
Lizard Warding-minus 5% dmg from lizards. Cost:805,059
Cyclops Bane-plus 5% dmg to cyclopses. Cost:969,919
Lion Protection-minus 5% dmg from lions. Cost:705,959
Mountain Booty-plus 10% craft find. Cost: 805,059
Cyclops Protection-minus 5% dmg from Cyclopses. Cost: 969,919

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Emerald Glades-Bristlecone

Dryad Slaying-plus 5% dmg to Dryads. Cost:1,150,352
Raptor Protection-minus 5% dmg from raptors. Cost:1,319,864
Dryad Protection-plus 5% dmg from Dryads. Cost:1,150,352
Glade Spoils-plus 10% Craft Find. Cost:1,319,864

Deepgard-Lil Daniel

Dread Bane-plus 5% dmg to Dreads. Cost:3,680,120
Demon Slaying-plus 5% dmg to demons. Cost:4,355,093
Castle Fortune-plus 10% gold .Cost: 3,680,120
Dread Protection-minus 5% dmg from Dreads. Cost:4,355,093

Shazari Desert-Okar

Scarab Bane-plus 5% dmg to scarabs. Cost:4,982,213
Mummy Bane-plus 5% dmg to Mummies. Cost:5,557,400
Construct Protection-minus 5% dmg from Golems. Cost:5,749,920
Construct Bane-plus 5% dmg to Golems. Cost:5,850,600
Giant Bane-plus 5% dmg to giants. Cost:4,982,213
Minotaur Bane-plus 5% dmg to minotaurs. Cost:5,557,400
Desert Trinkets-plus 10% craft find. Cost:5,749,920
Buried Treasure-plus 10% item find. Cost:5,850,600

Overall Total:92,603,840

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Nice, thanks.

I think you have lost one from the desert though. There are always an even number of items.

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fixed it thanks