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I am farming dread dungeon with lot of summoners and to make progress smooth, I evolved simple approach to eliminate them efficiently. Will not work in 100 of cases, but even 95% is nice, right?

How they behave:
- if they attacked they summon annoying red ghost.
- they intercept target

Red ghost does same but has longer :enemy detection: range, I mean Red one will attack you even if summoner stand still (if already summoned).

Goal: kill summoner without annoying Red ghost.
How to: trick is simple, tho it require you are able to kill alone summoner :]
You need to know how far can red ghost detect your presense. Usualy end of room. Aproach Summoner, or group with summoner adn shoot them .. ONCE. before missile hits them, move further away.

What happens: Summoner summons red ghost, and starts to chase you. BUT !! you moved further away from him, and so you detection area of RED ghost. Red ghost is left behind, summoners chases you alone. keep retreating till summoners leave detection area of red ghost and CHARGE. summoner will die, while red ghost is idling near. Working pretty well for mine Pally, with a little practise where and how far to retreat you will make your progress through dungeon quite smoth.


.. hope it will help someone. Do I have to say, if you team member is mad thief who charge all and die .. this will not work ? In case summoner already stands with red ghost, aproach till red attacks (got wider detection, will come alone), kill it, and repeat steps above to eliminate summoner.

May sounds complicated, but once you understand how they behave it will be quite easy.