Please put in a rune exchange on gear

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Love the new area of Valhaven. Great work on the art and the new quests are incredibly fun.

However, again so much of this new artwork on gear seems so wasted as most of the items are made to be junk. For a melee weapon why should there ever be a rune but Warlord on it? Also ‘Arcanum’ is incredibly useless on melee weapons and armor. That rune should only be reserved for mage gear.

Also swiftness is pretty useless all around where it would be much better if it affected attack speed rather than movement speed. Than it would be a rune and buff worth having!

Please put in a way for us to change runes on our gear as it is saddening to have so many items look so good and be so useless.


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Totally agree with you.
It is great to have so many gears, but almost 80% is junk because of the runes.

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If they make runes exchangeable then whats the use of any other item but a few? Everyone would have the best gear in no time since everything can be the best gear. Would greatly decrees play value of the game.

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I discussed with Tyveris on this matter, specifically on the matter of swiftness rune, that it should increase attackspeed as well. He said he’ll consider it, but it’s really not that easy.