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  1. A time indication on the skill’s and leave dungeon button. Where the button go’s from gray to colored from top to bottom + number indication (nr indication isn’t needed for leave dungeon button)
  2. Show “Social tab” in front of the resurrection window, i like to see who’s online when i’m dead.
  3. Pause button when soloing (might work in group too but option is only for party leader) Because every time i “lose focus” when i go afk and i m near a trap the traps suddenly shoot further. (also i think a dungeon go’s empty if you’re afk to long. Would help that too. But give a time are the top to know how much time is left)
  4. Your level indicated in the backpack menu. Left of your character i’d say. Now you have to hover over the XP bar to see that.
  5. Option to show number value constantly in your XP, HP and/or mana bar.
  6. Indication on your “Home” button on how much time is left before the miners stop. Show only hours first, and when only min are left the, show only the min.
  7. Option to arrange “Materials” on color like at the forge.
  8. Show your personal ranking of the dungeon you hover over on the map. Now you can only see that in a list after you complete a dungeon.
  9. Option to switch between normal and dread map on map screen.
  10. Teleporting to discovered map parts, or short cuts from surrounding maps to maps that you can use after you did 1 quest in them. (Nothing more frustrating to walk a mile from cemetery for ex to glades when its right behind it.)
  11. A quest button to see what quests are active in what map and the option to select you want shown on your screen below. (Now you have to select them on your map. Not always handy and you have no idea in what map you still have quests left to do.)
  12. Option for timestamp (don’t show sec) in chat.
  13. Option to invite to friend list when person offline and remove when person is online.
  14. Option to sort friends list on name, level of players or class.
  15. Show class and level of players all the time in friends list.
  16. Option to show offline guild members and friends in list AND when they where last online.
  17. There should be a system like mail or something to leave a msg to offline ppl. Now you have to be lucky enough to be online at the same time to talk. Not very handy for guild officers.
  18. A small button or option in the options menu to show recent updates and when they where done.
  19. Lets monsters text show up as /s in the chat. I like to know what they are talking about. It can go to fast some times.