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Just an idea, make it so that the ricochet ability the archer has when used by the cleric heals two people. As is clerics are pretty useless and it would make them better. LOVE THE GAME

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haste clerics are useful (floor 46). Its heal clerics that need attention since lifesteal is so strong it keeps people alive without heals.

This can be handled by adding Grand spikey: high hp with spiked armor and aoe attacks means you definitely need a heal cleric.

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first of all thanks for this game! I rarely give away a 5-star rating, but this one got mine after half an hour of playing. :)

A couple of things that get a bit annoying over time:

1. You should be able to feed/revive/heal your troops within wave changes and when e.g. spiders spawn minions. Currently you cant do a thing and with a fast computer its quite hard to handle all features at the same time. Maybe you can also put in a combat slowing option?

2. Fight order should be saved even if you leave the game. Bit annoying to redo everything when exiting and restarting teh game.

3. Daily quest reward is a bit too low in my opinion. On 3 days I got 2 wood bundles (1000 wood) which is pretty low when things cost over 100k wood.

4. Please raise drop rates for diamonds and rubies!!

5. In the ‘heroes’ menue screen, can you put all six heroes on the first page (instead of five). Don’t like to scroll to get to the last one.

6. Armor shop rank 4 artifact is missing.

7. Happiness should have more weight than it does now. Between 300 happiness and 900 theres not too much or no difference. As indicated by other players it could make your grinns more productive when ralleying things.

8. When feeding a fuzzelhor with, let’s say 250 maces you have to click 249 times to feed them. Please add a field where you can put numbers in OR when you hold the mouse clicked over the ‘+’ or ‘-’ it starts adding up quickly.

Thanks for considering!

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Give you a warning if your resources are near the max because I hate having to wait for the wood/metal get added to my current resources, so I click all of my farms but since I’m over the max my excess resources disappear.

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Your excess resources disappear?!?? If my storage is full and I click on a mine/Log camp, then it only takes the wood/metal that it needs and leaves the rest in the production building. Are you sure that you are losing yours?

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!!Make the Armour shop useful!!

The weapon shop is pretty decent when it comes to crafting higher tiered gear. You can craft some expensive weapon in a few hours compared to waiting a week to craft 13 crappy ones so that you can craft the one that you want. Currently the armour shop is full of useless items, a promised level 4 upgrade taunting us with items that can’t be crafted due to no artifact. I have just spent all of my 10 rubies in the last 2 days crafting the lowest tiered gear. I think those rubies took about 2 weeks to farm as well. I still can’t upgrade my heroes gear now as I need to once again farm a bunch of rubies for the next eternity.

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Every since my grinn population has reached 50, the game starts lagging A LOT whenever I use the rally function. The sound, the movement, everything gets messed up and this happens only when I use the rally function. My browser and flash/shockwave/etc. is all up to date.

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i have 56 action points. Every house i have holds like 4 villagers when i checked but only 10 of them can be used. Its really annoying when i want to use all my points to speed up construction to wait for them to run back to the houses. Especially if its a building far away. Cant u disable that. Like when u use them to speed up construction on a lumber mill lets say, they stand around it for about 30 seconds and then run back to their houses. Its just freaking boring to just sit there and spam the rally button. Or set an option on rally that lets u decide how many points u want to spend speeding up that construction and they just do it automatically so u dont have to waste 2 freaking minutes pressing one button

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Ability to rotate buildings even further, currently you can only rotate them to face two directions, while it’s easier to figure out what the building is from looks alone that way, it can be less aesthetically pleasing. The way I want to set my village up it’d make much more sense to have them face a direction that is currently impossible.

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Fix the fallen hero battle part 3,the hitboxes make it dificult to target the first row grinn.

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If anyone has a bug you report it here :

Otherwise don’t make a thread about it.