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Here’s how I feel about this grindfest after playing it for 6 months:

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Well, it would be very nice to see some sort of “training grounds”, where you can leave your heroes, while going off. Leaving them there, come back in a couple of hours – they are lvled up. You’re happy, villagers happy, everybody’s happy.

BTW: actually, there is more to that. An upgrade for this building for pramins. Like, 2 hours of training for the basic version, 8 hours for pramins. Just a suggestion, though :).

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Years ago I worked some place and suggested my boss that I’d leave a cardboard version of me there each Monday and would pick it up each Friday. He then could give me a paycheck for all those hours. I’d be happy, he’d be happy, everybody’s happy.

Strangely he didn’t like the suggestion.

I wonder why.