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mega-thread time! please place all ideas here! don’t care WHAT idea, just ideas related to Squirrels. (believe me, I’ve seen ideas where, SHEESH.) Well, thanks! That’s all! :)

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My ideas :

Clan wars ( then we will see what clan is best clan :P)
Turnaments ( buy in with nuts and top 3 will win more nuts :D also can add mana restriction for some turnas )
Weekly top list and top 3 or more will get something good (cloths, coins , nuts , mana … )
Shaman outfits
Better in game clan chat
Would be nice to see longer chat log if press TAB or something
In game private massages would be nice too
Sending some letters to others mail box if want to tell something and he/she isnt online same time
Clan top list to see who added more nuts or who was best in rounds
Better clan control , because its hard to see who was online and who wasnt

Comment and add ideas
Good luck and have fun