Bush-Whacking Basics (a brief guide to the game)

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Hey guys, Bob10110 here. I’m guessing you got washed up on a beach somewhere, wondering where you are…

You’re not alone! I was an adventurer like you once, armed with only a sword. But then I took that sword to the bushes, and things popped out (how the heck do you hide a coffee table in a bush?). I eventually came to learn the ways of this crazy land, and now I wish to arm everybody else with more than just a sword in their own journeys…this knowledge should do just fine.

Setting a Goal

There are many, many areas to explore. Just take a look at the World Map in the bottom right whenever you get a chance. One such goal might be to eventually clear every single area and reach The Flux. Or perhaps you want to find all the secret areas — yes, there are secret areas in this game!

(It’s not like anything’s hidden off to the east of The Mysterious Forest or anything…)

You’ll also be able to get your own House, after clearing the second section of The Mysterious Forest. Many items can be collected from the bushes (I’m still wondering how I found a coffee table in a bush…) and used to customize your house to your liking. Another goal might be outfitting your house with the shiniest items.

Occasionally events also appear in the game, generally for holidays and such. Unique prizes can be had from these, so yet another goal could be to take part in all of these events and grow your collection of unique treasures.

Whatever your goal, make sure it’s something you can have fun getting!

Efficient Whacking

The tutorial area covers the basics of the game fairly well. Here’s a quick recap.

There are five different whacking options you can use:

  • Normal (just click on the bush)
  • Quick (spend Energy on everything in sight)
  • Power (multiply the rewards of your next bush by your currently stored-up Power)
  • Mana (spend 4 Mana Points to whack everything in sight at 0 Energy cost)
  • Call a Friend (use the almighty power of friendship to clear everything in sight at 0 energy cost)

Things start off costing exactly 1 Energy to whack. Once you head into map section (1-2), bushes and monsters might require 1 or 2 energy. Later areas will have even higher Energy costs.

To be efficient, skip over whacking anything with high costs, and use Mana to burn them all when there are no more low-cost bushes or monsters in the area.

As for Power, it seems to be a straight multiplier (having 2 Power multiplies rewards by x2, having 10 Power multiplies by x10, etc) so save up as much as you can and then unleash a Power hit on the most energy-intensive thing around (higher energy costs generally mean better loot). If you would whack two different items in the same whack, the multiplier is split between those two items, e.g., a 20-Power whack of Coins and Mana would yield (Coins x10) and (Mana x10).

Calling upon your friends to help out is similar to using a Mana Whack, except you do not get experience for doing this. There is a 5-day cooldown after you use a friend before that friend can help again. Using these Friend Whacks as you get them is a valid tactic, and is probably most efficient in the long run. I prefer to use them once my energy has been depleted.

If your energy runs out, there are ways to get it back:

  • Begging and pleading for your friends to satisfy your addiction with small energy packs. These packs restore 10% of your base Energy. You can use up to 25 of the small energy packs in a day.
  • Buying energy packages with gold and gems. You can buy one of each every 20 hours, and you unlock access to higher level energy packages at higher levels.
  • Buying energy with the premium currency (Bush Bucks).
  • Visiting friends with Farming Plots (look for level 15’s and up) and helping to grow their crops. Each day you can do this up to 5 times per friend, and up to 25 times total.
  • Fishing in the ponds and rivers for fish. You can do this as much as you like; the bait costs a minor amount of gold.

The small energy package costs only 10 gold and 2 Agate gems. Very affordable 25 energy for beginners.
The medium energy package (unlocked at level 10) costs 100 gold and 2 Aquamarines, and yields 75 energy.

Higher level packages of course will require more gems and gold, so the general rule of thumb is to figure out if your profits from that extra energy will cover the costs.


In your travels, you will come across various items. Some are functional, while others are just plain silly.

You can customize your character’s appearance with a hat, cape, sword, among other things. These appearance items don’t seem to have any functional use whatsoever, so wear whatever you please!

You can also find or purchase Trinkets that improve your bush-whacking abilities. They will do various things to affect what you find in bushes, and as you level up, you will be able to purchase more slots to use more Trinkets.

I advise waiting on purchasing those extra slots until you have more Trinkets to use. However, I greatly recommend buying the “+Energy per tick” Trinket you’ll be able to purchase after completing the second section of The Mysterious Forest. Energy-based Trinkets have their own two special slots, shown by the green circles; you can recover more energy per 5-minute tick and reduce that 5-minute timer.


Run out of energy? Never fear, you can still fish*!

*This assumes you have finished the first map area up to a certain point.

Fishing can yield fish and treasures without using energy. Fish will restore small amounts of energy, while treasures consist of gold or, if you’re lucky enough, some of the unique fishing treasures of the area. These unique treasures are not necessary to 100% a map.

You can use Energy Bait or Gold Bait. The type you use will affect which reward you find more often. At level 20 you unlock access to “Average” Baits and at level 50 you unlock access to “Good” Baits. These higher tier baits appear to multiply cost and rewards by 2 and 3 (relative to the “Cheap” Bait), respectively.

My estimates thus far for the expected value of a catch (Cheap Fish Bait) are as follows.

For each bait, you could expect to receive all of these in the long run:

  • About 0.4-0.5 energy on average
  • About 1 coin on average
  • Catching junk some 30% of the time


Yet another way to get gold and energy! If you’ve been diligent in helping the villagers in the Commons construct buildings, you’ll be able to purchase Farm Plots (500 gold) from the Market at around level 15 (it can vary depending on when these building quests get done). Once you’ve finished the quest you’ll receive 4 Farm Plots, and you may purchase an additional Farm Plot at 500 coins each for every ranch expansion you’ve purchased.

If you have plots yourself, you can grow crops in them to either sell for gold or eat for energy. It will take anywhere from 1 hour to several hours to grow a crop. Once the crop is ripe, you will have 24 hours to harvest it before it spoils.

If you have friends with farming plots, you can visit their house and assist with up to 5 of their plots that day. Helping a friend will give you a small amount of gold and energy, and it will shave an hour off of the time it takes to harvest a crop (some crops only take 1 hour, so it may be well worth it to coordinate with friends in chat).

Note that a player’s crops need to have the assistance “claimed”. A farming plot will only hold assistance from one player at a time, though others can still pitch in to get that small amount of gold and energy.

Special Events

Occasionally there are special events in the game. All of these special events will take place at the southwest corner of the Commons. Usually these events run for 15 days and have unique prizes and achievements available only during that time.

Current Event: Christmas Event!
The elves are hard at work at the North Pole, and they need your help or else Christmas could be ruined!

During your usual bush-whacking escapades, you may find Candy Canes (they’re relatively common). These will be used to help elves perform tasks like making presents, among other possible things that I have not yet discovered.

First things first, you need to help the elf that’s stuck in the Commons. Once you’ve found 25 Candy Canes, he will unlock the portal to the special North Pole region. Step through this portal, and enjoy the holiday festivities going on around you!

Once you feel like starting to earn “Holiday Cheer” points for the event rewards, find the elves in the northern end of the North Pole. Any of them will be able to turn 10 of your Candy Canes into a toy.

Another quest you can undertake once per day, is to help Santa deliver one of these presents to a random stranger’s house. You’ll need to enter, lay the present underneath the tree, and escape. Being seen by the NPC in one house variant doesn’t have any negative consequence; you will run safely back to where you came from and you may try again.

There are other daily quests as well as one-time quests to help the residents of the North Pole. All quests award 5 Santa Tokens, 50 Holiday Cheers, and 50 exp.

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Quick Whack and Mana Whack cannot whack whackable quest objects (like the chunk of stones for foundation or the trees for lumber.).

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Also, you do not get caught in the Christmas Event. When the guards see you, you will run back to the tree or near the chimney (depending where you where before you get seen).

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Alright, thanks for that. I did forget to come back and update the relevant section in the guide, although I’m sure everybody’s figured it out by now. =P

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Some tips:

-Use Quick Whack often,saves your time!
-Whack or Power Whack the highest level bushes as possible,as they give more coins than lower ones.

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okay, with Runes coming out, a question I’ve never known the answer to pops up-
on the inventory screen, you see bonus percentage’s from your equipment/trinkets. Are these absolute percentages, or relative?
IE, if the base percentage (hidden) is 30%, would a 10% increase bump it to 33% (relative bonus), or 40% (absolute bonus)?

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Kev: On the wikia it sas relative bonus, and from what i can tell from my own experiences, that’s nothing short of right (75% mana, but I do not get a mana every 4th bush :))

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Runes 101

There has been a lot of questions and feedback about the exciting addition of rune socketing to the game and we appreciate the enthusiasm. To help everyone enjoy this new feature we will be posting a series of tips on how to use and enjoy the rune system. Today we focus on the basics:

- Once you’ve built the blacksmith, you can equip runes in your swords to give them unique buffs!
- Swords can have up to three rune slots. The first slot is free, but slots two and three can be unlocked at levels 90 and 140.
- Runes last for a certain amount of time, thought they only start their timer once you equip them!
- Make sure you replace any rune slots that open up as soon as possible.
- If you replace a rune with a new one it will start a new timer for the new rune.
- Runes socketed in swords that are left in the inventory still have a timer.

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Is there a way of selling the trinkets I have in my inventory that arent equipped?

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Originally posted by RiverofTrouble:

Is there a way of selling the trinkets I have in my inventory that arent equipped?

Sorry River, that is not an option at this time.

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This is probably THE best game playing basics/summary about this game I’ve seen across the multiple platforms (Kong, AG, BFG). It should be a mandatory read for any new player because it really does explain how to optimize some of the the play so that you can play for hours if you choose. It is a great augmentation to the wiki which is the other great reference for this game that all new players should know about (and I love that Bob links to the wiki at the top of the post too).


Since the OP is a bit dated and energy limits are the biggest complaint of the new players, I thought I’d provide a slightly updated list of the current various ways to get energy, though there are only a couple of new additions:

1. Energy tank refill – normally about every 9-12 hours depending on the trinkets you have.

2. Level up top off – when you level, the energy tank will top off (be sure to try to drain the tank, if you can, before leveling up to get the most use from the energy you have since any energy in the tank is essentially lost when the tank is topped off).

3. Energy Packages:

  • Small packages (10%) requested from friends, daily – 20 hour cool down, limit of using 25/day
  • Large packages (25%) obtained from various quests, achievements (especially event achievements), special bonus areas (about one per island)

4. Fruit Baskets (various sizes provide specific amounts of energy; sizes limited based on your level):

  • Purchased for gold and gems – 20 hour cool down for each basket
  • Purchased for island tokens – no time limit; limit is based on the number of island tokens you have

5. Farming:

  • Your Crops – amount of energy gained and time to harvest depends on what you plant
  • Friends’ ranches – helping with their crops / trees – 25 helps per day (20 hour cool down) Note: you don’t have to have the ability to plant crops to be able to help others with their crops and get the rewards.

6. Fishing – unlimited based on gold and time you want to put in to fish (also, there are unique drops at the various fishing holes, so if you are collector, you might want to check the wiki for details)

7. Mini Golf – find a course with the Bozo Clown hole – can play that hole once a day (20 hour cool down). Only can play one clown hole per day, even if you change courses, for the bonuses.

8. Events – turn in stations will provide some energy per 10 items turned in. Also after purchasing all the event items, you can then purchase bags with extra energy, mana, power, gold.

9. Call a friend – zero energy loss for whacking a whole field (but you get no XP toward leveling since no energy is used). Can use a friend once every 5 days.

10. Other / Advanced:

  • Use trinkets, pets, mounts, runes to boost energy(fruit) drops as you get to levels where you have these items.
  • If there is an event going on, you might want to use the best trinkets, pets, mounts, runes to boost event drops, since you can turn them in for energy and event tokens.
  • If you care about playing more than a few minutes at a time, try to figure out the best ways for you to optimize energy use given your personal play strategies rather than just mindlessly quick whacking everything which will drain your tank quickly.

Thanks again for the OP. It is super helpful!!