CAN'T SEE FRIENDS?? Solution Inside

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I don’t know why, sometimes, after adding someone as a friend, that person doesn’t appear on your friends list on the bottom of the screen, even after refreshing the game. A problem if you just added the person to help on his farm.
But me and someone else i can’t remember the name, accidently found out there is a method that solves it most of the times.

METHOD:The 1st person that can’t see the 2nd on the list, has to send the 2nd a energy pack request, and then refresh the game. I’m not sure if the 2nd has to accept the request or not.

As i said before, i dont know why it happens or how this method solves the problem, but i verified that in all the cases i heard it was done, it worked. And they were many.
I hope this helps someone.

NOTE: I write very fast and english is not my native language, there might be some errors on my writting.

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This is an issue that we’re aware of and would like to fix in the future – there are limitations on how many friends you can add which is why this occurs.

Note: Your English is fantastic, don’t worry about it!