Update: Friend Removal, Starter Packs & more!

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As you’ve all noticed by now, we have made several updates to the game today in response to your feedback. These updates include the following in addition to several bug fixes we’ve been working on based on recent reports from players:

- You can now purchase the Starter Pack, Adventure Pack (unlocked at level 40), or Expert Pack (unlocked at level 80) using kreds. These packs include some gold, gems, Bush Bucks, as well as an exclusive pet and either a customization item or trinket. You can either get one pack or all three, it’s up to you!

- You can now remove inactive friends from your friend list!

- With the friend removal also comes a friend cap: you can now only friend 250 people total. If you have more than 250 friends now, we won’t get rid of the friends you have, but you’ll have to prune to below 250 before you can add more!

- You can now use all your energy packs at one time!

- You can now sort your friends by most recent activity when sending requests!

- When you complete secret areas, they will now appear on the map as complete!

- You can now hit a button to select a random set of friends to send requests to, if you don’t want to choose people 1 by 1!

- You will now receive a warning when you’re using an energy pack/fruit basket/etc. and you’re close to levelling up!

Please give us any feedback you have about the listed updates, and let us know if you have any questions.

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If you remove someone, either from auto or manually, do you have the ability to re-add them later? I pruned my list below 250.

Let’s say hypothetically I removed a known farm hacker from my list named Andaho… What does it take to add him back once he’s fully confessed and repented of his deeds?

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I have now pruned my list numerous times to below 200 (typically in the 180 range), and after a few hours, it’s back to 250 with almost all the people I removed back in the list. I have only 220 Kong friends, so this isn’t where it’s populating from.

Further some people I have removed, have never shown back up.

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Thanks for the info juan, I’ll pass your comments onto the team.

Regarding re-adding your nemesis, if you want to add people you’ve removed you have to specifically add them by hitting the “Invite friend” box on your friend scroller.

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Well… the friend thing would probably work, but the game still think’s he’s my friend.

As of this morning, I was back to 250, and the “request friends” (those I can request from) was down to about 300. I just deleted another 80 or so, and am waiting to see what happens.

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So if I purge friends, =Insert Person Here= will be gone from my list, but if =Same Person Here= plays again, will he/she appear in my list again?

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No, we’ve fixed that issue as of today. When you remove a person, they will stay gone from your list until you manually re-add them.

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Thank you all for the update with the friends removal, keep the good work.