Lessons in Alchemy: Disenchanting

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Traditionally the power of alchemy is found in the combination of items. However one of the first lessons a student of alchemy must learn is that to gain something you must give something in return.

This set of advice focuses on another important aspect of the alchemical process:

- You can disenchant runes to get powders.
- The number of powders you get is based on the quality of the rune.
- Larger runes have a higher base quality.
- When you combine two runes, their qualities are added together, meaning combined runes will disenchant into more powders.
- The type of powders you get is based on the type of rune you’re disenchanting.
- Small base runes can only disenchant into the five basic powder colors.
- Runes of a higher quality can sometimes disenchant into rare powders (white, gray, and black).

There is one more lesson after this for anyone trying to master the mysteries of this ancient magic.

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I’m only interested in Energy and Mana runes… Maybe Less Nothing runes too…

Is there anything I can do with the powders I don’t want?

If there’s not, how about being able to convert/swap/sell them?


In the chat just now, supaj3 found how to do it :) All credit to him…

To get rid of runes you don’t want, combine them into an augmented rune, then disenchant and it seems like there’s a much better chance that it will give a white/grey/black powder. If you get the same powder you don’t want, use it to make small runes again, and combine them into an augmented rune and try again.