Lessons in Alchemy: Crafting

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It is time for another lesson in the magical studies of alchemy. This lesson describes the importance of crafting.

- You can craft runes with new effects using the powders you get from disenchanting.
- You can also combine powders to make higher quality powder, which can be used to make medium and large runes.
- You can buy new crafting recipes from Ellesandra using the daily quest reward tokens.
- In general crafted runes will be slightly more powerful and last longer than most runes you find in the wild, however some wild runes can have a longer duration.

Please let us know if you have anymore questions about this mystical art.

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How about a way to turn powders from runes you dont want (power in my case, as an example) into powders you do want (mana)? Currently the only way I see of doing this is through the way in the quote from andaho below, which seems sort of silly and non-user friendly.

Originally posted by Andaho:

I’m only interested in Energy and Mana runes… Maybe Less Nothing runes too…

Is there anything I can do with the powders I don’t want?

If there’s not, how about being able to convert/swap/sell them?


In the chat just now, supaj3 found how to do it :) All credit to him…

To get rid of runes you don’t want, combine them into an augmented rune, then disenchant and it seems like there’s a much better chance that it will give a white/grey/black powder. If you get the same powder you don’t want, use it to make small runes again, and combine them into an augmented rune and try again.

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It is an interesting suggestion. Having a way to change the powders would be very beneficial. I have made a note of it and will pass on the idea.