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Serious About Making Card Ideas For Elements 0.2 (Game related resources included) (locked)

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Hey Wolfunit here, I posted this topic to help kongers within kongregate community for elements the steps to get there card ideas into Elements.


To all players who wants there cards to one day end up in Elements i suggestion you post your idea’s here: Card Ideas and Art

Design Theory
This area known as Design Theory is for details and articles related to the construction of cards.

Your topic belongs here if:
– It discusses components belonging to a card
– Is Theory about how cards should work?
– Is a Workshop teaching how to gather and produce ideas?
– Is about what problems in game can be solved with card ideas

Your topic belongs in the Main Card ideas section if:
– It states any idea directly
– It states a direction for a card or group of cards

Design Tools (Use these tools to design your own card ideas).

Elements Card Image Builder by Planplan + Xenocidius

Direct link: Elements Card Image Builder

Card Art (Submit art that can be used in Elements or request art for your card idea).

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for card art (regardless of whether the card has been voted up to the Armory or still in the Smithy stages), this thread will consolidate those topics into one to prevent clutter as well as assist aspiring artists to find and choose which art they want to design illustrations for.

Series (Section for card ideas that belong to a specific group).

Series is a group of 6 or more cards that share a function or a theme. Best way to make a series is to choose a specific game mechanic or a theme, and then design 12 cards (one card from each element) using that mechanic or theme. You can also design more than 12 if you so choose.

Once you finish at least 6 cards belonging to a series, you can start a series thread which explains the idea behind that series and also introduces all the cards belonging to that series. Cards that belong to a series, will still have their own individual threads just like all the other cards. Series thread is just a “bonus” that helps community members and developers find other cards in your series more easily.

If your series is one mechanic identical across all cards then put them all in the one idea submission. A good example of this is Pillars/Towers which all belong to different elements but are mechanically identical.

Currently there is no template for series threads. You can pick the look and layout yourself.

Level 1 – Crucible
These card ideas have been approved by our community and Card Curators. We will have a vote every week, and the most popular ideas will be moved to the next level, the Level 2 – Forge.

If you want your card listed here, please make sure that your idea meets the requirements

Level 2 – Forge
Here are the permanent/Spells/Creatures card ideas that gained the most votes in level 1 – Crucible
Each month the most voted idea here will be moved to level 3 – Armory

Level 3 – Armory
Here are all the card ideas that gained the most votes in level 2 – Forge
They are the best and most interesting ideas produced by our community. If any of these ideas ever make it into the game, they will be moved to level 4 – Reliquary

Level 4 – Reliquary
Here are all the card ideas that made it into Elements the game. Most of them are not identical to what can be found in the game, but they have clearly been a source of inspiration to the developers.

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Important Links Related To Elements:
(Note Planplan Developed the Deck + Card image builders)

ElementsTheGame Card Usage Statistics
This is a webpage which was made to show the statistics of cards as to how used a certain card is in the game.

ElementsTheGame Main Site
This is elements main site where you can access Fullsize and lag free matches.

Elements Official Forums
This is the official elements forums site whereas there a collaboration of info such as (News and Announcements, Decks, Ai discussions, Events and Competitions and etc.

Elements Wiki Site
Elements Wiki is an encyclopedia of Elements the Game, written by the Elements community, regular people just like you. It is a special type of website designed to make collaboration easy.

Elements Trainer
A feature created for players to Test Decks with every card in the game available along with how much money you may need to build these decks. NOTE: Your progress does not save after you close the window as you are not given a username or password just access to the system Zanzarino created.

Elements Beta Site
This site can only be access when a new update is hours away from being release and where players can play on this update before it goes live

Elements Card Image Builder
Elements Card Image Builder V2
A tool to design your own card ideas.

Elements Spectate Mode
A mode created to allow the Spectating of players within PvP matches along with event held on elements official forums (War, Tournaments, Events and etc).

Elements Official Chat
A chat room where the elements community members have General Discussion.

Elements Deck Image Builder
Elements Deck Image Builder V2
Elements Deck Deck Image Builder
A feature where you can preview a deck by the use of deck codes from the Import/Export deck interface at your deck management.

Deck’s Quanta Index
This tool helps tell you weather you have to little or too much Pillars of a certain element.

Elements Connections
Your connection on the elements server database created to restore your connection if you ever lost your game progress.

Elements Development Page
A developments page where new cards if added to the game, are still prototypes and are subject of changes and balancing.

Elements Game Simulator
Test how a deck performs against another deck or AI3 with this simulator.

Deck Manager
Manage all your deck codes in one nice, convenient location.

If you want to contact Zanzarino through kongregate visit Zanzarino Kong Profile and his E-Mail

Visit my Image Gallery Topic where you can get your very own Elements Avatars

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Well you can help players with there art on elements official forums in the Card Art
(Submit art that can be used in Elements or request art for your card idea).

In the Card Art section Vrt and pepokish created the Art Class
(Join the Art Class and improve your artistic skills. Students of all levels are welcome!)

This TOPIC is a guide to how to make your card suggestions on the main site not on this topic. If you want to post your card ideas on kongregate than post it on this topic Ideas for Elements CCG Destructive criticism will be ignored which is a topic on this forums but a sticky.

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Game Tips:
1) You can upgrade your cards when you have completed all quest which you will unlock the feature then you will have to pay 1500 coins per card to upgrade.

2) Do not link your accounts if you have a elements and kongregate account for it will over ride the other giving it a reset of your progress.

3) If Elements is down along with all its related links use the backup links on the server which you will need to replace .com with .net

4) If you want Elements to run faster place your graphic settings on Low and your Ai Speed on High in “Settings”. Right-click on the game and place your Local Storage for kongregate on unlimited.