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Does anyone have any solid data on the fastest Electrum/hour and the fastest Score/hour? I assume that the highest electrum rates will be Instosis grinding FGs, and the highest score will be farming plat arena.

I just want to make sure that I’m playing efficiently, any known rates are welcome!

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try the forums. this is the link.

good luck.

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He wouldn’t be needing the elements forums link if he doesn’t know where he should go to locate this data, It’s like saying you can find X place in New York, Sure but where as to the the address of the place. :P Yes Onefriendly you’re correct. :D

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My personal favorite deck for grinding level 3’s is adrenaline frog. They have a 5-1 win loss ratio, and can get a mastery at least once every 5 or 10 games. Basically it is 6 frogs, 6 cocktrices, 6 adrenaline, 3 heal, and then towers until you have 33 cards in your deck. You can remove cocktrices to make it 30 cards flat if you so wish, but they can be helpful.

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Official Decks:

Frogs, and Epi’s, and Swords, Oh My!!!

The Ultimate Speed EM Deck

For the both versions above, You can have 3 Epinephrine and 3 Improved Heals.

USEMosis version