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MINI PvP Tournament - Pros [Team Life/Death Won] (locked)

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First Mini PvP tournament? These tournaments are meant to last not very long and have a limited amount of people. Sort of a filler from one story line to the next as in most TV shows. Anyway, here are the rules of the pvp tournament. If you do not want to join, and want to wait for the next one, you do not have to join.

This is an EXTREMELY active tournament, so if you can’t make it, don’t join.

You have 2 days to signup, 1 day to create decks, and then 2 days to duel

Too much? Well…this one is strict. The tourney may end sooner if duels are completed ahead of schedule.
The theme of this mini-tournament is duos. In this tournament, there will be a bracket.


There will be 6 teams. 6 teams of duos. Teams are as followed:

Entropy + Earth
Gravity + Fire
Life + Death
Water + Darkness
Air + Time
Light + Aether

The great thing about this mini-tournament is that deck building is essential.

Bracket style Elimination:

- In Round 1, teams will be randomized, are forced to play 2 games. Any team that wins both games automatically moves on to round 2. Any team that loses both games is eliminated. And any team that is 1 – 1 will have to do best 2/3 for a spot. There will be a total of 4 spots in Round 2.

- In Round 2, the teams will again be randomized to find out who faces who. They must play best 3 out of 5. Whoever wins in these games, goes on to Round 3.

- Round 3, the final round, determines who is the victor. Teams are forced to play best 4 out of 7. Whoever wins 4, is the victor!

Dueling Rules:

As you know, this is a “pro”-er tournament. Here are the rules for the tournament.
- Upgrades are allowed.
- Unupgraded cards are allowed.
- Shards are not allowed along with nymphs and mark cards.
- Your deck can only use the cards in your duo.

Signing Up:

When Signing up, provide this information:

- Kongregate Name
- Elements Name
- Score
- Electrum
- Upgraded Cards
- Time Zone
- What team you’d like to join


A magical cookie from Quizz and Qazz. :D

This will hopefully be a short tournament, and I hope to see you “pros” there…lolpro.

Information on Mini Tourneys: They are hosted after big tournaments and will switch off as “pro” (25k+) and "not-so-pro (25k-)

Hope you guys join

~ Quizzical ~ Qazzaq123

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Team: Entropy + Earth (CLOSED)
Members: Grim1771 (217,000) + Dm1321 (160,000)

Team: Gravity + Fire (CLOSED)
Members: Ickitt (27,481) + Zombie888 (10,7813)

Team: Life + Death (CLOSED)
Members: Calindu (354,356) + FallenHero94 (21,054)

Team: Water + Darkness (CLOSED)
Members: Dopha (111,111) + ddevans96z (30,000+)

Team: Air + Time (CLOSED)
Members: Belligerence (46,000) + deadstrike13 (30,000)

Team: Light + Aether (CLOSED)
Members: esran (24,000) + Violenceisanart (76,575)

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Round 1:

Teams: Entropy + Earth vs. Life + Death

Match 1: calindu (Life/Death) 1-0 Grim1771 (Earth/Entropy)
Match 2: FallenHero94 (Life/Death) 1-1 Dm1321 (Earth/Entropy)
Match 3: Calindu (Life/Death) 3-1 Dm1321(Earth/Entropy)
Winners: Life + Death

Teams: Gravity + Fire vs. Light + Aether

Match 1: Ickitt (Fire + Gravity) 0 – 1 esran (Light + Aether)
Match 2: Ickitt (Fire + Gravity) 1 – 1 esran (Light + Aether)
Match 3: Ickitt (Fire + Gravity) 2 – 1 esran (Light + Aether)
Winners: Gravity + Fire

Teams: Air + Time vs. Water + Darkness (HAS BEEN DQ’D)

Match 1: Belligerence (Air + Time) 1 – 0 ddevans (Water + Darkness)
Match 2:
Match 3: (If Needed)

Round 2:

Teams: Life + Death vs. Gravity + Fire

Match 1: calundu (Life/Death) 1-0 Ickitt (Gravity + Fire)
Match 2: calundu (Life/Death) 2-0 Ickitt (Gravity + Fire)
Match 3: calundu (Life/Death) 3-0 Ickitt (Gravity + Fire)

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Kongregate Name: DesertWinter
Elements Name: DesertWinter
Score: 220,508
Electrum: 1500
Upgraded Cards: 574
Time Zone: GMT -7
Team I’d like to join: Life + Death

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Good luck to all, I would have taken part but at this time I am studying lol. Make sure that if you are signing up to be active or else you will drag your team down which you will be replaced by those on the waiting list. :D

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Kongregate Name: ←
Elements Name: Dophz
Score: 111k
Electrum: ~
Upgraded Cards: 300~
Time Zone: GMT -3
Team I’d like to join: Water + Dark

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- Kongregate Name-Grim1771
- Elements Name-Grim1772
- Score-217k
- Electrum-3694
- Upgraded Cards-650(?)
- Time Zone-EST
- What team you’d like to join-Earth & Entropy

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- Kongregate Name-Ickitt
- Elements Name-Ickitt
- Score-27481
- Electrum-shifting, about 500 atm
- Upgraded Cards-21
- Time Zone-EST
- What team you’d like to join- Gravity + Fire

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Thanks for joining everyone so far. :) To all those who are deciding to join, Note that you only need to have 20k score to sign up.

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-kongregate name-esran
-elements name-zarnath
-electrum-3000, but whenever i get over 5000, i up some cards.
-upgraded cards-less than 100, and greater than 30.
-time zone-eastern time zone

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Team: Entropy + Earth needs 1 member.

Team: Gravity + Fire needs 1 member.

Team: Life + Death Needs 1 member.

Team: Water + Darkness needs 1 member.

Team: Air + Time needs 2 members.

Team: Light + Aether needs 1 member more

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- Kongregate Name Zombie888
- Elements Name Zombie88
- Score 107813
- Electrum n/a
- Upgraded Cards n/a
- Time Zone eastern us
- What team you’d like to join Gravity + Fire

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- Kongregate Name: Belligerence42
- Elements Name: The Last One
- Score: 46k, or so
- Electrum: About 50k
- Upgraded Cards: Can’t be bothered to count. About the 100-200 range.
- Time Zone: EST/EDT (GMT – 4)
- What team you’d like to join: Air + Time

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Kongregate name: deadstrike13
Elements name: deadstrike13
Score: about 30k
Electrum: About 500
Upgraded Cards: 74
Time Zone: EST
Team: Air/Time

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Kongregate Name: Violenceisanart
elements Name: violenceisanart
Score: 76575
Electrum: 1500
Upgraded Cards: a lot
Time Zone: GMT -6
Team I’d like to join: Light + Aether

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Teams Left:

Entropy + Earth
Life + Death
Water + Darkness

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hm. This looks really interesting. Think I’ll join, because I love the duo I’m choosing and my PvP skills need a workout.

- Kongregate Name: ddevans96z
- Elements Name: ddevans96
- Score: 30,000+
- Electrum: 1000+
- Upgraded Cards: 100+
- Time Zone: GMT -6
- What team you’d like to join: Water/Darkness

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Yes, You got the last slot. We only need 1 more member for team Entropy + Earth And Life + Death.

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sorry guys-can’t do tournament. things came up and i won’t be available to do it- sadface best of luck to all

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I didn’t think this tourney would fill so fast :P

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Originally posted by Quizzical:

I didn’t think this tourney would fill so fast :P

Why thank you lol.

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pm me when its time for the turney to actually start, okay.

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- Kongregate Name: FallenHero94
- Elements Name: Jay94
- Score 21054
- Electrum: 21723
- Upgraded Cards 23
- Time Zone -5
- What team you’d like to join: Life+death

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NVM. Just became busy this week T_T

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Originally posted by esran:

pm me when its time for the turney to actually start, okay.

Will do. :D

Originally posted by TheFallenHero94:

NVM. Just became busy this week T_T

What about this weekend? We still need 1 more player so by Friday night the brackets should be up.