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OPs for reference and timestamp:

Originally posted by MansW1:

Not affected by patch. Control your draws near the end for 60 fire. If you played it right, all but time & aether pools will be maxed b4 the combo. Most importantly, DO NOT play a sundial @ 0 cards left. Inspired by pineapple’s crismon frOTKal.
EDIT: I think im gonna start playing again. I made my own effective OTK :)
EDIT: just joking, you should have almost maxed quanta pools.
EDIT: Running this version:

EDIT:Should add in lobotomiser
EDIT:Made my limitless :)

Originally posted by MansW1:

Here’s my new FG grinder.

Here’s a popular deck if you want ideas

Here’s a deck focusing on death effects

While your deck has too little quanta, this has too much, but you can tweak it.

Originally posted by MansW1:

Right now I’m claiming credit for any upped mono rush deck, with 6 SoBs off the mark. I will make them.
EDIT: Too fun

EDIT: It would beat FGs if not decked

EDIT: Can qazzaq (I mean wolfunit_the_elements_master) build this?

Aether rush111!!!

EDIT /wonderhowthiswilldo

EDIT:-1eclipse +1 steal
Worst time rush eva111!!!

Although if u play it wrong most games are over quick
EDIT: my last deck for today

Originally posted by MansW1:

Today, instead of making monorush /w/ SoB, I had a few ideas.
EDIT:modded limitless

I wonder how itd do during the 2turn sundial
Seems legit

EDIT: A SoFrepi cause why not?

Originally posted by MansW1:

With 1.32 SoW

EDIT: I’ll be able to connect it better:


Originally posted by MansW1:

You figure, with the new SoR:

Also, bug. all cards in trainer give 12 of each rare

Inspiration from silene is golden. Works for 1.31

EDIT: I made a variation

EDIT: This works better:

Originally posted by MansW1:

Always been looking for an unupped FG grinder using an eternity & flooding to deckout.
The problem is I can’t balance a trio.
This is the best I could make:

EDIT:-1timefactory+1waterpillar mark→time
EDIT:-1spark+1 schrodingers cat
EDIT:-1 amythyst pillar +1quintessence

5ttw vs AI3

Originally posted by MansW1:
Originally posted by MansW1:

Getting somewhere on my PVP1 rage:

The nymph can be replaced by tears.

Probably the highest winrate of unupped FG grinders. If you like 40 ttw decks, this is for you!
Weakness to PC, fire shield, and thorn carapace.

Y i no fink of dis b4?

Havent made immorushes for a while:

Originally posted by MansW1:

A winged grabbow!111

EDIT:-1deflag +1 ragepot
I’ll be making a voodoo otk and another vesion of dat grinder.
EDIT: I could do better

EDIT: Since SoG isnt an option


qazzaq, can i haz my own thread, since im posting 90% of the decks?

Originally posted by MansW1:

I went to the forums, took a random deck and modded it

EDIT: I’ll play around


EDIT: qazzaq, DO NOT merge this post, 7:59 now, this deck is as fast as INSTOSIS!

Originally posted by MansW1:

Qaz, if u wanna merge it, merge it with the post 2 posts above this one.
Set up a 1.32 toast:

I’ll play around.
EDIT:Now gotta add SoFo

EDIT:Im really starting to hate the 1 def of SoFo. Dumb ai gets baited by titan tho

EDIT: Relization

Qaz, if u wanna merge it, merge it with the post 2 posts above this one.