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I think the AI has gotten a little smarter with the new update (?)

However, it is still doing things that make absolutely no sense. For example:

Stealing/destroying an hourglass when getting rid of my shield would have won the game.

Playing a SoP when it has enough damage out to kill in one turn.

Using the dive ability when my shield will block the creature.

Playing fractal before playing all other cards it can play.

Fractalling and playing Ball Lightning when my shield will block it.

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I just beat the Rank 1 deck in Gold thanks to the AI being completely illogical. I have 34hp. No shield. Enough damage out to kill him, but it’s his turn. He has three unburrowed shriekers and a discord (all upped). So what does he do? He burrows two of the shriekers. *facepalm.