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Newest update?

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So, I’ve been out for a while, and I noticed that some cards got nerfed and some stuff got added, and I’m kinda curious to see what I missed.

I noticed that the shards all cost their respective colors now and that Dry Spell, Graviton Salvager, and Phase Salvager all got added. Thanks to chat for pointing those out to me.

So, here’s my questions. Are there any other cards that got added or nerfed? Any other decks that have started making huge appearances in PVP/Arena? And finally, how exactly does Salvage work? From what chat said, it was either a once-per-turn or on-play mechanic that allows you to randomly add a card from grave to hand… is that right, and which is it?

Thanks in advance, guys.

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Hint hint, check the forums.

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Funny how ickitt should have known to visit official forums under the Patch Notes and Development News board to find out. :P You’re slacking buddy. :D Welcome back.

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Thunderstorm got buffed, and people are playing around with the new cards. Monoair rush is probably the best new deck. If your opponent kills a perm, and you have a salvager on the field, then said perm gets added to hand. Interesting ability, but not too useful.