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If you are serious about making card ideas, please go to the official forums:,6.0.html

Void as a new element has been suggested by many people, myself included. However, implementing a new element would bring a multitude of problems, and thus many of these Void suggestions have been brutally shot down. To circumvent the difficulties of suggesting a new element, I have created a series of Other cards that share one mechanic, one that successfully represents the nature of Void without bringing in any of the technical and balancing problems of creating a new element.

The main idea behind the Void pseudo-element is that there is no such thing as “Void quanta”. Instead, whenever “Void quanta” is “spent”, your opponent gains quanta of his or her Mark. To counterbalance this, Void Pillars destroy your opponent’s quanta. You can put Void Pillars in a normal deck for quanta denial, and you can put other Void cards in a normal deck with the risk of giving your opponent free quanta. Or, you can run a Mono-Void deck that is balanced.

For more details, see this thread:,21514.0.html


The Shards are several rare cards that represent virtues, according to Zanzarino himself. There are 6 of them. They can only be used when upgraded.,5667.0.html,6594.0.html,2023.0.html,7176.0.html,2022.0.html,7180.0.html

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Advanced Spells:

The Advanced Spells are spells that drain all your quanta of a specific element after use. There are 13 of them, one for each element and one for Other.,5696.0.html,7036.0.html,7035.0.html,9634.0.html

This idea belongs to $$$man. He agreed that I can include his card in this series.,9282.0.html,2016.0.html,5448.0.html,5494.0.html,5885.0.html

This card is inspired by markilleruk, in the following thread:,5659.0.html,3946.0.html,7034.0.html,7037.0.html,6031.0.html

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You are quite good at making ideas.

I especially love the Mirror World card, that would really inspire some new ways to play the game, and could change the tide of a battle in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately I suck at making ideas, so nothing’s coming from me. ;P

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Here’s a devastating Fire rare card:

Manabomb: 30/0 (15 Fire Quanta)

This will instantly blow away 30 HP from your opponent. Might be a bit overpowered, but the Miracle card is even more overpowered (heals 99 HP!!!)

And here’s another card I saw at the Elements forums. I forgot the exact name and such details, but I remember its ability. The ability idea is NOT made by me!

Mole Man: 2/3 (6 Earth Quanta)
Traphole (1 Earth Quantum): Burrows the target creature.

This can be used on your creatures to shield them, or on enemy creatures to halve their attacks.

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You seem to put a lot of work into this, and you have a very active imagination. But i’m just trying to be honest: I don’t think many people wil have the time or patience to read all of this.:/

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Nope, I did not put a lot of work into this. It’s just my imagination.

I fully understand that some people have short attention spans. Fortunately, not everyone is like that.

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What the hell. Nobody play this game?!

Soul Eater: 6/2 (8 Dark Quanta)
Drain: Deal 1 damage to the target creature, and Soul Eater gains +0 / +1. If this ability killed the target creature, then Soul Eater gains +1 / +1.

Spirit Bomb: Spell (15 Life Quanta) (rare)
Deals damage equals to half of the total HP of all your creatures to the target. Then, halve the HP of all your creatures.

This spell is taken from Dragon Ball Z. The Spirit Bomb is an attack where the user takes life force from the environment around him/her, then gather the life force into a massive ball of energy, and deals devastating damage to the opponent.
For this spell, you take half HP from all your creatures, and convert them into damage. This card is for a mob deck, but it might be good to combo this with Armagio as well.

The Sun: 2/10 (9 Fire Quanta)
Generates 1 Fire Quantum and 1 Light Quantum per turn.
Eclipse: For the next turn, The Sun generates 2 Dark Quanta instead.

Pestilent Shield: Shield (7 Death Quanta)
Prevents 1 damage. The attacking creature might take 1 Poison damage. The Ice Shield says “the attacking creature might freeze”, so the chance of the creatures getting poisoned is the same as they getting frozen by Ice Shield.

Blazing Edge: Spell (3 Fire Quanta)
Your weapon deals 2 more damage.

Coldsteel: Spell (3 Water Quanta)
Your shield prevents 2 more damage.

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I has tried this game out, as an Entropy type person, and I have to say the Elder (Lvl 3) enemies are really annoying. Seriously, I haven’t won against one yet, and the closest I have gotten to beating one is four health!
Another thing, this time about your God cards; against an Entropy person, most of them could easily be incinerated. How? Maxwell’s Demon, of course. Since it’s special power is to destroy any unit with more attack than defense, a lot of the God cards could be destroyed on the turn they are summoned (only Gaia, Behemoth and Chimera are safe, and the latter two can easily be dealt with by a Mirror World/MD combo, whilst you only have to damage Gaia for one damage to be able to destroy it with the Demon).

Ideas now… how about combo cards, which require two or possibly more types of quanta?
Meteor: Spell (10 Fire/15 Earth)
Instantly destroys all creatures on the opponent’s side of the field, and deals 30 damage to the opponent.
Reset: Spell (10 Time/ 5 Life) (rare)
Returns all monsters on the field and in the discard pile to the respective owners deck (they will be placed randomly in the decks). Each player is then refunded an amount of Quanta equivalent to that used to summon their monsters (so if you had Helios and Yggdrasil on the field when that was used, you would be refunded 20 Fire and Life Quanta).
Fast Forward: Spell (10 Time/ 10 Death) (rare)
All monsters on the field are instantly sent to the discard pile, and each player draws 7 cards instantly.
Steam Wraith: 3/7 (3 Fire/ 5 Water)
Evaporate (1 Fire Quantum): This monster cannot be damaged for the next turn.
Lava Wraith: 3/7 (3 Fire/ 5 Earth)
Melt (1 Fire Quantum): Deals it’s damage to an opponent’s creature, rather than the opponent’s lifepoints.
And now something with every type of Quanta; this will have two abilities with activation costs. To use them in game, you would click the ability you’d want to use below the card itself.
Hyper Wraith: 10/10 (3 of each Quantum type, starts off with Aether element) (rare)
Element Switch (3 Corresponding Quanta): Change to a different element. To use, click, then choose the element you want to change to from the Quanta totals bar. Hyper Wraith is immune to damage from the element it is transformed to for the turn after this is activated.
Hyper Beam (1 Of All Quanta): Deals 20 damage to the opponent instantly, and destroys all monsters on the opponent’s side of the field that are the element the Hyper Wraith is currently transformed into.

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BC, some of your cards/abilities are a bit overpowered… And I don’t think you can have two different types of Quanta as cost. But for some generic cards, like Short Sword, I think it requires 1 of any Quanta. So for your Hyper Wraith, it could cost 30 Generic Quanta, meaning it takes 30 random Quanta from your reserve.

And about level 3 Elders… You should pick Aether as your element, and get a deck with 6 Phase Dragons and 6 Parallel Universes, and a couple of Dimensional Shields and Lightnings. This deck kicks a**. It can easily destroy almost any deck from level 1 to 3, but I heard that it fails at level 4 and PvP.

And personally, I think Maxwell’s Demon is kind of overpowered, BECAUSE it can kill most dragons and Gods. Its ability should be “kills the target creature if its ATK is lower than its HP”.

For your card ideas, I suggest you use my format:

Card Name: Type or Stat (Quanta Cost) (rare?)
Ability (Quanta Cost): Description.

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Hmm. There are some good ideas here. Honestly, I think the game needs a couple more underpowered cards than god cards. There is incredibly limited variety due to the small number of cards. I think some of your ideas are interesting, even though they may be difficult to implement due to the game engine. The priority should be a little more variety in common cards though. There should be some amount of specialization available within an element before we start adding gods. What we have now is promising, but dispointing. I can’t wait to see where this game is in a year.

My favorite of your ideas is Mirror World. It’s not totally overpowered, but it makes things interesting.

As a final note, one thing I’d like to see in the game is a possibility for a quantum deck. Cards that have different effects depending on the quanta used to fuel the effects. But that would be kind of superfluous. Not to mention a real pain to program.

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1. How so? Your Manabomb card only uses 15 Quanta, and I’d say it would take around ten Quanta to remove the units on the field.
2. Well, that should be implemented then. That’s another suggestion.
3. I don’t think it does; I think all cards use at least one kind of quanta for payment, unless thay are towers and the like.
4. No, I prefer my other thing, with the three of each quanta; that way, it costs more and is harder to summon.
5. Thanks, but I wanna stay as an Entropy person for my current deck, and don’t really want to make a new account.
6. I disagree.
7. I was. ¬_¬

@Everyone: Play my level on Hexiom Connect! It be in my account somewhere! (shameless self promotion, I know; it rocks, though)

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There’s a reason why your requirments for God cards won’t work. Most of the time a match doesnt go long enough to have 20 quantas saved up. If you are playing correctly a match should be over on avg between 5-7 turns up to 10 max. If you are taking longer to win your deck is not optimized.

I think the main thing the game needs is more healing cards spread among the elements. So far only life can heal and it bugs the hell out of me to have to use dual element in order to get perfect health and the double money bonus

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My Manabomb is not overpowered. It takes 15 Fire Quanta to summon, deals 30 damage to your opponent, then it dies in the next turn due to having 0 HP. Miracle is overpowered, because it just takes 15 Light Quanta to heal your HP from 1 to 99.

BC, I meant that you should bold your card names. That way it’s easier to see.

More healing cards? Sure, I guess…

Soothe: Spell (3 Water Quanta)
Heal 5 HP and removes all negative status from the target.

Phoenix Rebirth: Spell (15 Fire Quanta) (rare)
Deal 25 damage to yourself. In the next turn, you recover 50 HP.

I can’t think of any more healing cards… Maybe later.

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I think everyone can guess what the names are. >_>

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What name?

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\ O
.|0 v <

The names of the cards… seriously…

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I said, they’re EASIER TO SEE. Seriously…

Is this intentional? Because if you use Flying Weapon on Titan the Gravity rare, you’ll get a creature with 7/70 and momentum! If someone combines Flying Titan with Mirror World, he would instantly take away 70 HP from his opponent, and the attack is unstoppable due to momentum! I think Zanzarino might’ve made a typo or something when he made Titan…

Living Shield: Spell (1 Earth Quantum)
Turn your shield into a creature that will redirect damage onto itself. The HP of shield creatures are their defense points times 15, and they keep their abilities.

Prismatic Mephit: 1/1 (4 Light Quanta)
Resonance: Prismatic Mephit gains +1 / +1 for every other Prismatic Mephits on your field.

If you use a Prismatic Mephits + Parallel Universe deck, you could possibly have 12 copies of Prismatic Mephits on the field, each with 12/12 stats!

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Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

I said, they’re EASIER TO SEE. Seriously…

Is this intentional? Because if you use Flying Weapon on Titan the Gravity rare, you’ll get a creature with 7/70 and momentum! If someone combines Flying Titan with Mirror World, he would instantly take away 70 HP from his opponent, and the attack is unstoppable due to momentum! I think Zanzarino might’ve made a typo or something when he made Titan…

if i’m not mistaken that’s 7 attack 70 hp, means titan has about 3x health of that 1/25 gravity card

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Yes, I know. If Flying Titan is meant to be a creature used for Gravity Pull, then that’s good, although it still has too much HP. But then, if my Mirror World gets made into a real card, then if you use it on Flying Titan, it’ll become a 70/7 creature with momentum, which means it can kill any opponent in 2 turns. Pretty OP if you ask me. But again, Miracle is THE most OP card EVER.

Some more Bolts:

Toxin Bolt: Spell (3 Death Quanta)
Deal 1 Poison damage to the target for every 10 Death Quanta in your possession.

Reverse Bolt: Spell (3 Time Quanta)
Trap the target creature in a time bubble for 1 turn for every 10 Time Quanta in your possession.

Life Bolt: Spell (3 Life Quanta)
Heal the target for 3 HP for every 10 Life Quanta in your possession.

Seismic Bolt: Spell (3 Earth Quanta)
Deal 2 damage or destroy 1 Pillar for every Earth Quanta in your possession.

And another spell, possibly a bit OP…

Smite: Spell (10 Light Quanta) (possibly rare)
Destroys the target creature.

This card can destroy any creature. Might be overpowered, but it costs 10 Quanta, so for weaker creatures there are more efficient ways to destroy them. This card could be good for taking care of Gods.

Amoeba: 1/1 (1 Water Quantum) (possibly rare)
Mitosis (1 Water Quantum): Generates another Amoeba. This is different from Deja Vu’s copying ability which can only be used once, because Amoeba can copy itself indefinitely, making it probably the best mob deck card ever.

Amoeba Phager: 2/2 (3 Water Quanta) (possibly rare)
Assimilate (1 Water Quantum): Devours one Amoeba you control. Amoeba Phager gains +1 / +1.

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Now I’ve thought about it, and probably Amoeba and Amoeba Phager should be made into rares, because if you have Mark of Water, you don’t even need any Pillars to summon an Amoeba each turn. And if you have enough Quanta, Amoebas can multiply in a geometric rate.

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New card ideas now, pillars this time…
Hyper X Pillar (rare)
Gives three of that kind of Quanta, or one of each Quanta in the case of the Quantum Pillar. However, it costs three of that kind of Quanta to summon it initially, and one of each Quanta to summon the Hyper Quantum Pillar.

On a side note, I just had the best bit of luck. You see, I just fought one of the Top 50 decks (CPU controlled), and the computer didn’t actually do anything. It had all these cards, but didn’t use them, giving me an easy win. Even better, I got thirty coins for beating it and didn’t lose any health, so I got sixty coins. Even better than THAT, I got the Titan card as well. EPIC WIN. >:D

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Infinity Machine: 8/1 (9 Time Quanta) (rare)
Everlasting: Infinity Machine has both Immortality and Momentum.

Cockroach: 2/2 (4 Death Quanta)
Persistance: Cockroach will continue to live for 2 more turns when its HP was reduced to 0. This means that the only card that can kill it outright is probably Reverse Time, since it doesn’t reduce HP, it returns the card to the deck.

Luck Seed: Spell (1 Entropy Quantum)
A random positive effect is applied to the target creature.

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! Zanzarino added Immortal effect on Phase Dragon, so I can’t use that uber cheap Parallel Universe strategy anymore! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I’ve switched my deck to dual Light/Aether, selling all the Phase Dragons in exchange for Golden Dragons, and bought some Light Pillars. Maybe I should’ve chosen Morning Star instead of Lobotomizer when I got to choose my weapon for the second new quest.

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Bump. Now that there are upgraded cards, maybe I should think of upgraded versions for the cards suggested in this thread…

And there are level 6 False Gods… Maybe there could be something like Level 7, the One True God? It’s like a final boss of the game… If you win, you instantly win 500 Electrums, and you get three free rare cards, guaranteed, and one card of the Legendary Element.

The final boss of the game, the One True God:
- He has an unusual mark, the Mark of All, which will generate 3 of every Quanta type each turn. This mark looks like the symbol for “all cards” in the game.
- He has 500 HP.
- He draws 3 cards per turn, and he has 200 cards in his deck. Every card is upgraded.
- He is the only one with access to the Legendary Element

The Legendary Element cards are the most powerful cards of all; every single one of them is extremely overpowered. The only way to obtain such a card is by defeating the One True God once. The Legendary Element cards have the symbol for All, and the card template is pure bright golden yellow.

One example of a Legendary Element card:

Black Hole: Spell (3 Dark Quanta, 3 Light Quanta) (Legendary)
Instantly destroy all creatures your opponent controls.

Infinity Shroud: Permanent (3 Gravity Quanta, 3 Time Quanta) (Legendary)
All creatures you control gains Momentum and Immortality.

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hey dude, i read almost all of your ideas for the card, and i like them! :D maybe im disappointed cause there are few “time” cards (i’ve time deck) but they seem all pretty good to me. and the One true god idea, omg xD i dont know if that would be really possible to defeat xD however keep on writin and maybe i’ll give you some help (i have strong imagination too :P)

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I read your ideas and I must say I am impressed!