(IOS) i feel this game has been dumbed down

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i loved bloons 2, 3, 4, 4 on ios and then that other 4.5 or whatever however i feel like this one has really been dumbed down (at least on IOS)

all of the “activated” abilites seem pointless compared to the other path where you get an upgrade 100% of the time and you don’t have to push more buttons

then you have to collect your banana farm money all the time (or play a few rounds just to buy the privilege to not have to pick it up for one round)

there’s no upgrades to earn/buy by completing the rounds on hard

so far i’ve actually found it BAD to have ice and glue monkeys simply because you could put that cash into building more offensive towers

special agents in general are just a more hidden pay to win version of buying in round lives or money in general

some just seem useless, why have a ninja that can rapidly pop camo bloons when there’s never any super long or hard camo bloons waves which actually requires more then 4 decently pdart monkies to beat or tha fact that the chopper is 10000% itmes more useful then the ace pilot?

and i’m not talking about being dumbed down to make it easier for newer players i mean just dumbed down in general so that even a dead person could win

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oh and you need to micro manage more which actually makes it harder sorry

you need to collect bananas, time special abilities, place road traps AND still place, upgrade and set the target of other towers

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you are just mad.

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i think taht it become better but they removed the glue trap T_T

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I love the ios version! btw, when you get to later levels it will be harder. The lead camo and camo regrowth waves can be >.>

You can farm MM really quickly… I was getting 100MM every 2min, so that’s plenty for whatever I need. If you do the special missions, you’ll definitely need ice and glue. Probably for some of the regular maps too.

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oh yah, and MANY towers have been nerfed.

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Activated abilities, if you buy the useful ones, are worth the ‘bother’ of pressing buttons.
If you’ve played BTD5 online then you’ll know that you still ave to collect bananas manually.
Completing round on hard gives you more monkey money, which is then used to buy upgrades.
Ice and glue monkeys are useful (ie become offensive towers) once you put a bit of money into them. (Admittedly, glue is less useful in iOS, but 3/x ice are well worth the money for anything below MOAB.)
Why have a ninja? Because ninjas don’t just pop camo bloons, in case you never noticed. No hard camo rounds? 42, 47, 53, 62, 78 and 82 or 83 will be a little difficult for 4 dart monkeys.
Chopper is more useful than ace? It’s more expensive, and is it a bad thing that the special tower in iOS is better than some other towers?
Upgrading can be done between rounds.
With a good defense you don’t need road items.
And strategy games aren’t about being able to sit back and relax (mostly) and also aren’t meant to be a walk in the park.
Sorry if I’m being overly harsh, but some of your criticisms are inaccurate and I wanted to comment on that.

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i’m not saying glur and frost is useless i’m saying that there’s no point getting them when putting money into purely offensive towers works better

personally round 84 has always been the “hardest” and i havent failed that yet, 6 of those moab towers plus 2 or 3 snipers with moab cripple works a treat

the towers are meant to be different but now there’s really no point in taking the pilot over the chopper
both fly
you can no longer have the pilot fly in the middle of the screen because you now need to place an airport
choppers base can be put off to one side and still reliably attack the whole map
both have a large tower base, chopper being smaller (thus better)
both can see camo, you get it sooner on the chopper and i think it may be cheaper (think)
both “lock on” (one literal and the other follows)
one gets precision explosives while the other one gets useless pineapples

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‘Precision explosives’ – spectre
Glue and ice are for support against non-MOAB bloons, and IMO if you upgrade them enough they are very useful (especially, as I stated, 3/x ice). (Admittedly, I shouldn’t have said ‘useless’.)
There’s nothing bad about not using the ace – the heli after all is the ‘special’ iOS tower, and as such I would expect NK to want people to use it (and people would use it anyway since it’s ‘special’).

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response to kill12355:

the glue and ice abilities are extremely good when used correctly. multiple ice/bomb towers is devastating, as well as using the glue monkeys to line up the bloons utilizing the ‘popping power’ of the offensive upgrades. the fact that they cluster and line up bloons respectively are invaluable (on nazi zombies on xbox360, lining up zombies is essential to game play, and while not essential the concept is still useful here.)

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I have to agree with the general idea of the original post – either that, or my Bloons skills have increased by a level of magnitude over prior versions of the game! Having to hover the mouse to collect banana farm income is annoying, and serves no purpose, and I only see one activated ability that’s useful – Tech Terror. The others are more annoying (because you forget about them, or they don’t seem to do anything substantive) than useful.

I say this as someone who’s ranked near 60 and has played several games well past 100 rounds (at which point they plateau and start to become boring grinding away).

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yes ok glue and ice are “good” but as i keep saying it’s just better taking a directly offensive either way

in BTD4 they were almost essential to have one or the other well upgraded and placed to get far without too much trouble

on this game i can bet hard without ever touching them and without having any trouble

i never really bother with ranks, i was rank 80 something on BTD4 and rank 8th for bloons popped on lava lake on the game center and 7th for the map before it (can’t remember the name) and i would honestly say there’s no “skill” really involved, if you can make it to 100 you can make it to 3000 (so long as you don’t crash out XD)