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ok this forum is to show “experiments” eg craziest setting of unite\s you can think of set it up like this to keep things neat



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Machine OVAR 9000

This tower destroys every bloons for a cost of 1!Infinite range

Path 1:

Power OVAR 9000

Every tower can kill ZOMG in 1 shot!

Range OVAR 9000

Every tower has infinite range

Attack Speed OVAR 9000

Every tower now shoots rapidly

Infinite ability OVAR 9000

Every tower can use ability without recharging,attack that last forever and has infinite popping power!


Path 2

Camo death

Every camo that enters the field now is instantly destroyed.


Regen death

Every regen bloons that enters the fireld is instantly destroyed


ZOMG Death

Every MOAB class bloons that enters the field is instantly destroyed


Every Bloon death

Every bloon that enters the field is insantly destroyed.Enables the Lag OVAR 9000 ability:Supreme lag that causes the game to be broken and crashed!


Can be upgraded to 4/4

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god like bloon
this bloon WILL OHLY TAKE 1 SEC TO REACH the exit and will take all your lifes, money, and will make you level 0 and will show a blue screen of down on your computer taht will destroy the computer the explosion will too big that you will die and create a black hole taht will create a big bang that will create a new universe of big bangs the big bangs will make more explosions that creates more universes of big bangs the 100th big bang will create more god like bloons that will make everything that i sayed before

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Okay, seriously guys… erk said “experiments” with crazy arrangements of units/towers (if I interpreted correctly…) That’s why there’s a “screeny:” line. He did NOT say to post random B.S. ideas that aren’t even feasible.

This is the kind of posting that kills a thread.

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(no one replies again)
(thread obviously killed)

But I’m gonna say there are some balloons at the end of some waves that are invisible until hit by monkey glue.

Other balloons are inVINCIBLE until hit by monkey glue.

Balloons that can’t be slowed

and Balloons that go faster the lower its health is