Bloons vs Monkeys

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How the war may have gotten started-

Red 1-Hello, can I please come into your monkey village?
Dart Monkey 1-Monkeys only!
Red 1-Please sir, I just need more air pumped into me.
Dart Monkey 2-Monkeys only!
Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew straight for the poor bloon, and he was gushed into the monkey village. He soon saw an arrow hurtling towards him and knew that he was a goner.

Blue, Green, and Yellow was floating high in the sky when they saw their friend laying popped in the monkey village. Filled by rage, they instantly flew to the bloon sky village and alerted the bloons in charge, White and Black. White and Black told their second in command, Pink, to go check it out. Pink
was too lazy and ordered Red’s family down there.

Once Red’s family got there, they saw two sniper monkeys up high in palm trees. 2 dart monkeys stood guard at the entrance of the village.

Red 2-“Hello, uh…we would like to know why you shot our brother.
Dart Monkey 1-He try to take over village.
Dart Monkey 2-Monkeys only!
Red 2-No, no, there must be a misunderstanding. We are harmless, and can’t possibly take over a whole monkey village.
Dart Monkey 1-Must be eliminated! Bloon evil! Attack!

With that, the two dart monkeys, along with the two snipers, shot down all of the red bloons that had come. The popped bloons were soon spotted by a couple of bloons in the sky, and thus, an all out war started between the monkeys and the bloons. Although the bloons are still powerless, they are constantly invading monkey villages everywhere. They are lead by the armored ceramic bloons, who travel in the biggest Massive Ornary Air Blimp (M.O.A.B), which is the Zeppilin of Mighty Gargantuaness (Z.O.M.G), and it carries 6,100 of the best bloons inside. In conclusion, the monkeys started this war, for what reason would a harmless bloon need to start a bloody war like this?

Anyone else with a good story on how the war got started?

Also, here’s a suggestion for the game makers. There should be an actual story behind why they are fighting, although it might be impossible to make since there’s already 5 games out, and another one on the way. Unless it could somehow be added to the 6th…

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Nice story..

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That was great.

Super paranoid monkeys perhaps?

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Misunderstood bloons. Why do the monkeys need to pop their bubble? lol