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[Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator (locked)

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We are currently seeking applicants to be Moderators for the Wartune Forums here on Kongregate. If you love the game and would like to share your knowledge to help increase the continued growth of Wartune then please apply below stating your character name, and the best time we can reach you in game.

Please also feel free to list any information that you feel makes you a great pick for this program!

Applicants must:
be 18 years of age or older.
be level 40 or higher.
a good understanding of the game and be willing to help other players.
and regularly active within their server and on the forum.

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I would have apply, but level 40 is a bit too high right now, no one reached this level yet, but only a matter of time. Will still try.

My ingame name is Zeforas, 18 years old, and a archer level 31 right now. I always try to help out people when they ask, so that won’t change even if i don’t become a moderator. I’m active enough. ( 3-4 hours/day, and 5-6 hours/day when it’s not a school day. )

My first language is french, so i will be able to help french/belgian/etc. people if they don’t understand some thing.
I can talk english fluently as see right now.

I hope for a good response, and a good day to you all.


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Ingame: Darkname
Current level:
35. Nobody is 40 yet but being ahead of the curve in levels, I assume I have the activity You are looking for.

Age: 19

Understanding of the game:

Although I only started from the kong server, I am an incredibly quick learner and believe I understand the game to a rather deep level. I am the kind of person who have more liking to understanding a game then playing it, and tend to go farther then most when it come to understanding goals, mechanics and the math behind in-game actions.

Willingness to help others:
I have a long gaming history and I have often being the person to be asked to fix drama, and I have become excellent at being a neutral intermediary, allowing all players to be able to have their point equally listened. I am also very good at finding long lasting peace-full situations.

Although I lot more active on the chat, I always have an eye on the forum for any out of the ordinary posts. I am active in-game daily for a duration of at-least 5 hours.

Other toughs:
I am french but fluent in English, allowing me to help a wider variety of players. I also have multiple years of playing a very wide variety of game genres, allowing me to be able to relate to players coming from different genres where they have different expectations.

I also have too much time on my hand.

Edit: As of the time of the edit, I have now reached level 40.

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Check your kongregate mails R2_Wartune. :)

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I am 20 years old, from New Zealand. IGN: Beergoggles. Know how to speek german aswell as english :)

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IGN: Ioron
Lvl: 35 (And growing)

I know most of the ins and out of the game by this point, I help players when I can in my guild, ForceHonor, as well as in chat. I’m generally a polite player, everyone has their off days. I was a game sage for 3 months for Aeria Games’ Eden Eternal. Which is a community manager spot, I stopped due to a severely overwhelming occurrence of events. However, I enjoyed helping people out in that game and would love to help in this game.

I enjoy being able to help other players, I get it, I’ve had the same questions as just about everyone else. People just want answers and help so they can enjoy the game as much as those that understand, without any confusion.That’s why it is a higher level players duty to aide the beginners of the game, they are at a disadvantage, as far as knowledge wise, then veteran players such as myself, or anyone applying in this thread. Even in game the veteran players should help beginners, but only a handful of people ever do. I’m not very active in the Kongregate forums, but as far as game wise go I am.

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IGN: Diablos
Age: 19
Current level: 28, although I do join every day from 4PM to 10PM doing quests to level my self up.

I only started from the Kongregate server, but I have learned almost everything about the game pretty fast, with the help of the community. I am kind to everyone, and help those that need it. My past experiences with Wartune have been very fun! And I wish to help out this very well put together game, as well as providing a fun place for the Wartune community. I have also had past experiences with moderating games, such as AQWorlds, EpicDuel and Requiem:Momento Mori. All in total, I’ve had about 2 years of moderating experience. I am active on Kongregate forums, The site and the game, so if I became moderator players will be able to PM their problems. I can be online anywhere between 4-6hours, or close to 13hours when it’s not a school day.

I hope you guys choose me, or at least consider me. If I am unfortunately not online, you can contact me through Email.

Email: <removed>(Friends email, we both check it frequently) or <removed>(My email, I check it frequently)

Edited due to actual emails being explicitly listed.

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Current level: 27
I started yesterday and I am tearing through game content. I have played games for years and have the common sense and intuition to help others out with the game. As you can tell, I spend a lot of time gaming. I am also a a Senior in college and am a psych major, which implies I am good with people. I have had officer positions in other games and I know how to talk and explain things multiple ways, as well as use google, to give answers and ensure understanding. I hope you consider me :).

P.s. I would rather not include my age on an online forum, which is why I put my grade in school down. By deduction you know I am at least over 18 though :)

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IGN: TwoFiveSix

Current Level: 37

Age: 19

I have a long history of playing MMORPGs, and spent a majority of the time pursuing a leadership position within the communities. I am also a very active player who attends the majority of events every single day, and regularly achieve 100 devotion daily.

Regarding my understanding of the game, I have extensively categorized and experimented with the various systems and game ‘modes’, whether it is farming, city, PvP, PvE, or most any other aspect. I am also an active participant in the current Kong chat, and help out with answering questions as often as I can.

I look forward to working with other Moderators as well as players if I am selected.

Thank you.

P.S. I prefer to be contacted via Kong messaging.

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current level: 32 R2games level: 39
Age: 18

I simply wanna be a moderator because i have 2 accounts and a reason is simply because i have been playing this for 3 months in r2games and i have a lot of knowledge about the game.
Waiting for a short reply. thanks.

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Username: Lavencia
Age: 19
Current level: 32

I have been a Moderator and/or Game Master for a few games in the past, so I have some experience. As for the times that I am on, that usually defers. I’m on for up to 20 hours at a time on Wartunes, of course sometimes semi-afk because I still have to study for College. Even so, I always reply to PMs (It just might take some time).

If you are still seeking applicants, please contact me through either Kong’s mail services or PM me in-game. Thank you!

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Thread sanitized.

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in game: animus

current level: 22 but rising by 2 or 3 a day

age 19

understanding of the game:i have a strong grasp of the combat system as well as the city leveling system.

willingness to help others: i will help any who ask to the best of my ability.

activity: I usually play at least once a day on server 1 from around 11pm to 2-3am pacific time
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in game name : charlie

current level : i was just under 30 on the original server but ive just started on the GMT one

age: 17 (hoping it wont be a problem as it is only one year)

due to the new servers just being released i think that from the understanding of the game i accumulated on the previous server i would be in a position to help new players that are joining this new one. as i all ways strive to help people to the best of my ability

activity: im pretty much on from around 4:30pm-11pm GMT

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In game name: SirSpankin
Age: 23
Current lvl: 30

Hello my name is Joel and i feel that i could help players get the best out of this game. Though my time here i have only missed a couple days of checking in and I currently help new players anyways with such things as builds, skill sets, guild operations as well as small technical problems such as after the update to clear the cache to rejoin the game. I hope that you will consider me in this search for moderators and thank you R2Games for making an awesome RTS for us all to enjoy.

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I wouldn’t mind doing this, if you still need help. I have quite a bit of experience running forums and communities (though not on Kongregate) and currently run the Chaos guild on S1 (PST). I’m very used to fielding newbie questions. :)

IGN: Bryant
Level: 45
Age: 26

I’m on and off active throughout the day, though the best time to reach me in-game would be between 7:00pm-11:00pm EST.

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IGN: AmazingAlexx
Level: 37
Server: 2 EST

I am a daily player and love the game and would love the opportunity to help moderate the forums in the meantime :)

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Archaiel Server1
Age :25
Knight lvl 45

Well i’ve been playing game all my life, i pass around 5-7 hour per day on Wartune and many other. In my life I’ve been leader of many guild on different game and moderator on too much forum i can’t count on my finger! _

I’m a social person that like to answer question on many subject on the game, I’m always positive!

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Name: Jason
IGN: Infamiz
Age: 28
Level: 50
Server: PST
Guild: Chaos

I have experience moderating forums, designing forums, and am quickly learning most of the ends and outs of the game, I am available mostly all day until work picks back up, then I will be available from roughly 2pm server and on weekdays, and all day on weekends. I have a very level head online and know how to control my temper and act in a professional manor.

Thanks for the opportunity.



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IGN: Wredniak
Age: 25
Level: 43
Server: GMT

I have some experience with moderating forums as used to be mod on quite a few and even found myself as an admin twice. I’m usually on between 7AM-3PM and then 8PM-12PM on GMT server. I spent some time trying to find as much as I could about the game on the official forums on the main site and would be happy to share what I found with others.

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Server: Kongregate-1
In-game: extelon
Age: Older then 18
Current Level: 53

Great understand of Wartune and many games on Kongregate (lvl 43 on cog).
Been playing games for over 2 decades now (20+years)

Finish daily tasks everyday since i have started (44-45 days now)

Highly Active on Forum (475 posts)

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NAME: mark, rusty (VIP)
SERVER: server1-us west ( kabam server 1) (playing from australia)
GUILD: Gremlins
CURRENT LVL:41 (14/dec/12)

hey guys my name is mark, i have been playing the game since the kabam server 1st started and have been always helping others i enjoy the game and i am a gaming freak and will spend days at a time online, i really like the game and most of the features but theres a few things that need to be worked on and i beleive with my gaming experiance i would be a very valuable member to the team thanks guys look forward to batteling with you or against you, feel free to pm me if you need anything

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Name: Ares
Server: Kongregate 4
Age: 22
Current Level: 41

As you can see from my post count, I am very active in forums such as these. I’ve written guides on the forums of the R2 website, one of which has received a reward, and the other has made it in to the Gameplay Essentials forum.

I feel I have a very good understanding of the game, and there has been no question regarding pre-level 60 content that I have been unable to answer so far.

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Hello— This thread was started back when Wartune was brand new on Kongregate— we’re not looking for anyone else right now. Thanks though! :-)

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I will be stepping down as moderator due to family issues. Thank you. :)