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[Announcement] Wartune Veterans now seeking Applicants

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Attention All Wartune Warriors: This is your chance to write your names into the legend of Wartune history. We are currently embarking on a unique opportunity for the best of the best among you. Will you be one of the select few to join our new team of Veteran Players. Our Vets will be players that stand out in both their knowledge and willingness to help others grow. If you love the game and would like to share your knowledge to help increase the continued growth of Wartune then please apply below stating your character name, and server that we can best reach you at. Please also feel free to list any information that you feel makes you a great pick for this program!

Applicants must:

  • be 18 years of age or older.
  • have one character that is level 30 or higher.
  • a good understanding of the game and be willing to help other players.
  • be regularly active within their server.
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I would be willing to do this, i am level 34 with at least 2-3 hours a day to dedicate to this game and even more time since my college classes are ending soon.

KevinnTCG on Server 1

I play games for enjoyment but i also love to help people. I do not get angry or impatient when trying to explain something to anybody.

EDIT: I have also played all 3 classes on my sub-accounts up to level 21 and i continue to play them so i have experience (somewhat) with all the classes.

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I would be willing to do this too, im lvl 33 and spend around 3 hours playing this game.

Mowgli on Server 1
Im usually just answering questions from new players from my guild so i got some experience ha.

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I would love to be part of this team. I play multiple hours on the server, entering all the events possible in the day and within my guild I answer a lot of questions and help all the new additions to our guild. I am level 36 and have much experience with any aspect about the game and am willing to explain it to others if asked.

Paulmizter on Server 1

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Ign: Bael, Server: 1

I would be more than willing to assist anyone seeking information on the game. I am level 44, regularly active, and thoroughly enjoy the game.

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Well, i am a bit of an ass sometimes, well, most of the time, and i luv the game, have a bit on knowledge about the game, aswell as strategies, and several builds in mind for knights.

Am lvl 38 knight myself, but i havent lvl’d or actively played since i heard of new EU server for kong (upcomming this thursday i belive), so atm its like 4 days, and sill am ahead of LOTS of players.
As for my achivements, i never missed arena or WB or BG since i was able to do it, was one of 1st players to reach full pvp set at lvl 35, althrou i am entirrely free player, i was acored in top 15 (max top10 on arena payday) in the arena duels.

I will be fairy active on new server, probably avaiable all round the clock.

So if ur looking for a kind of no-life player that loves the game and knows what hes doing, feel free to consider my application ;]

on Server 1 ign: Sinafey
on upcomming EU Server ign : Sinafey

EDIT : I have a talent to put difficult to understand things in simple words, so everyone would understand it ;]

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Character Name: Rasten
Age: 20
Server: Server 1 – Pst
Level: 32

I am constantly learning new things about this game and whenever I am wrong people correct me. I really love to help the new people no matter how many questions they have. I can’t say I know everything about the game, But enough to atleast get the players started with the game.

I just want to be able to support the new players and provide them with a positive experience and maybe they will recommend their friends to the game.

Thanks for at least reading this even if I am not picked.

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Caramon: Level 33 Knight

Age 29

I made one of each character so I understand how they work. I take my time and learn all the details as I play.

As for regular play, I am on at least 2-3 hours a day. I find time late at night or during breaks at work.
I am an experienced Teacher as I have 3 kids so i know how to deal with all sorts of ages and helping people learn or resolve conflict.

As a Business person and avid gamer, I want to see this game become successful and I believe the right developers are working this game in the right direction. So I want to see it through and help how I can to ensure success.

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Thread sanitized.

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Xypharius [Kongregate 1]
Age: 23
Mage level 37
Have a good understanding of the game and its mechanics. When a new patch or update is released I read through the patch notes and any anouncements/threads on the forums to be sure I have a full understanding of what is coming or has been released.

As for activity in game I am often on 4-6 hours a day, sometimes more. During that time I often answer other players questions, and am willing to take the time to explain a concept if a player doesnt fully understand it.

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Rose [Kongregate 1]
Age: 28
Archer level 43

love the game .. active 10~12 hours a day. friendly and helpful .

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So what does this position entail?

What will ‘veterans’ be doing?

What are their tasks and duties, and is there any compensation for the role?

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Archaiel Server1
Age :25
Knight lvl 41

Well i’ve been playing game all my life, i pass around 5-7 hour per day on Wartune and many other. In my life I’ve been leader of many guild on different game and moderator on too much forum i can’t count on my finger! _

I’m a social person that like to answer question on many subject on the game, I’m always positive!

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Hello, My name is Henk, a 23 year old programmer from Holland. I’d like to apply to become a wartune Veteran. I play on Server3 (GMT) and have a lvl 30 archer. I have experience moderating in various games and have moderated chatrooms before aswell. I’m on 8-10 hours a day, speak 4 languages (English, Dutch, German and Japanese) and always motivated to help other players.

I do believe my understanding of the game is good enough to be helpful towards other players. If it happens I’m unsure of something I check the wiki to be sure I provide the best answer possible.

Looking forward to hear more from the Wartune team!

With kind greetings,


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Hello my name in Jason, in game i go by Infamiz.

I am currently a level 43/44 Mage quickly on my way to 45, I currently play on server 1 ( PST ) in the guild [Chaos], I have experience moderating forums, designing forums, and am quickly learning most of the ends and outs of the game, I am available mostly all day until work picks back up, then I will be available from roughly 2pm server and on weekdays, and all day on weekends. I have a very level head online and know how to control my temper and act in a professional manor.

Thanks for the opportunity.


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PussInBoots Server:S1 PST
Lv42 and counting
Active and available all day everyday.
Experience in being a GM/Vet for other games.

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server: 2 -est
age 37
level 41 knight
active 24/7 except of major holidays
friendly and happy to help other ppl

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IGN: Wredniak
Age: 25
Level: 43
Server: GMT

I’m usually on between 7AM-3PM and then 8PM-12PM on GMT server. I spent some time trying to find as much as I could about the game on the official forums on the main site and would be happy to share what I found with others.

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Server: Kongregate-1
In-game: extelon
Age: Older then 18
Current Level: 53

Great understand of Wartune and many games on Kongregate (lvl 43 on cog).
Been playing games for over 2 decades now (20+years)

Finish daily tasks everyday since i have started (44-45 days now)

Highly Active on Forum (475 posts)

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36Lv Tarantulka 18Y.o.

I live in Turkey i can help with English and Turkish to players. ^^ If im needed just tell me :)

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lvl 54


Age 23

Active Server 1

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Age: 21

In-Game name: penguin

Level: 46

Active: All day on Kongregate-2, though may take a nap halfway through the day.

I feel like i have a reasonable understanding of the game, even though I started a month ago, and certainly enjoy helping people out when needed. I try to be friendly and courteous to everyone. I’m not that active on forums, though i do leave a suggestion here and there if I feel it has merit. I have finished all my daily tasks since discovering what they were (day 3-ish), and do my best to finish all daily quests. I guess that’s it, thanks for considering me.

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Well, I’m very interested:

IGN: Gram (server 5) lvl 30
27 years old
I own a car detailing company, so I pretty much have up to 6 hours per day free to play (which i’ve been doing so far, every day – at least when my wife isn’t complaining about it lol)

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Kongregate Server 2
Level: 57
Class: Mage
Name: Hopeful

I am just looking for a chance to be able to help others a bit more. I am currently running multiple MP dungeons everyday helping lower levels since I generally finish early. I am currently playing the game 5-7 hours a day depending on the day. I have played every class to at least level 40 and have a great understanding of game mechanics. If you need an active vet I am your guy.

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Kongregate Server 2
Level: 37 (and rising fast)
Age: 26
Name: Freyjja

I like to help others, finish all my stuff early and go to helping new players. I recruit new players from all over kongregate. I understand the game to the extent that you can at 37 (don’t know everything on mounts or talents yet obviously, as i can’t use mounts and talents haven’t been released to kongregate) if you are looking for someone active, well I happen to be disabled, and thus on 12-16 hours most days, so am definitely one of your most active players. Also, I am an R2Games veteran, from crystal saga, where i was well known for helping out anyone who needed it. Have a history of being helpful, including having several positions with the games i played (GH for DC, Guide for EQ2, PMOD for RS2, etc) so if you need someone experienced in the art of player support who can be on a ton, well i’m your girl!