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Best astrals for archer?

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So I’ve spent about 10m on astrals trying to get an orange for the event, finally got a Pristine Force this morning, and now I’m trying to decide which purples to use. I have neither PDEF nor MDEF purples, so I’ve been used a refined brilliance.

I have the following choices:


+crit base damage%
+10% chance to reflect x% damage
+10% chance to heal x% of damage as hp
+10% chance to heal x
-x damage
-x% chance of receiving critical damage
+x HP
+x% floating damage


As it stands, I’m using orange patk, purple crit dmg%, and blue crit, but I have most of the other purples at lvl 3, so if I decided on which ones to keep, I could level up my other astrals.

Thanks for any advice.

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Well as u know archers are dammge class so for Astrals i would pick patk/crit/hp/ n later on what ever the hell i want :D

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Orange patk? You lucky bastard.

So far, I’d say always go for direct +stat astrals. Some basic testing hints that all the % is pretty terrible at this point.

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+Patk, +Crit, +HP. The extra crit damage is nice, but useless if you can’t take a few hits in arena.

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Yeah, I was noticing that the +9% base crit did almost nothing for me, and +hp is what I was using before – I was just wondering if any of the others were decent, but hey, guess not – I’ll keep em if I get em in orange, but for now, crit/patk/hp sounds like a plan, and I’ll add on pdef at 40.

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in order of importance, at least for me an anti-mage build.

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Id change the order a bit personally.

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here’s my order, with a little explanation:

1. patk — raises all your dmg skills 100% reliably (except if target dodges)

2. sniper — raises crit rate (still RNG) for all dmg skills except multishot (already 100%)

3. determ — raises crit dmg WHEN you crit (that’s why u raise crit rate before crit dmg)

dmg outranks defense because in cases of similar strength, the person who hits slightly harder wins… and it’s a lot easier to dish out a bit more damage than to tank a bit more.

4. hp — generally more impt at lower levels / tanking WB. regardless, HP works against both patk AND matk; whereas mdef/pdef are only “half” as effective. besides, archers get +20% HP passive. nonetheless, since even the oj HP astral is only +500hp per level, you will eventually switch to getting HP from gems instead (lv5 HP gem = 880hp)

5. mdef — mages will almost always hit you, so mdef is more important in pvp. swap out if you are definitely not fighting a mage (e.g. duelling a knight). also mandatory for fighting the eye in crypt.

6. pdef — if you have trouble against other archers / knights

7. goddess — though it is not RNG and dual-use (effective against both patk & matk), the amount is low-ish (lv5 purp = 10%, lv4 oj = 12%) and only starts showing an impact after lv45-50.

8. illu — can be extremely powerful; but it is an RNG astral (read: completely chance-based). once past lv55, this astral becomes almost ubiquitous on everyone… it becomes necessary just so you get the same RNG defense as your opponent.