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To limit the thread clutter, please utilize this thread if you wish to promote your guild. Try and follow some sort of simple guideline, such as:

  • Name of Guild:
  • Server:
  • Requirements:
  • Description:

Thank you!

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Why join us?
~ Ranked 3rd in level but top in strength
~ Active (and i mean clear-out-stamina-and-usage active from a lot!)
~ An awesome leader who comes complete with battle-tactics.
~ Our initial recruits all transferred from the PST server, and brought their game knowledge with them
~ Other recruits often come from other guilds seeking a good guild. (we don’t steal members, but welcome other guild leavers)
~ We like to have a laugh, and being weird and funny will only get applauded
~ Joining gives you +5 (yes, 5!) Awesomeness! (and cookies :3)

Who are we looking for?
Our requirements are simple and few: ~ activity ~ Level 35+ ~ loyalty ~
Preferred traits: ~ Skilled in battle ~ sociability ~ Chuck Norris Jokes ~

Any hardcore gamer is welcome into our ranks to assist with guild wars, any social butterflies can always turn up and simply share your sense of humor. As long as you do your part for the guild (and can keep up ;)), you’re welcome! :D

Send me (HBomb), Archer or Ghost a message in game :)

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PST I think. ( The main one with Boobier.)

None, we have no requirements but we do like active players lol.

We are the 20 best guild on the main server. (Which is really good)
Are extremely helpful and patient. I joined 10 days ago and I’ve learned so much and they always join my Hall of Heroes and Arena even though I’m around 5-11 lvls below them. (I’m lvl 33)
Really Nice :P
Usage of Balens for early cooldowns
Level 3 shop. Level 4 Skill tower. Level 6 Altar. Level 7 Vault and Level 7 Guild. (By the time you are reading things it will have risen significantly.
Please join us and we will become the strongest guild on Wartune!
Contact: MoleculeMan, Dachi, Lolas, Ryuchi or me, Jakib.
Immortals forever :P

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Hey everybody!

We’re the Chaos guild on the PST server, and we’d like to invite you to join us! Whatever level, whatever BR, whether you’re a paying player or not, it’s all good with us. After all, as long as you play, you’ll eventually get better and better, right? That’s the idea, we all improve together. :)

Chaos is currently ranked 5th in guild strength, but honestly, that’s not particularly important to us, nor is climbing the ladder. We consider ourselves a casual but very active guild. One of us described us as “serious players with a casual attitude,” and that pretty much sums it up perfectly – that is, we’re not trying to be #1. We’re not trying to be #2. We’re just trying to be the best we can be and seeing how far we can go and how good we can get – and if we maintain a presence that the top can’t ignore, well, more’s the fun!

Besides, you’re just as likely to find us dueling naked in the guild chamber for the hell of it as kill-streaking in battlegrounds, and if you want to stay the same level for three days and just hang out in the chat watching kyanite grass grow, that’s perfectly fine with us.

You’ll find Chaos is one of the most newbie-friendly guilds in the game, too. Any questions are welcome in the guild chat and you’ll find lots of us willing to explain anything you want to know, from astrals to skill builds to PvP and leveling strategy. We’ve got a lot of active, friendly players (many who joined at level 15 and are pushing 40 and 50 now, so we know what it’s like) and while of course there’s friendly competition between us, we’re a tight-knit group. We level together, PvP together, run dungeons 10-20 levels below us together to help our lower level guildies out. Nobody starts off elite.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, friendly top-16 guild that isn’t too demanding, give Chaos a look. We’ve got lots of space available! Just apply directly to the guild or PM any of us to bug an officer for an invitation.

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[Necromants] is a new guild founded by me, and we seek new members
We seek:
-active and friendly members, who are
-good contributers of
-no matter what lvl
If you want to join talk to Arthur97 or Darkkilerman Ingame, online almost everyday

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Name of Guild: MetalWar
Server: Server 1
Requirements: No requirements besides being active
Description: We do guild wars and help eachother as much as possible, feel free to apply and make new friends

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Name of Guild: Bong

Server: GMT

Requirements: None just a active player

Description: We are a new guild looking for active players that are willing to help new players out

If you are interested pm me Bongo or Penthesilea

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To limit the thread clutter, please utilize this thread if you wish to promote your guild. Try and follow some sort of simple guideline, such as:

Name of Guild: Paladins Server: EST Requirements: Level 10+ Description: Simple guild trying to allow people to get their Guild Skills and abilities. Suggested donations of 50 Guild Contributions a week.
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Name Of Guild: DarkAngels
Server: 2
Requirements: None
Description: New guild on Server 2 looking for anyone and everyone to join.

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Server: 3 (GMT)

Req: Every player, just stay active.

Des: We are in top 10 guilds.

If you want to join send me a message here with your nick or in game PM/email me (Zeta), or just apply.

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Server : Oceanic (4)

Req : Active Players

Des : In Top 3 Guilds in Server. Lvl 4 Guild Lvl 2 Tower Altar Vault, Lvl 3 Shop.

Join ingame on Server 4 Graphics/DeeDeeKV

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server 1

all we ask is for u to donate when possible

were a new and friendly guild looking for atleast somewhat active members

officers spots are open any level may apply

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Fellow Wartune Player,

If you are a casually-competitive player who wants to join an open, friendly, and very active group of players … then please, allow me to invite you to TheSilent guild. (Server 1)

However, prepare yourself for a challenge, as the road ahead is unlikely to be easy.

Should you choose to accept this invitation, you will be joining an “underdog” guild that gives many of the top players and guilds a heck of a run for their money.

And we’re getting extremely close to toppling them off their pedestal.

We’re patient. We’re focused. Shrewd. Organized. Intelligent.

And far from weak.

Because of this, our guild members are constantly being invited to join “higher”, “better”, and “more powerful” guilds.

And yet … no one ever quits. If you join us, you’ll quickly realize that we are a very close-knit, supportive group of players that stand behind one another through all stages of the game.

Are you looking for a group to help you conquer the various dungeons in this game? There will often be a couple players around that would be happy to join you. Plus, you’ll get extra experience and stats from friendship bonuses for playing with a regular group of people.

Would you like a steady team to help you win more matches in the arena? Imagine being able to optimize your formation. Discuss your build, and receive valuable, useful feedback. Have a casual chat in-between matches, or while waiting on your cooldowns. Make fun of the people you just steamrolled, or that just steamrolled YOU

And above all … have fun! That’s why you’re playing this game in the first place, right?

However, this guild is not for everyone. As I said before, we’re not at the top, and quite frankly, that’s not really what we’re shooting for. Because being at the top is stressful. It becomes a job with endless grinding and countless hours sunk just to stay ahead of the curve … all the while feeling a silent force … a quiet pressure … constantly edging closer to you … threatening to overtake and engulf you.

Well, we ARE that silent force. We ARE that quiet pressure. Because we all play at our own pace, we do not burn out as easily. We do not get discouraged as easily. And we have a lot more fun!

For some of us, that pace is extremely hectic, as we have a fiercely competitive streak. We put in the hours. We put up with the grind. And we do whatever it takes to make sure we can always put a sizeable dent in someone’s armor.

For others of us, that pace is more relaxed. We pop in here and there. Do a couple dungeon runs. Check our farms and bounties. Participate in a world event. Try our strength at the arena. And call it a day well-spent.

And for yet others … well … their game starts to center heavily around the guild. They’ll be cracking jokes in chat. Providing useful links. Discussing music, drinks, work, and other random things. And these crazy guys and gals always seem to have an extra half-a-million gold on hand, to donate to the guild. (Where DO you get it from? O.o)

Still, despite our differences, each and every single day, we get a little stronger. We gain another level. Craft some better gear. Build up the guild. And mount ever more pressure on the top guilds.

Because we ARE catching up. Silently. Quietly. And very persistently. And if you would like to become one of us, please consider the points below:

1.) If you are a powermonger who wants to stay ahead of the power and level curve, then this guild is not for you. Trust me, you will feel more at home in ForceHonor, Matt Damon, ZionSparta, and some of the other top guilds. On the other hand, if you want to stick it to the top guilds, and help define the level curve those guys try to stay ahead of … join right in. ;)

2.) This is a fairly mature guild. Our chat is (mostly) clean. If your idea of fun is randomly spamming “P3N15” in any channel you can … this guild is not for you, and you will be kicked out, FAST.

3.) We are a very community-centric guild. If you are a lone wolf, please consider joining MetalWar, DragonLord, and other similar guilds. On the other hand, if you’re a team player with a strong sense of camaraderie, you will fit right in.

4.) We do not ask for, or demand, your loyalty. Instead, we earn it. You are free to leave at any time. Very, very few players ever do, though … We’re here for the long haul.

5.) In fact, all I ask is that you be reasonably active, pop into chat, and help out other members when/if you can. If you read this far, you should understand pretty well what this guild is about, and what kind of players you’ll meet within. As such, there are no minimum daily requirements.

6.) Having said that, if you’re only planning on playing once every three or four days (or less!) … then this guild is not for you. TheSilent is a fairly casual guild, but we’ve got a mean, competitive streak. ;) Keep that in mind.

In order to join, first, please get to level 16. You can get there in less than a day, and by that point, you will have a fairly solid understanding of the game, and what kind of experience you’re looking to have.

Then, add either tacoes, zraith, Lavencia, Renny, or myself (Suntix) to your friend’s list.

To do that, click on the heart-shaped button (“Friends”), click “Search”, and then type in whichever one of us you’d like to speak to. We’ll appear in your “Strangers” tab. Usually, at least one of us is around, so click the little chat bubble to the right of our name … and shoot us a pm! Tell us that you’ve read the forum post, a little bit about yourself, and the kind of player you are.

And then…

Well, if we think you’d make a good fit, and we have some space left … you’re in! ;)

See you on the other side!


P.S. If you apply in-game, you will simply be referred right back to this page, and you will NOT be let in until we make sure you’ve read it.

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, yes, we’re guild-battle eligible. In fact, if you check the rankings, you’ll see us right on the first page, moving higher and higher.

Thank you.

Mod Edit: Removed early-ending line breaks that extended this post to 300+ lines. If this was intended, PM me. =)

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Server 1, Lvl 9 guild Silver is looking for high level active players to help out in guild battles, come have fun and enjoy great rewards.

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oceanic sever

no requirements except being active

we do guild battles (and crush most of our ennemies)
we are an active guild especially during guild battles
we are ranked 7th( soon we will rise again)
anyone who wishes to leave may enter anytime again
we summon (usually) daily the guild tree which gives lots of exp
we have people from everywhere so i think you will find someone with whom you can converse well (be it french dutch german chinese portugese korean or whatsoever)
all our buildings are lvl 3(except tower stupid CD)our guild is lvl 4( soon lvl 5)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION hope to see you soon in our guild
lichdeath of Rebellion

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Guild name: Immortal
Server: Oceanic (4)
Requirement: Be active and above level 30. We would like to also see you actively helping lower levels with their MP dungeons. (Within reason)
Description:We are the #1 guild on the server, and we are always looking for active, talkative players. We have, at this time, won every single one of our guild battles. We are a diverse bunch, housing people from all over the world. Our guild is growing at a very fast pace, as we are level 8 with level 5-6 territory buildings after only 2-3 weeks.
We hope to see some new faces in the guild, thanks for reading. :)

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Name of Guild: LightDarkA
Server: server 1
Requirements: noting need active members and GO
Description: level 3 guild with level 1 skill tower and level 2 Altar i need some help with the guild gestion i need active player who whant help teh guild grow

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WE ARE Fairy_Tail~
We’re here to stay! So join us, & grow stronger together!

Guild name: Fairy_Tail

Server: Europe (3)

Requirements: Every players of any level are welcome to join.
We are a lvl 4(going to be 5 soon) guild! With lvl 4 skill tower, altar, lvl 3 vault & lvl 3 shop.
O.O join now!

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Originally posted by itztaytay:

Server 1, Lvl 9 guild Silver is looking for high level active players to help out in guild battles, come have fun and enjoy great rewards.

Shame taytay! xD

•Name of Guild: [Silver]
•Server: Server 1
•Requirements: Functioning keyboard for ocassional participation in guild chat
•Description: Silver is a very laid back guild on Server 1 that always has an active guild chat thanks to active players in virtually any time zone. Our guild is still strong enough to be a participant in Guild Battles but small enough that we do not need to rotate players onto a guild battle team. (In case you don’t know, Guild Battles are an excellent way to get Honor and Insignias. If your current guild isn’t doing guild battles, you need a new guild!) Our tree planting time is consistently at guild battle time so you won’t be wondering if you missed out on your daily dose of free XP. We have highly ranked players that are very good about helping you through tough multiplayer dungeons. Our players are an excellent source of game knowledge and are always willing to help you get a better build for your character. We don’t buy our excellence, we build it!

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Name of Guild: BunEBrigad
Server: 2
Requirements: Friendly and active ( a working keyboard helps, guild donation recommended, not required, but without donation you miss out on a bunch of guild perks since u can’t buy them!)

Description:level 3 (soon to be 4) guild, less than a week old, seeks any level to aid in building of a close knit guild full of helpful friendly people!
we have good knowledge of the game, are very helpful, and love to help anyone with anything! ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Current upgrades: Guild Level 3 (soon 4) Guild altar 3, skill tower 2 (with all skills at 2) and guild shop 1. as soon as we hit level 4 we will also have vault 1 available for use!

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•Name of Guild: HentaiLand (Giggle)
•Server: Server 1
•Requirements: Be (semi)active and considerate among other guild members. Any level may join!
•Description: I started off with little confidence of having my guild popularized within the game, using a ludicrous name like HentaiLand is bound to capture the attention of most people, and I use that with a passion! And I had felt like this guild had no competition against the other guilds. Some players left and some stayed just for the funny conversations we have together. I soon conceived a goal to make HentaiLand a guild worth knowing, not by being the strongest, but a guild that everybody knows is cool and pleasant to be in, so this post can probably help spread the word of the guild. We mostly joke around (if you’re into that kind of stuff) about anime, manga, school, anything actually. Aside from the joking, we help our fellow guild mates with utmost concern, so don’t be afraid to pop a question every now and then! Our guild isn’t far behind, but we aren’t far ahead in the race. With your power, I hope we can reach the front lines. If you want admission, just PM in-game DearDrop, HentaiLand (me), LoliHunter, and Pearce. Or just click the guild icon and type in our name.

HentaiLand is a great place for starters, well, for everyone (hopefully). I hope you take the time to read this and consider joining. It makes me happy seeing newcomers. Who knows, it could even make you happy!

Upgrades of the guild (if you’re wondering):
Guild Level: 4 (almost 5)
Vault Level: 4
Altar Level: 4
Skill Tower: 4
Guild Shop Level: 2

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Guild: Chaotica
Server: 2

Chaotica is a small, growing, friendly guild. If you’re looking for the #1 guild on the server, we are not, and likely never will be it.

What we will be, and already are, is a friendly community of gamers looking to have fun, help each other, and succeed together in Wartune and beyond (we’re part of a larger community which you may or may not want to join in the future.)

There is no one barking orders here, and no strict hierarchies of any kind. Play the game the way you want, and play it with a group you can enjoy it with. Everyone has a voice, major decisions are voted on, and everything is open to discussion.

Our name comes from the idea of positive chaos – freedom, creativity, and individuality. Your rank means almost nothing, we look at what you say, not what title you say it under.

We have exactly one requirement to join us: be a good person. We don’t care what level you are – that comes with time, and we’ll happily help you both in learning the game, and leveling faster with our direct assistance. We don’t care if your gear sucks and your BR is a joke. That too is fixed with time. What we do care about is having a guild filled with the kind of people we actually want to play games with. We’d rather be a guild of good people than a top guild filled with the kind of people no one wants in chat. That doesn’t mean we don’t plan to be a successful guild – we very much do… we just won’t sacrifice our friendly atmosphere to get there.

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Did you start playing this game only for the badge? Have you found yourself enjoying it? Well, if you like the game and plan to play past level 20, please consider the guild Celestial on Server 5, US West. :) We are a new, small guild with a close-knit group of members. Currently no level requirement!

Our guild leader, Ready, is not a native English speaker but you can barely tell. If you are also a non-native English speaker, perhaps this would be a good environment for you! No need to feel self-conscious.

We have several players who are knowledgeable about the game and will be patient with any questions you have.

We are trying out the following times for Guild Tree Summoning (an event for free experience and guild contribution): 09:30, 16:30, 20:30 server time. Eventually Guild Tree summon time will be set for whenever is convenient for the majority of guild members.

Thank you for reading!

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111(ashcastle) US East

Be an active player and help contribute to the guild at least every other day.

We are a new up and coming guild who are very friendly and help others with as much as we can. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds on our server but we need you to help us reach that goal! :)

feel free to contact Dragonlord or Ladyluna by pm or just apply if you’re interesred.

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Server:Oceanic[Server 4]
Requirements:Active,friendly,lvl 30+
Description:Helping Out Newbies and High lvl Players are Welcome too,ranked 4th on the server atm and aiming to be top 3 soon,Everyone will be gladly welcomed,get in touch with any officer in order to join!