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Oceanic (Server 4)

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for people with a passion to grow, strengthen and win and are active during Guild Battle.
We are looking for folks with a team-first attitude, people who are willing to help each other grow to the next rung of their ladder and beyond!
Anyone is entirely welcome to join, rerolls, new players, anyone at all :)

Currently Defiant is the 2nd strongest guild on the Oceanic server – We won Guild Battle the week before this post — we’d like to win it back and keep it ours! We are looking for active players who would like to embark in our journey to become the #1 guild on the server and stay there. We already have the top-end quality on our server to be #1 in guild battles, our next step is to fill out our roster with more active players, get there on saturday and go for glory! We have a selfless core of top players who are willing to help people out and get you better with advice and the skill you need to make it to the top — we’re only too happy to help :)

Do you think Defiant is for you?
If you’re interested in joining Defiant, feel free to send a message ingame to anyone of TarkaBear, Fiveohz, Pray, Sela, Cils or Cabernet and we’ll get you sorted in the right direction!

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Name: MetalWar


Anyones welcome here we’re currently rank 8 and want anyone who wants to have some fun and kill folks in guild battles! :D If nuthin else just come have fun and grow with us all active players welcome : )

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Name : Demonic

Server : 2

Requirements: at least lv30 and active. You can also be a low level but please be active and level up.

Description : We’re in the top 10 guilds. Our guild level is maxed. All of our buildings are at least lv5. Guild tree every day. I’d say we’re a pretty fun guild. We help each other out and we talk about pretty much everything. No topic is taboo in this guild.

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Want fun? want good friends? do you like nunnies and chocolate eggs? Join US now!!!

Name: Bunny Gang
Server: 2
Reqs: at least lvl 35 and very active

We offer you daily tree, guild Battles (We are ranked # 8) Skills lvl 7 at least and a very social cooperative guild… so what are you waiting for? come now!!!

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Name of Guild: Dominance

Server: Server 1

Requirements: All that we ask is that you strive to do your best.

A new guild to an already vast massing, Dominance is a rarity, Not only does it have spontaneous, an unique individuals, it’s passion lies in the determination, an rivoting stride which pursues nothing short of success. We’re but a week old, an underdog to be titled, with a fierce bark that’ll throw you on your hinds so to speak. We’re open minded to all players, and give fair opportunities to start anew, so come deliver your sword, come firing your arrows, and come barraging with mighty magical force to the faction in which shall bring nothing short of Dominance.

You could Pm in game:
LilSaint (Leader)

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Name of Guild: Inferno

Server: server 2 EST

Requirements: no requirements at this time

Description: We are #3 on the server, we have lvl 10 skill tower, We’re looking for active players to fill in the ranks for GBs.

We’re a friendly guild, who welcomes all who join~

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Name of Guild: Myrmidons
Server: Server 5
Requirements: NONE :D
Description: Guild tree daily. We love to help others, having great conversation and just having fun.

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name of guild dark hunters
server 6
requirements active 20 and up
description ranked 7th on the server gladly welcoming all level 20s
talk to kyleb or onion

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Server: Europe
Requirements: Preferably 40+, with exceptions

Description: Relatively friendly community helping each other. We frown upon stealing 1h crops and trashtalking in the chat. We are ranked #1 on the server and guild battle invites are mainly based on BR without favorizing long-time members. We don’t demand everyone ready and prepared for every guild battle, but we appreciate if you are at least a devoted tree-hugger. The tree is after third World Boss (22:22 european server time).

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Server 3 europe
Requirements: enjoy the game and although we accept all levels we would appreciate high levels to join

Description: Tree is at 19:40 server time just before guild battle we do not accept trash talking and personal attacks on people we are here to enjoy the game and remain a strong guild we are ranked #8 on the server but are close to #7 and #6 feel free to apply preferably lvl 35+ and 15k BR+ but we accept all our building levels are lvl 9 tower and shop and lvl 6 vault and altar

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Name of Guild: LIghtDarkA
Server: Server 1
Requirements: none
Description: we are 27 in guild ranking serching new member to improve the guild rating join us and help us grow

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Name of Guild: Elysium

Server: Server 7 West

Join our active guild in the new server 7!
-Active leaders and members
-Ranked 2nd in strength and level (you can help change that)
-We have seasoned members that transferred from other servers to help you out!
-With these leaders we have developed tactics to level while staying strong
-Active chatters that have fun talking about anything
-Guild Master and Asst. are on every day to make sure guild is going in the right direction

We have no requirements since the server just started, but we would like active players that would like to show up and help us defeat the other guilds in battle!

If you would like to join just pm me (Crazynut) or my Asst. (Savage).
You may also apply in the guild window, just search for Elysium.

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Name of Guild: The_Bollox

Server: 156

- Our guild is ready to accept all members, even if you only pay on occasion (preferably we would like you to be active)
- Don’t be put off by the name, as we are a serious guild, who value every member
- The Guild Master, and the 4 assistant guild masters have been on over 5 different servers, and therefore know how to help all members should they need it
- We are an experienced guild
- We are always open to help those who need it, and are also a very chatty guild
- The guild master and assistants are on everyday, as to make sure that the guild is running at optimum performance

- We have only one requirement, and that is that you contribute to the guild. You don’t have to contribute much (even 1000 gold a day would help), as we have to keep the guild running :D

Thanks, and I hope that you decide to join our guild, if you have any questions please message me (Rosso) or the guild master, or any of the other assistant guild masters!! We hope you apply, and if you do you’ll have a great time!
Thanks again :D

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Server 9

You have to active for at least a few hours every day
We dont have a level requirement but if you are low-level you will need to rise fast…
Loyalty is a must… We dont like guild-jumpers

Any hardcore gamer is welcome into our ranks to assist with guild wars, any social butterflies can always turn up and simply share your sense of humor. As long as you do your part for the guild (and can keep up ;)), you’re welcome! :D

Send me (Dunark) a message in game :)

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Name of Guild: Arkfall
Guild Level: 2
Server: 1 US West

Requirements: Be active and contribute enough to keep us alive it is our lifeline

Alter Level 2
Shop Level 1 (Level 2 coming soon)

Currently ranked 114 guild, join today and show everyone we mean business while having fun at the same time. And let’s eventually get those Asgards. (Former ZionSparta member if that matters) this guild’s not going anywhere MERGERS WILL BE DENIED!

Looking for officers and assistant guild masters to get some steady wealth going. Together we will be unstoppable let’s all grow stronger together. Guild tree = 20 or more online at 19:15

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Name of Guild: Serenity
Server: 2 US East
Guild Level:10
Members: 205
Maximum population: 210

1.) All players can join the guild at level 12 and above.
2.)Have fun.
3.)Tree is 8:15 each night and altar is at 8:30 each night.

Guild battle participation:
1.)You have to pm Yepyep or LafinBob to get on the list. Once the list is full, we can put you on a waiting list.
2.)You must participate in the guild battle to receive rewards. If you go Afk in guild batttle, you will be kicked and put on a waiting list.
3.)Mondays and Wednesday guild battles are for everyone. On Fridays, we send only our strongest to fight.

Rewards and Incentives:
1.)Guild members will receive a guild chest when their br hit 40K and above.
2.)Guild members may receive a promotion if they do a great job.

Skill Tower: Level 10
Guild Shop: Level 10
Guild Altar: Level 10
Guild Vault: Level 10

About us:
We are currently the strongest guild on the server. We are very loyal to one another. We want to take things to new heights and where no one has gone before. If your a low level player, we’ll be glad to lend tips and tricks on how to level up and get better gear. Also, we are pretty funny too. If you have any questions, we will be glad to help. You may PM me and i’ll help the best i can. Thank you and i hope to see you soon.

We now have our own webpage to sign up for guild battles and such. Also, see guild rules on our forum please. Guild Tree reached level 10 on 5/7/13.

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Name of Guild: Banned
Server: 2 US East
Requirements: Play to have fun and be cool to your guild mates.

About us: Formed from a base of members that have played guild battle oriented games together for literally years. Parleying our vast experience with these games into becoming a force on server two, despite our starting months after the other guilds that are left on the server. Unlike most of the other guilds advertised here, Banned is still around and active, and will be for years to come since our core is fanatically devoted to one another.

Guild skills and shop are level 10 (maxed out as these are the really important buildings)
Vault and altar soon to be maxed out as well (these are the lower priority buildings).

Under the leadership of Beebee, we have been climbing the ranks on our server, and keeping the bottom of the top 8 struggling to stay in guild battles.

The vast majority of our members are wickedly clever and funny working class adults, that appreciate a good laugh, a stiff drink, and kicking some a$$ digitally!

disclaimer- despite chads humorous post after mine, there is indeed no minimum payment to be in Banned lol

Other guilds come and go, merge and disband. Banned remains! Join us.

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Don’t forget that there’s a minimum payment required to be a member of Banned

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minimum payment?

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Name: Fairy_Tail
Server: 3 – EU
Guild level: 10
Rank: 13
Requirements: Being friendly
Tree event: Everyday at 19:00 server time
Divine altar: 4 times a week (Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun) after tree (19:30)
Skill tower: Level 10
Guild shop: Level 7 (next upgrade)
Altar: Level 6
Vault: Level 5

We are a medium sized friendly community, we constantly try to team up in arena, mp dungeons and spire. We have both paying and nonpaying high level players that can answer your questions.

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Guild: Brasil
Server: Kong 6 US West
Description: Guild made from Brazilian’s by Brazilian’s. And now open to all. Come join Cornewaille, Thraum, and the rest of the Brasil gang in growing our guild.

Features: Level 10 guild
Level 7 skill tower
Level7 shop
Level 4 altar
Plenty of space for those that want to participate in Guild Battle.
All levels welcome. Presently ranked 6th for guild battle, 7th in guild strength.

Requirements:Reasonably active, do not ‘honor farm’ your guildmates, know that your guild contribution benefit both guild and yourself.

Come join us and have fun.

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Name: NoLimit

We are a social guild, moving over from Shadow land online after that companies absurd server merges. We welcome all new players, level doesnt matter, we only ask that you sign up and use the forum on the website once its up for this game.

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Never seen a guild from shadowland before. Anyway, welcome to Wartune!

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2 – US East

Taking active players at all levels.

An open, social and friendly community with lots of bacon! Beer is occasionally handed out. Level 10 guild and #8 spot on the server. Willing to help out new players and offer support when needed. Veterans are also warmly welcomed!

Guild towers:
Shop lvl 10
Skills lvl 9
Alter lvl 8
Vault lvl 7

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Originally posted by whitemoon43:


2 – US East

Taking active players at all levels.

An open, social and friendly community with lots of bacon! Beer is occasionally handed out. Level 10 guild and #8 spot on the server. Willing to help out new players and offer support when needed. Veterans are also warmly welcomed!

Guild towers:
Shop lvl 10
Skills lvl 9
Alter lvl 8
Vault lvl 7

Bacon is our line!