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In case the power of Google mystifies you, here are some helpful and commonly used guides for Wartune.


R2’s Game Guide Section:
Gameplay Essentials

Blackrabbit2999’s Blogspot (scroll to Wartune in this list):
W Games

Greenfireflygirl edit: Blackrabbit2999’s blog has been taken down, his new home is here:

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General Wartune Guides
Understanding Character Stats
Beginner Class Overview
Make More Gold
Level Up Faster
Pay to Win Guide Using Balen and VIP
FAQ For Beginner
Currency and Points

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Basic Wartune Features Guide
Bounty Quest
Academy and Research
Tree of Ancient and Farm
Astral Guide
World Boss
Forgotten Catacomb Crypt Crawling
Friend System

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Advanced Guides
Overall Strong Player
Earn Daros and Upgrade Troops
Damage and Defense Calculation
Double Skill Tree Guide

Wartune Calculator
Enhancement True Cost Calculator

Class Specific Guides
Knight Guide

PVP Guides
PvP Winner
Battle Ground and Honor

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Geek Guide to Lag
Wartune Tutorial
Nazgul’s Guide for Healing Mages!

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Class specific guide


not mine, all links belong to respective owners.

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Our originals: * "All About Mounts": * "Troop Calculator": * "Fullscreen Wartune": * "The Spire: A Quick Look": * "Clothes and Wings Costs": * "BR Added Per Attribute an In-Depth Analysis": * "Maximum Possible Block Stat": * "Equipment Stats at a Glance":
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Gameplay Issues Help:

How to file a support ticket

Trouble with R2 support?

Lag guide

Reporting Cheats

Game History

How to Make a Screenshot

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My New Wartune Wiki site, About 50% complete and Weekly post and updates on game changes and events.

Wartune Wiki

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Update Guides:

New Coming Soon Thread
2.1 part ii Update Guide Sylph Skills etc

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Guild Recruitment Thread sticky added here:

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please, check if the links are valid sometimes