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Reverse Damage Lvl1

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I am playing a lvl 30+ tanky Knight right now, and I use Reverse Damage on a regular basis. It deals 200dmg, like the text says, everything is fine.

My question is : how come I sometimes fight knights whose Reverse Damage deal 250dmg ? I couldn’t find any skill that could make things that way, and I don’t have a sufficient knowledge of existing potions to know if one could have such an effect. Anybody knows what can cause this ?

Thank you for your help !

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Depends on the where u fight and when u fight
if 1min past the damages increase %50 u should know that and i think when u spawn ur team to fight in camp. their damages are more or a buff can effect the damages ur armor reduced or the oppoments’ damage increased ?

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I think it’s a minor bug. I believe the AI does auto-QTE for any skills that have QTE, and gives the lv1 Reverse Damage a 25% QTE bonus when it’s not supposed to have one.

It’s only the AI that does this, right? In dungeon clone battles and duels.

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That’s possible too

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Ah yes, sounds like a very sensible explanation ! Thank you very much, that was so frustrating to lose Arena fights on details like that, and still feel like I could do it myself. Now I now I can’t.

The 1’ buff is not possible, since after one minute, the 200 Vs 250 situation becomes 300 Vs 375 ;)

Thank you very much for your help on this case guys !

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Well reverse damage is not recommanded for vl 30+ cause 200 damage isnt that much.(Sorry for bad english)