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Dear Kongforum and Gamemasters,

are u really sure it was a good idea to delete that post!? Ybri seriously gave kong and r2 MORE than many many others and had serious complains about this system, and you delete that post?

Well… thats poor!

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i agree it was – don’t want people to know i guess, what happens if your a casher and how your treated. No freedom of speech here!

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I didn’t touch it. :(

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Well, who did then!?

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What do you expect? He quit, stopped paying them… why they should care about him anymore if he is not able to make any new profit to them? :D

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saw him playing today…. so till now he didnt quit!

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You could always ask via ticket. I’m curious as well. Aside from the implication of selling, I didn’t see much wrong with the post.

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was either for the chunk about selling account or the screenshot of his purchases that got the thread deleted?

they should’ve just deleted that chunk of text/that 1 screenshot and left the rest of the giant thread here.

Anyway to bring it back?

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Not that I know of. FWIW, it was a pretty nice account of his achievements. :)

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Skipped it (
Nobody make backup? Such topics always get removed by mods.

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I know how you feel ybri. People in this game are selfish :)

Many of the so called guild leaders are incompetent idiots who really are clueless about running a guild. They think being a guild leader is simply logging in for guild tree and starting guild battle But it actually take so much more

I’ll miss you in game good luck in real life or whatever game you’re playing next

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He didn’t quit. Looks like he didn’t think 3000 dollars was enough lost money.

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Originally posted by Cregan:

He didn’t quit. Looks like he didn’t think 3000 dollars was enough lost money.

more like he’s already so heavily invested… why should he just quit completely? he could stop spending / play less. that’s all still his freedom too.

also, just because he (may) stop paying, doesn’t mean all the money he paid so far no longer means a thing. in fact, the company ought to give a good response to his (very public) complaints and reassure their playerbase (=customers) that they do care about our gaming experience.

nonetheless, a bad guild master shouldn’t be enough for a big casher to quit the server imo… join a new guild, set up a new guild, all viable options. while it amazes me that there are people willing to fork out large sums for the game, it’s just downright sad that cashers would quit after spending… the entire server loses out when a top player leaves.

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You people realise that spending this much money most likely means he addicted way beyong reason? What possible good can it be that someone spends three THOUSAND dollars into a game like this?

Before quitting his old guild, he was complaining about the game being bad and new players being able to catch up to him while spending less money. He was troubled that his life was not going the way he wanted and that he ‘lost’ a lot of money on this game.

I left at that point to sleep, but when I returned the next day he was still on the server, but left the guild to join the nr.1 guild. So much for the sob-story.

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Putting 3k on a digital character usually encourages people to keep on playing and not walk away from said investment :P

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Did you not read this post? Or do you even play this game?

Spending 3000 dollars just shows how imbalanced this game is to knights.

Ybrik spends 3k just so he could be on the same level as archers or mages. Maybe a self implied pressure to be the best but not certainly not an addiction

Even then he one of the few top level players who does not log in for every single event, hence the balen spend for compensation.

And rather then continually criticising the man, why dont you start worrying about how this game or even where this game is going because it really does look as if the game is heading towards the trash been for most veteran players as they go higher in level.

It unbelievable that people can be so ignorant when many top level players are quitting even after putting in an amount of work. Doesnt that action transpire a statement about the game itself?

Why would someone make rage story about quitting and how bad this game is then go back to the NR 1 guild a few days later?

That would be the ultimate sarcasm towards the game and its clueless people wouldnt it?? Once again ignorant people will be consumed by their own ignorance and focus on everything that does not really matter.

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Hello guys

1) Wow, didn’t know there was such a interesting feedback on the stuffs i posted a few days ago.

2) I tried to “ahem ahem” but no one was interested. I passed the account to a friend, took the day or two off and did some real-life activities. After a few days, i logged in again, and seeing the amount of double exp, double honor, crypt keys and the bunch of balen items i still have, i thought might as well use them all and see what’s the decision afterwards. ( appx 20-40days stockpiled ; and near end-game already anyway).

3) I’m eager for patch 1.5 as well, to see how well i would do for the divine altar and how well i would be able to pawn cross-server players.

4) But, I have just stopped balens-buying entirely , and if i’m too tired after work, i would just skip world boss/ pvp/ any other events entirely instead of sleeping 2-3 hrs, wake up, do event, go back 2-3 hours, event, nap-work.

5) Yea, the ex-guild tumbled, and i was guild-hopping in recent days and ended in S3: top 1 guild Phoenix.
From the guild hopping journey, i learnt quite a few new things that i myself could never have figured out alone.
a) To hit top 10 at wb, not only does a dollar-spending knight requires high patk + instant reviving (at least 17x)+ balen 200 and vouchers 200 buff: he will need to make some adjustments:
- i have angels 59 with alchemy 64 matk, but switching to knights 42 with alchemy 43patk does increase damage by 1-2k coins per fight.
- There are more than 1 way to hit the world boss at maximum efficient: i was previously doing “normal-slasher-normal-normal-slasher(DH)-normal-EDD”. In one of the guilds, i looked into their forum page and stumbled upon a unique combo hit for knights. After trying for 1 wb and going balens-buffed for the next, i was able to hit top 3 within the 1st few matches of wb3 last night. However, it required great timing and the simplest of lag can fumble a good combo. Either that or i just needed more practise. That been said, there are other variation of combos that people do use and whichever’s the better is unknown for me. I only know 2 of these and the latter works way better than my former as i’m able to use ultimate slasher, DH, and DD/EDD together.

- Many thx to ex-guild “Mr. S” for researching the cost-benefit effects of Potion buff on world boss.
- Tremendous thx to “Ms S” for teaching “how to hv near perfect smooth screen for the entire gb without lag, black screen/ forest-sightseeing”
- Great thx to ex-guild “Mr. S” for the url encodes for playing wartune in full screen mode. “i can see the 1/5 of the mines from the camp in bg”
- 2x more dmg thx to “Mr. U” for the “subarashii” combo moves for knights.
- Heaping thx to “Mr. K” for spending the hour figuring out how to breach Moonevil den mpd60-65 without archers. And no, u can’t win without an archer with d least of df2 and ss2. It’s not possible even at my dollar-spending stats.

Lastly, i’m still playing after the recent events of rage-makes( Ultimate Sarcasm lolz ) , except i’m playing it quite leisurely with quite a lot of miss-outs of daily stuffs. Just the mpd, solo dungeons at 110% vip bonus, 100% bonus exp scroll, and lvl 8 guild tree of 2.3x is enough to keep me leveling faster despite not being attentive to all “devotions” in game. The amount of dollars invested has kept me in quite an outliner leveling than the average casher and joining the top 1 guild just made all my competitions …… hardly a sweat. I figure about 20-40days of avg-sluggish play might not even make any difference anyway, since my leveling is 3-5 days per lvl in the 60s.

Ps: Some RL friends commented on my dollar spending habits on this game, and said :" Prep a hundred dollars, we’r going to get u laid". I was like o.O alcohol and “girls” are cheaper than a game, and tht just means im spending my dollars wrongly.

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Might want to delete the fact you lent your account out. :(

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= ____ =

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Take it easy, Ybri, and enjoy.
If you don’t sleep anymore it’s not fun anymore either.

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Yeah don’t sweat, enjoy the game and don’t force yourself.

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nice you back ybri :)

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Ybri’s story is simply the demonstration of how unfair is this game for us knights…
If we don’t cash, we suck, while a non casher can build a more than decent mage or archer pg.
If we cash, we still suck, in comparison of a same cash level archer or, worst, mage.
In WB we can reach top 3 only if big guys are not online (i made it once in Europe server).
In high level mpdung no one needs us, cause, for example, moonevil den is easily doable without knights.
I missed mpdung 3 days in the last 4, simply because i didn’t find a team; basically we knights have to beg people to take us with them in mpdung…
Archers have crit (or double crit), mages have cheap aoe (and that’s the biggest shame of this game, why mages aoe cost 16 rage and our costs 50?) and we have…mmm…a shiny armor and a big sword?

Said this, i’ll continue to play as a knight, put money in this (ok, maybe not 3000 XD), suck when i fight an OP mage or archer, cause i have fun with my guildies and i have fun when, finally (and eventually) i’m able to kick some archer\mage ass…
I only hope that one day, devs will wake up in the morning and realize how unbalanced this game is for an unlucky person who decided to start it as a knight…

However, Ybri, don’t give up, go on playing if you are happy when you do it, and remember that’s a game, not a duty or a job…and if you can afford to put money in, do it and don’t give a fuck of people saying that’s a waste…
It’s worse using them for cigarettes or alcohol, than in wartune.

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for more WB skill-rotations, join the Kong Discussion here . there’s a fair bit to look at there for everyone.

having tried an archer, i can understand how they do well in WB easily (i am landing 11-hit rotations with 90% success). yet, knights can do fairly well since they can start each round with 100 rage so delphic every turn. if you are not able to do that, something is wrong with your rotation or you need to learn how to double-hit better.

it is true that knights are kinda not needed in MPD since purify and scattershot are far more impt to defeat bosses. but being unable to find a party… that’s not the game’s fault; that’s your guild being mean. my guild’s mages and archers frequently do 6-12 MPDs a day just to help others. the high MPDs also aren’t as long as Void, so most are okay doing an extra 3 runs for guildies. if your guild doesn’t help you do MPD, perhaps u shd find a better guild.

as for the whole debate on mage aoe being cheap… do you know that mages can only gain rage from bolt?

let’s look at the rage gain skills:

bolt: +6 rage, +2 from passive
slasher: +5 rage, +10 from passive
arrow strike: +5 rage, +5 if crit (from passive)

knights definitely have the best rage gain here, no questions asked. bolt also has a longer cast delay… i can double-hit mages as both knight and archer (the main reason mages lose duels when it’s down to 1v1).

now the rage costs of 2nd skills:

rain: -16 rage, +4 per target
(3 targets: -4 rage, 2 targets: -8 rage, 1 target: -12 rage)
ult slash: -10 rage, +10 from passive, net: zero rage
multishot: -10 rage, +10 from passive, net: zero rage

while rain is great for dmg and aoe, the rage cost quickly rises with fewer targets. rain also has a 10sec cd, vs ult slash and multishot with 5sec cd. while it is awesome that they can hit the whole party fairly hard, rain also starts to suck once it’s 1v1. a mage pretty much has to somehow charge 50 rage to use thunderer when 1v1 otherwise they are doomed in most cases.

to compare aoe skills, knights have an expensive long-cd ww, but you can gain enough rage to use it on the 3rd turn (slash – auto – ww OR slash – seal – ww). in this respect, archers get it worse, since they need 2-3 turns of arrow strikes to gain rage for lunatic fire. nonetheless, ww has a long cd and burns thru 50 rage; lunatic has a shorter cd and can regain rage if it crits. if you compare rain here, then you would need to take into account that mages do not have a second rage-free spammable skill to use.

imo, you can’t complain about a mage’s aoe capability without remarking on their natural weakness (low pdef, low hp) and their difficult rage management. taken on the whole, i think the 3 classes are fairly well-balanced. once past lv45-50, knights become unkillable with high block and high hp. enhanced block procs every few hits, and agoran shield adds 6k+ hp for an incredibly cheap 30 rage (especially for knights’ rage gain). with enough PATK, knights also really hurt, lv5 slasher & ult slash being extremely rage-efficient; and knights are also the only class that can frequently reach delphic in pvp.

knights being weaker in early game (before lv45) is already well-known. but knights are NOT that far behind in WB, as i always say. with proper resource management, knights can have equally awesome astrals and guild skills without falling too far behind. if you want to do well in WB, it is crucial for you to build your dps skills and raise your atk — this is standard for all classes. you can’t expect to build pure tank and do well in WB.

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Are you saying knights (DPS) can compare to archers and/or mages at the world boss?