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GOOD Rotation for Archers on WB

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decided to start this thread as it was requested in the Knight’s WB thread. i am playing an archer now on Server 4 (Oceanic) so i might as well share what i have learnt so far.

AA: Auto Attack
+ 2 or 7 rage = 100% PATK

AS: Arrow Strike
+ 5 or 10 rage @ lvl 5 = 100% PATK + 205 (+20% crit)

MS: Multishot
+ 0 rage @ lvl 5 = 55 + 55 + 25% PATK + 150 (100% crit)

DS: Delphic Sniper
– 80 rage @ lvl 3 = 320 + 25% PATK + 505 (+20% crit)

1-2 rounds to build up 80 rage:
(spam as screen fades to black) MS / AA + AS / AA + MS / AA + AS / AA + MS / AA + AS
min rage (no crits): 30+0 / 2+5 / 2+0 / 2+5 / 2+0 / 2+5 = 30+25
max rage (all crits): 30+0 / 7+10 / 7+0 / 7+10 / 7+0 / 7+10 = 30+65
usually you will gain 35~45 rage per round.

Delphic round:
(spam as screen fades to black) MS / AA + AS / AA + MS / AA + AS / AA + MS / AA + DS
min rage (no crits): 30+0 / 2+5 / 2+0 / 2+5 / 2+0 / 2-80 = ’+20-80
max rage (all crits): 30+0 / 7+10 / 7+0 / 7+10 / 7+0 / 7-80 = +45-80
basically, if you are critting well, you will get a delphic round every other round.

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some quick comments:

MS is a LOT easier to double hit with than knight’s Ult Slasher. there seems a more comfortable window to double hit with it. still harder than AA+AS, which is similar to knight’s AA+Slasher.

DS is not easy to double hit with… but very possible. double hitting with it on the last hit is naturally very risky: if i miss, i have to delphic the next round… meaning i do less delphics overall. if you are not confident of double hitting with DS, it is safer to simply cast it alone.

as my archer is barely lv43 only, he can’t tank all 5 hits of WB; so i have to sacrifice my lv32 knight troops in front. as the troops die off, the rhythm of double hitting increases… i have to hit my skills earlier to double hit. in fact, i often end up spamming my DS right after the MS double hit — and the toon still fires off an AA before the DS.

archers also seem VERY predisposed to double hitting… sometimes when i mess up and start the round with AS or MS (instead of AA), the toon will still fire off an AA after my AS / MS. this is still not ideal as my rhythm (and the rest of the rotation) is thrown off, but still the penalty for missing a double hit is far more forgiving for an archer!

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how can you do AA in the first turn?
and can you use double hit during catacombs?

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no MS is first turn… spam as screen fades to black.

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Rotation depends on how long your troops last throughout the fight. The time it takes for your troops to attack can chance your lineup. This is why I don’t bother using chains in some areas, especially multiplayer. Too many things to mess up the timing and it’s Big Risk, Little Reward. Imagine missing an MS because you tried to squeeze in an extra AA.

That’s why I feel it’s a bit silly to compare rotations. Regardless, I’ll add mine.

My current rotation:
MS / AA / AA + MS / AA + MS / AA + MS / AA + MS
min rage gain: 10
max rage gain: 35
With less rage gain, you’ll delphic less.

The best thing to do, imo, is to experiment around and see what how far you can push it. When you reach another milestone (troops can take 2 hits, troops does more damage than you, etc), experiment some more. Use the gold you gain as a measure of how well you did. From there, you should get a decent rotation for yourself.

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aramaki, your rotation is impossible as MS has a 5sec cd.

nonetheless, every computer/connection has different latency, so you are right that everyone should experiment and get comfortable with their own machine’s timings/rhythm.

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That’s just my current rotation for world boss. Obviously, not meant for everyone.