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I am hitting 60 soon and wondering if some people 60+ can give me some input?

Do you stay with the pve 55 set or do you move to the 60 legend set? Which is stronger to 70?

60 stones not available on our server for events yet, however I could start to make the 60 set purple pieces.



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60 non-legendary set isn’t good enough to justify replacing your 55 pvp set unless you strictly do just pve. It will be awhile before anyone can get the full 60 legendary. The optimal way to get the stones is by using stockpiles of keys on the summoner which the level 60 dungeon doesn’t have.
So you’d have to do the level 65 dungeon nightmare. Here’s some of the mats for one piece of gear.

150x stones which can count for roughly 200+ skeleton keys
15x armor/weapon shards which is 12000 insignias

You can make the pieces if you want, no harm in that but don’t expect it to be turned into legendary for a long time.

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k thanks

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they really really crush you on trying to make the pve set.

300 crystaloids for 1 piece? lol…

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60 pve set is better than the 55 even non legend really, just dont expect to be able to make it for a while yet :/

you will notice the highesr stats and the bonus damage more than the def ignore easily+the rage gain makes more big attacks possible faster, which is helpful for any dungeon, and wb etc…it will be slightly worse for the initial 2 turns in ga however, but after that you are on a net gain