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[Announcement] 1.5X Patch Preview - Clothing

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The Wartune 1.5 Friday Herald: Clothing

Here at R2Games, as we start the process of converting over 1.5 for Wartune, we’ll be releasing little hints and previews of what’s to come on Fridays. However, if you haven’t seen the 1.5 teaser up on our main site, be sure to check it out. You can find it by clicking here. This week we’ll be looking at a new addition to Wartune: Clothing


Clothing will be a unique addition to Wartune. Not only will it boost your attributes, but it will also provide your character with a distinctive new look. Standard clothing is purchasable in the Shop, along with additional items to assist with clothing crafting.

Clothing will be accessed by clicking on “Clothing” in the Character panel. Here players will see all available clothing slots as well as two options for crafting: Clothing Synthesis will be used for leveling up clothing, while Clothing Conversion will be used to swap levels between clothing of the same type. Clicking on either of these options will open up the Tailoring panel. While both of these methods of crafting will just use Gold, players can purchase items from the Cash shop to assist with crafting.

When players perform Clothing Synthesis, they will have an off chance of receiving a rare look. To synthesize clothing, you must first select two pieces of clothing you wish to synthesize. Success rates depend on the level of the clothing and whether or not Good Luck Charms are used. Synthesizing (or failing to synthesize) two pieces of clothing will yield back one piece of clothing with a random, possibly rare, look. A Fashion Core may be used in place of a piece of level 1 clothing. As such, as you level up your clothing, its look will change multiple times. However, you may find that you like your clothing’s look and don’t want to change it anymore, but still want its levels to go up. That brings us to Clothing Conversion!

Clothing Conversion costs Gold and is used to interchange clothing levels. You may only interchange the levels between clothing of the same type. No clothing items are lost during conversion. This means if you like the style of a particular set of clothing, and want to continue to level it, you just first need to buy a new Standard set of its type. Swap out the levels between the two, and now level up the Standard set. When done leveling, swap those levels back! More levels, same appearance!

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Ah man, so all the non fugly ones are gonna be % chance on craft? :(

why didn’t i see that one coming :P

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So your starter clothes plus “assisting items” cost Balens?