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It’s kind of suggestion, but the suggestion thread is imo too much spammed and it this thread could be lost and/or hard to trace. It’s also probably been posted already, but I can’t find any way to search this forum and I’m too lazy to read over 130 posts :P

As I noticed, current br is very confusing.
For example, Knight with all astrals like block, pdef, mdef, hp, patt can have 30k br, but archer with astrals like patt, pdef, dodge, dmg reduce, crit can have 25k hp and be still better than knight becouse the dmg reduce and dodge are % not being added to current br.
Perhaps, instead of adding astrals’ stats… add the astral exp, or count it based on astral type (green, purple etc) and lvl ?
I know the br is most probably counting stats (which astrals give to), but maybe it’s time to change the algo ?

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A 30k BR knight with an HP astral is a knight who has to go playing Farmville…

Everyone in the game has, more or less, the same astrals, so BR is not affected from them.
Only difference could be between mages and knight\archers, but between archers and knights there’s no difference: a good knight have block and WD, an archer determination and sniper’s edge; a mage, who doesn’t use crit or block increasing astrals, has a free slot he can use for some % astrals, but it’s a minimal difference

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Why would you need to change it though? it is mostly just a rough estimate of your power relative to someone elses, and it only counts stats, so it can be a bit misleading, true…but it also does not affect anything at all other than the start of server events and the hall of fame event anyhow does it?

For those few select events you can just change your astrals for stat adding ones anyway…

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from Wikia: Statistics

Your battle rating is determined by adding all of your battle stats (PATK, PDEF, MATK, MDEF, Crit, Block, HP, Troop Count) together, but with Magical Attack multiplied by 1.05 (and rounded down), and HP divided by 5 (and rounded down). This value is shown to other players, and is intended to give a rough idea of how powerful you are.
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There’s even an article on how to manually calculate the BR of an item! :o

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so essentially the OP’s point is that EWD, goddess blessing, etc should give br. Which is a fair point in my opinion.

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Sounds complicated and still would only give you a rough estimate of your power relative to others. For example, mdef is useless when fighting knights or archers, yet it is included in BR; the bonuses from armor sets are also not included in BR. Sounds like it would be complicated to implement and is really unnecessary.

It does what it is supposed to do and attributing some kind of BR value to percentage based astrals would not really fix the system. BR only really matters if you care about ranking in the top 100. And that’s an empty distinction because there are no rewards and everyone knows BR is not an absolute ranking.