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Interface bug with upgrades

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I’m not entirely sure how I did this, but I appear to have attempted to purchase an upgrade at the upgrade station, and have simultaneously managed to lose about 2600 steel, and made the interface no longer work.

I had over 5000 steel, and was clicking around on the various upgrades, trying to determine if there was a discount for buying multiple levels of upgrade at a time rather than buying them one by one. I had the level 1 beamer upgrade and tried to buy the level 3 upgrade. What seems to have happened is that I lost 2600 steel, received nothing for it, and now the upgrades interface no longer works. Even if I leave the platform and come back I can’t buy any upgrades.

…and after trying that, I’ve lost another couple thousand steel and have only 300 left even though I didn’t even try to buy anything.

This is a MAJOR problem.

I’m going to refresh and hope for the best, but having just lost ~5000 steel and mucked up the interface is hugely discourging.

Ok, after the refresh…I have 5200 steel again. So I’m pleased that I didn’t just lose an hour or two worth of gameplay, but something is very wrong here.

EDIT again:
Ok, after playing with it a bit…it seems like in some cases when you click on an upgrade it immediately deducts the cost from your resources even if you don’t click “buy upgrade.”

Steps to reproduce

1) Land at upgrade facility
2) Click on an upgrade that you have enough money to buy two of
3) Click on the first level of upgrade you can afford to buy, but don’t buy it. Instead, click on the next level of upgrade instead.

Result: your money is visibly deducted and the interface breaks.

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Hi LordBucket!

We have a fix for this issue and it will be out today with other fixes also.

Thanks for reporting the issue!