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  • The “S” shortcut key to bring up the player overview doesn’t work.

Suggestion: Make it work. The key is listed on the mouseover. It should do something.

  • Some keyboard shortcuts that bring up screens can be used to make those screens go away. This is good. Some…don’t, for some reason. For example, press C twice and you’;ll bring up your cargo and make it go away. Press Z twice and you’ll have your artifact screen and it won’t go away.

Suggestion: Fix this. Make all shortcuts that bring up a window work to both bring up and close their window.

  • The tips that display during the warp screen routinely don’t finish b… e… c… a… u… s… e… t… h… e… y… c… o… m… e… o… u… t… l… i… k… e… t… h… i… s… and it doesn’t take that long to wrp.

Suggestion: get rid of the letter by letter routine. Put up the tip and let us read it.

  • The artifact screen wastes an awful lot of space. We don’t really need to see that much empty space and huge meaningless graphics.


1) Either shrink or remove the artifact graphics, and make display artifacts in a horizontal list. You can keep the graphics if you want…that’s fine…but at least shrink them and show us 10-20 at a time rather than 4 at a time.

2) Also, either sort them with active artifacts on top, or list actives in that empty spot in the lower left. We shouldn’t need to screen down to find our active artifacts.

  • Recycling appears to round down and a lot of the non-metal resources seem to need quite a few items to create anything. Consequently it’s possible to turn something in half a dozen times and never get anything for it. And people do want to recycle often, because of pvp.

Suggestion: Track decimal quantities of goods from recycling.

  • The cold/heat/radiation/etc qualifiers are not very intuitive. In fact, lots of what’s going on with planets is not very clear.

Suggestion: Add help mouseovers.

  • The increasing costs for upgrades are troublesome. There are a couple issues here. First it doesn’t make sense. Why would upgrading my weapon cause the price of increasing my Second, it’s possible for players to horribly cripple themselves if they buy upgrades for weapons that are worthless later on (there are a few) they now have to pay double or triple if they start over with a new weapon. Players should not be permanently punished simply for exploring the game mechanics and experimenting with various weapons.

Suggestion: Fix prices. Nobody likes chasing carrots. A level 1 upgrade should always cost the same amount. A level 1 upgrade should NOT suddenly cost more because I have a level 5 in something else entirely.

  • Bosses routinely drop “new” weapons that players already have.

Suggestion: Either make duplicates cause weapons to be upgraded one level, or if a player already has the weapon (very likely since a lot of us bought one of each to try them out to see what we like) then substitute a random artifact.

  • It’s a terrible nuisance to be a pirate for a number of reasons. Not least of which is the harsh pvp level restrictions that routinely mean your choices are to either forget pvp and do pve in a zone with people who are too high level to be attacked, or go to zones above you where people might be 3-5 levels above you. It’s annoying when a “no pvp over level 9” zone is populated exclusively by players above level 9 who therefore can’t be attacked. The point of the system is to prevent high level players from farming low level players who can’t fight back. Not to make anyone and everyone able to forever avoid pvp just by outleveling the area they play in.

Additionally, it’s actually very difficult to upgrade your ship as a pirate, because: 1) your only safe zone is generally a good minute or two flight away from the only place to trade in minerals, and there’s usually a number of police players waiting around to kill pirates. Pve players routinely clear their cargo so we can’t take it, whereas pirate players have a very difficult time recycling what little material we do get, because after a battle we’re typically damaged and then have to choose whether to spend a minute or two running back to the pirate platform to heal, hanging out trying to seal repair, or making a run to the recycle platform amidst police players while already damaged. We rarely get to keep what we steal. 2) The reward system in the game heavily favors pve over pvp. All random missions are pve only, and planet exploration is a huge chunk of resource income. If you’re not doing pve, you’re crippling yourself in terms inf income. Loot stealing just does not generate a lot of income.

Consequently, between 1 and 2 together a pirate player has a huge disadvantage. If you check the high scores right now, I have the highest number of player kills of anyone in the game. I leveled from 5 to 9 mostly doing pvp. And comparing my ship to pve players, I’ve spoken to some pve-only players who have nearly double as many ship upgrades as me simply because there’s so much more money in pve. By playing as a pirate, I’ve basically crippled myself and the only way to resume being a pirate is to now spend the next several hours grinding pve in order to get my ship strong enough to compete in pvp against exclusively pve players. This is totally backwards.


1) Add a warp gate and recycling facility to the pirate platform.

2) Give zero xp and reduced loot for npc kills by players who are too high level to engage in pvp in a sector. This will encourage players to move on to level appropriate zones rather than stay forever where it’s safe.

3) Add pirate missions for pirates.

  • It’s really hard to identify valid pvp targets.


1) Make players that are too high level for pvp show in a different color from valid targets.
2) Shrink the useless empty space in the player list. It’s obnoxious to look at the map…get a name…close the map…bring up the player list…scroll through it. Make more effective use of that space. We don’t need massive fonts and 50% empty space on the screen as much as we need useful information.

  • There are a LOT of missing mouseovers in the game. For example, click player overview —> upgrades. The mouseovers here don’t work like they do at the upgrade station. Or player overview, then click on a weapon slot to replace it. You now have a bunch of images of weapons to choose between, but no text at all saying what any of them are.

Suggestion: Go through the various player screens and add mouseovers where appropriate.

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+1 for the tutorial on planet conditions, they were hard to learn without any guide.

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I’ve tested this a bunch now: Hardened shields don’t work in pvp. I assume that’s a bug.

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[quote] The tips that display during the warp screen routinely don’t finish b… e… c… a… u… s… e… t… h… e… y… c… o… m… e… o… u… t… l… i… k… e… t… h… i… s… and it doesn’t take that long to wrp.

Suggestion: get rid of the letter by letter routine. Put up the tip and let us read it.[/quote]

Got the same problem. Its the blur effect.

@ Game developers: get rid of the very computing intensive Blur effect…. who cares about a blur effect on text? But if you need it, rework the code.

The blur effect of your texts requires more computing than many whole flash games with more complex graphics than your game.

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Knew a suggestions thread was going to pop up soon.
It’s a great game so far, only up to exploring the planets in Durium.

I have a few suggestions, some short term changes, others long term ideas that you may already be planning.

  • Frictionless Space
    • Reverse Thrusters
      Frictionless space would allow us to maneuver the ship while still moving, allowing us to have better aim with our weapons and develop new tactics. As an addition, maybe to a higher level Thruster upgrade, have thrusters designed to give force in the direction the ship is pointing to allow more control of acceleration. (Maybe as “S/Down Arrow”?)
  • Ability to aim weapons with mouse independent of ship rotation
    This is a possible alternative to the previous suggestion, but it breaks some weapons. The Beamer becomes a “insta-death” radius weapon if you’re strong enough and missiles get much better aim/tracking since they don’t have to make major course adjustments.
  • Boss notifications
    Just a simple chat message that a boss has spawned in the zone. Maybe make them unique to each boss, depending on their weapons/tactics.
  • Larger Chat
    It seems that chat has a tendency to just have a single line of text shown unless there are several messages in quick succession. Maybe have an option to have chat be adjustable, from 0/1 (like it is now) to ~7 lines always shown.

Long term ideas

  • Permanent group system
    Something like a guild/clan/whatever system where people can join and that says together as long as the group has some member registered. Other games have similar things and implement them in such a way that you can usually have PvP with enemy groups even if PvP is normally disallowed.
    • Multitask base
      One idea is to have the player groups be, say, 4 groups in separate corners of a zone and have permanent bases there that allows Recycling, Warp, unique weapons/items…
    • Unused Planet Zones
      It seems like the planets have around 50% of the shown zones used. I was thinking that unless you unlock them at a higher level, you could have them tied to the group system mentioned above. Aside from leaving the explore zones to be used as is, one possibility is allowing members to send crewmates there for extended periods who then provide continuous but low amounts of resources. This could also tie into the PvP system, with enemy groups sending their crewmates down as well, and having the better crewmates win.
  • PvP balancing
    • Having hard level caps for PvP in zones is a bit quirky. Higher level guys can just ignore the Pirates (not complaining here) which cause the pirates to, if they’re using it as their main source of resources, farm a long time per zone or get forced into doing PvE.
      • One possibility I’ve seen in a few games is to have PvP restricted to a range of levels. For example, if I’m level 10 and the range is 3 levels above and below me, I could PvP with people from level 13 to level 7. Of course, having the tutorial zone restrict PvP to all (except maybe in the “Elite zone”) would make sure the new guys don’t get discouraged too fast.
      • Preventing those too high for PvP in a zone from gaining anything is too strict. It’s easy to gain past the zone’s PvP boundary if you farm a bit. Already the increase in Exp to next level as well as the increased cost of upgrades reduces the incentive to stay any longer than absolutely required; once the planets you can reach have been explored, there isn’t much reason to go back to a zone until you can do the Elite zone planets or a mission needs it.
    • More Warp Zones/Recyclers/etc.
      • Player Groups could, if implemented in a way similar to what I described, offer alternatives to adding Pirate versions of everything. From some other games, it looks like after doing some of the PvE stuff solo, people join groups to do PvP. This allows players to have some safety in PvP, helps to prevent attacking friends, and allows them to not be farmed from the game.
    • Incentives to be Pirates
      So far, I haven’t seen any major reason to be a pirate other than Griefing and the few missions. As LordBucket mentioned, Pirates don’t get a steady stream of resources. While this is probably due to the low population of the game so far, it does pose some questions for when more people join.
      • PvP & PvE specified weapons/upgrades could help shift the feelings for it. Having the shops unlock new weapons that are more effective against NPCs or Players depending on the number of kills of NPCs/Players would help people gain more kills and have a better reason to Pirate than missions or griefing.
        • One idea is to have NPCs based on Shielding and players based on Health/Hull. Anti-NPC weapons would do better than normal damage to shields in turn for worse than normal damage to hulls; the opposite would apply to Anti-Player weapons.

That’s all for now, baring any edits for formatting/new posts/etc…

Edit: Turns out PvP becomes a free for all in the next group of zones…
Edit: Well, hey. This game started in 2010… Well, that answers a few questions…

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The pricing system is alright—-it forces you to make a choice of weapons, or armor or shields…etc.
However, upgrading weapons that are outclassed by later weapons is WAY too punishing.

I bought a few upgrades early on without realizing that they would eventually cost me thousands of steel.
It would be nice if the game at least warned new players that upgrades would increase the cost of other upgrades.

Or at least make it that weapon upgrades don’t add as much to the counter as universal upgrades like energy and shield.

As for PVP, the lvl boundary is really too strict, but I suppose it is a necessary evil.
However, I would suggest lowering the cap by 1 or two lvls, and make up for it by rewarding ‘Police’ more for taking out(reverse griefing) griefers. (IE bonus prizes for ending pirate kill chains.)

Also, the bottom map is a little small, it’s only slightly bigger than the screen.

And you really need more bonuses for taking PVP paths(other than the insanely hard to reach weapons)

Great game.

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1. Upgrades. Dear lord, that is a counterintuitive and painful way of doing things.

2. Remappable controls. Not everyone has the same preference and/or ability (eg: using WASD on some types of laptop is impossible as the keys are not aligned vertically.)

3. Full screen ability would be great.

4. The ability to fire existing crew and replace them when a new guy shows up would be nice.

5. Is the recycler rounding down numbers? Either that needs fixing so it can handle fractions, or you need to be able to choose not to recycle a given material.

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My biggest gripe is with the upgrade price system as well. There’s no use hiding it behind nice words: it’s horrid. It’s an abomination. It ruins what is a pretty nice game in almost every other aspect. Having one upgrade influence all other upgrades’ prices punishes experimenting with different weapons/setups and forces you into specific builds early, which is silly and boring. Resetting only treats the symptom. Make later levels more expensive, have different costs for different upgrades, but don’t screw over players who want to experiment.

The other thing i found a little strange was being offered crewmembers several times and being told each time that they were hired by other players already. If they aren’t actually available, don’t offer them to me.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. As you might know we can’t do everything at once.

Right know we are adding more alternatives to spend Flux.
- Cargo protection
- XP protection
- Weapons that can be bought by Flux or resources

After that we will fix the artifacts layout, see forum link:

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Ohh.. and don’t forget we are constantly fixing issues and bugs in the game. Which is currently our main priority.

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Once again thank you for your suggestions and ideas. We do love active users. It makes it more fun to work with the game. Many of the things mentioned would make the Astroflux universe more exicting.

There are some obvious bugs mentioned. We will fix them as soon as we can, most of them probably in the next update.

  • Upgrade system

We are aware that with the current system it is difficult to change weapon path and you feel somewhat locked in. That is of course not good and we will add the possibility to reset one row (as suggested here in Kong).

The increase in cost seem to irritate some users. It is understandable but also makes the game interesting. The different choices users make give a more dynamic PvP and PvE experience.

  • PvP as Pirate

It is true, life as a pirate is not easy. We haven’t had many hardcore pirate users so your feedback is very welcome. As mentioned it is hard to keep the same pace as PvE players. Perhaps it will be a little better with more pirate bays and users in the larger systems.

One thing on our wish list is to use the pirate stats (rep and kills) to allow unlocking of new stuff in the pirate bay. That could for instance be resource packages.

Next release will include protection for xp and cargo. It might make pirate life even more difficult but on the other hand also easier, depending on who has the protection. We will watch how it plays out. Feedback is appreciated.

All in all there is more to do with pirate, police.

  • Clans

Yeah love it. Just lack time. Really like the idea to put crew members on unused planet zones.

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A really bad one….
It’s impossible to thrust, turn and shoot simultaneously. Which turns fighting into a kind of awkward jousting match (especially if you’re using a weapon where have to hold the trigger down to use it). And occasionally gives spurious control input – in other words turning when you didn’t expect it, or not turning when you did.

The main problem here is that this is likely outside your direct control as many keyboards have set limits on how many keystrokes can be registered at the same time, but it would be in your interests to find a way to mitigate this. Somehow….

Great progress so far though!

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Yes the keylock issue is a killer. Many users probably think the game is buggy because of it. The problem is that we haven’t been able to come up with a good alternative keymapping. The most intuitive keys are arrows + space but as you noticed that is also a combination that don’t work on some keyboards.

We have made it possible to steer with AWD but that more or less leaves the right hand useless. AWD + mouse works ok but requires adjustments in settings menu. Suggestions for alternative keymapping that new users quickly can pickup are welcome.

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Originally posted by FulafiskenAB:
life as a pirate is not easy. We haven’t had many hardcore pirate users

I’m not really surprised. “Hardcore” pirating doesn’t really seem to be a viable option. At level 5-8 I was routinely able to get 10+ killstreaks. Now at level 13 I’m struggling to even maintain one kill per time killed. Again, look at the leaderboard. I’m the most experienced pvp player in the entire game right now as measured by kills, but there’s just no way for me to compete anymore. PvE players even a couple levels below me routinely kill me in under two seconds now because they mssively outgear me. Like I said before, I’ve compared numbers with people and pretty much everyone has better gear, better stats, more upgrades than I do. The only way to get anywhere in this game is to do PvE, and doing PvP is more of a drain on time and resources than useful.

Next release will include protection for xp and cargo.


It’s already starting to seem pointlessly counterproductive to be a pirate.

And yet at the same time…I’m nto eve sure it would affect me because I so rarely get to keep stolen cargo anyway. The effect this will have won’t be “keeping resources from being taken from blue players by red players” but rather, “keeping resources from being transferred from blue players to the blue players who kill red players.”

Perhaps it will be a little better with more pirate bays and users in the larger systems.

Possibly…but to even get there I would need to sit down and do nothing but pve for a long while to make up for all the empty levels I earned killing people. Where I am now, I’m no longer leveling from doing pvp. I leveled from 5 to 9 doing mostly pvp, but now I can’t kill enough to keep pace with xp losses from being killed. The only way to get to be competetive in these larger (higher level) systems you’re talking about is going to be to do a lot of npc grinding. Hours of farming bosses to get all the fancy artifacts that pve players have.

Honestly…I don’t want to do that. Maybe this isn’t the game for me. The balance is really looking like pvp is a counterproductive thing to do. In the long run its hurts a player to be a pirate. There’s no incentive, and it cripples a player to do it. If you want police players to have someone to fight…you’re going to need to find a way to make piracy not completely suicidal. And right now, having chosen to be a pirate is seeming a lot like having chosen to invest a lot of steel into a bad weapon that causes everything else to cost more. The balance here is just wrong. And you’re seeing it, like you said:

life as a pirate is not easy. We haven’t had many hardcore pirate users

I’m not asking it to be “easy.” I think we’d all rather there be fewer pirates than police players. But there are some issues here that have turned this from a game I was playing 3-4 hours at a time to a game that lately I’ve been logging on, dying hopelessly and giving up after 10 minutes because players multiple levels below me and with less than 10% of my kills can effortlessly chew me to pieces using weapons that do 3-4 times as much damage as mine.

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A suggestion RE: Keylock.
Bind <fire> to ctrl as an alternate. See if that helps any. (I couldn’t get it to lock with any combination of ctrl + arrows. YMMV though.)

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Just spoke to a level 10 player with a 6000 dps plasma gun. I’m level 13 and my beamer does ~1000. So…went to reset my upgrades and discovered that flux costs increase with level, and it will cost 975 flux to not suck anymore. I have 315.

My character is hopelessly crippled because I tried to play as a pvp pirate and didn’t “guess right” on weapons choice. There’s no way to continue playing without either paying money or spending the next week grinding npcs to upgrade a different weapon.

I’m done. Good luck, guys. It was fun for a couple days, but the game is broken.

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I think I have an idea how to make player vs player a lot better. First make respawn instant, not after 10 seconds. This will increase the excitement and rate of exchange. A faster pace would make this pretty intense and interesting

Second get rid of cargo loss for pvp kills, INSTEAD have ever player ship destroyed drop items accord to level, exactly the same as when we kill npc’s. Meaning when you blow up my level 14 ship, I drop a bunch of things and maybe artifacts, but none of it comes from my stuff. This would GREATLY increase the interest in player vs. player and would go a long way in overcoming the very expensive upgrade system.

Let me know what you think.

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Also, let us sell/recycle the extra weapons we occasionally pick up, pretty please!

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the game gets old by the end of the second warp jump. It needs a more immersive leveling system. See S.P.A.Z. for a great 2d space shooter leveling system.

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@SadCookieCat, ctrl is troublesome to use since it has unwanted behaviour. For eample ctrl + w close the browser tab in windows.

@LordBucket, Hope you will come back to the game later and perhaps things have changed more to your liking. Thank you for your feedback it is valuable.

@pondjumper, now when there are more players in the game will monitor how pvp evolves. We will probably not change respawn time cause getting killed should result in some kind of penalty.

@xandramas, see reply in comment section.

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Alt would do the same then….

How about shift? That would still work and shouldn’t have any shortcuts associated with it (what with capital letters, punctuation, symbols and all).

About these upgrades as well. I’ve got to lv.12 and had picked the beam gun as my primary and so have that leveled up.
Now it’s pretty obvious to me that I’ve probably not guessed right with that choice because there’s folk with lv.8-9 with better weapons, so naturally I thought giving those same weapons a go would be a good idea.
But this upgrade system prevents you from doing that.

Other suggestions….

Weapons can be collected from crates, but they are often duplicates and therefore useless.
How about picking up weapons you already have giving some progress to/lowering the cost of upgrading that weapon.

When you have a full crew roster it is fairly pointless having new guys show up and ask to join, as they very likely will have significantly worse stats than the crew you already have.

Transport missions ask you to take stuff from x to y, but neglect to give any hint as to what system x and y are in.

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I recognize that there is a reason to the upgrade system (yes it’s another one of those posts) and that it’s designed to stop someone from farming for a couple hours and then completely upgrade three or so lines.

I may have missed a post where it was suggested or that a change is being implemented, but it would be nice if either there was a way to pull off one upgrade at a time, increasing in flux each time you use it up to a cap (for starters I’d say start at 20 flux, adding 10 up til 50 for an individual)
You could simply downgrade an entire line costing more for more upgrades (Taking off one upgrade would be say, 30, 45, 60, 80, 100, 125).

Could still keep the massive 975 complete button, but adding stuff to tweak instead of completely revamp would make me much more inclined to buy flux or just keep playing to possibly eventually earn it for one of the cheaper options.

Edit: By the way, the price curve feels like it steepens rather quickly for everything else, the progression on one line seems alright.

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@pondjumper, now when there are more players in the game will monitor how pvp evolves. We will probably not change respawn time cause getting killed should result in some kind of penalty.

why, why should there be a penalty. You want people to have a great time and to come back. Who wants a penalty? Let there be only reward and people will do it. Look at bz flag, there is no penalty. Or make it like this; over time pirates or police gain extra bonus as a team if they are doing well and all benifit (maybe extra materials or something) and the losing side suffers. That would give lots of motivation. My point is that the system could use some imagination or creativity. Think outside the box! Anyways, great game and I really have had some fun playing it! I’m sure you will think of something.

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Better radar is needed, where:
1. hostile and friendly players can be seen
2. with player as an arrow (not a dot)

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Bind fire to <shift>?
Or even better: Customisable control configs.
Me love you long time….

The galaxy map would be much nicer if each system had a little list of all the planets in said system, like when you leave your crew behind and have thier names tagged onto the system marker.
It would make finding some place I’ve never heard of or cared to remember far less irritating.