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Server Lag?

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Lately, when I’ve been shooting things, sometimes my shots don’t register when they connect with the enemy. Also, sometimes I don’t pick up junk in the area, but 3-5 seconds later when I go near it, I suddenly have super long range on it. Is this a server issue? I wasn’t having this problem last night, and it makes the game near unplayable.

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happening to me too… last night i could play fine but now the lag is crazy

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same with me

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for me too – i’m even teleporting quite often – fun to see ;)

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Yeah, jumping from 45 fps to 3 is pretty unusual

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Going to add my acknowledgement. Getting really bad lag and failing to connect a lot of the time.

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This is getting ridiculous. I’ve had 3 complete freezes of the game for upwards of 60 or 90 seconds. Been enjoying the game but I can’t play in these conditions.

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Everyone just disconnected, servers couldn’t handle anymore? lol

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Lag is is much too harsh…

even opening a browser is enough to lag and disconnect you on the 1st spike.

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Hopefully the most sever lag has now disappeared now. Let us know if the lag continues, but please tell us when and how it happens.

Something like this:

System: Arrenius
When: After I joined the game

System: Kritillian
When: When I fired Electro Gun



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I’m not having any lag issues while playing the game anymore.
But loading a new system seems to take a long time now, and sometimes it doesn’t load at all – just sat there watching the logo spin.

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Perhaps they are caching more of the images/sounds now and there are some bugs to work out. I’ve noticed that too.

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massive lag when looking at a planet that is being serveyed by one or more crewmembers.
This happens on any planet in any system including the elite systems.
visiting a planet that has no crew on it lets the screen go rather quickly and the button clicks happen fast along with the screen changes. Once I assign a crewmember to explore an area then it takes forever to select the next area assign a crew member and start the mission. If I have 3 or more surveys going the browser nearly locks up.

message box asking if I left or not
I click ok and nothing happens I then need to refresh the page which is annoying especially after I have removed all the ads and extra tracking junk from the dom that kong loads.

the tips while loading happens
make them plain text I load the area too fast for it to print.

lag in the recycling center
this lags possibly the same reason the planets screen lags.

missiles dont pick the closest target
they will pick one target regardless if something else gets closer. This causes them to spin uselessly in circles even when they pass through another enemy. Also once they destroy the enemy they were locked on to they then do not target the next one.

the upgrade system needs some way to downgrade a gun so you can experiment with new weapons you find (yes this would be a bug it makes experimentation grind to a halt after little time)
I do like the sliding upgrade system but either leave the guns out of the sliding scale or make it so you can downgrade the guns to upgrade a different one. sliding scale for the ship is fine since those stats are permanent and don’t change. …. The current good strategy is upgrade the ship then upgrade a weapon or two.

I am running the latest version of chrome on a windows 7 64 bit system with a cpu and gfx card that should have no issue with this game.

other suggestions and comments

tried pirating but doesn’t do much at all to help you progress in the game. Possibly make it more rewarding when you get a kill.

the flip side of that is its really annoying to loose all your cargo (which is not enough for the pirate to do anything with anyway) so make all pked ships give out decent drops rather than just the few hundred scrap metal you have in the cargo hold. I am thinking actually refined items or possibly some of the artifacts they had. This has the opposite affect where it gets too much of a turn off and goes from simply being challenging to people rage quitting when they loose the gatling gun they found. (you could have the pked ship simply drop duplicate items so the pked player dosnt actually loose things important to them).

You could add a stat in called “salvage” and when you destroy a boss or player you can use some of your crew to salvage stuff from the downed craft and in this case you need to protect the area they are working in for a few seconds but could lead to better rewards rather than just the standard drops.

unknown weapon stats
I dont know what the dps is and how the artifacts upgrade the dps so i tend to use only sheilds armor and health

world exploring
a note announcing when a crew member is done with a zone would be awesome. It doesnt need to say pass or failed but it should simply alert they are ready to be picked up. If it is a fail you could give them a message to explore again. Possibly a keep going till explored switch so we dont have to keep deploying on a failure.

please keep it just the way it is. Do not under any circumstances allow the buying of game breaking things like super armor or shields allowing pvp to become a royal pain. Current game flow is pretty goodat least on level 1-10 so it currently gets 5 stars. If it turns into an unending grind quest I will remove the stars as I hate feeling like im grinding especially when there is a box saying buy this to relieve the monotony. I do like the fact you get a trickle of flux allowing you to get perks now and again.

over all
good solid game even though it still feels like beta due to the slowness and lag keep it up its the only mmo I have liked on kong so far.

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More issues….

Keypresses are sometimes taking more than a second to register, which makes the game pretty much unplayable. :(
And I constantly keep getting a popup jumping out onto my display telling me I can only activate 5 artifacts at once. Annoying.