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Hello and welcome to my lil guide to Astroflux. I’ve never done this before so please excuse the mess ahead. Hope it helps.

Instructions to play..

Movement → Arrows, or WAD (there is no brake or reverse)

Shoot → Space (can also use left mouse click if changed in options)

Weapons → 1-5 key to toggle between equipped weapons. You can have more then five total weapons, but only 5 equipped at one time,

Map → M (red skull on map is boss, red names on map are hostile pvp’ers, green names on map are fellow squad/group members.)

Ship overview → ESC, X (this is where you can view crew members, change equipped weapons, see reputation, player kills, and enamy kills. )

Cargo → C (Refined materials appear at the top, thees are used as currency to purchase new weapons, upgrades, or warp permits. Unrefined scrap appear at the bottom of the list, these materials can and will be dropped upon your death, free for other players to gather.)

Missions → I

Player list → P

Flux Shop → V

Artifacts → Z

Hostile mode → B (while in a designated safe zone)



Some more info…

Crew members:

Crew members appear for hire when you land on planets or stations. The stats of the crew members (combat/red, survival/green, diplomacy/blue) reflect how well that crew member will do when exploring different areas of a planet.

A crew member with 100 in diplomacy, will fail in exploration which calls for 100 in combat. However, even upon failure, crew members will gain + to stats and a chance to learn certin skills. You can train crew in all areas of their expertise, but personally, i had 2 for combat, 2 for survival, and one for diplomacy.

Crew won’t die, despite their nature to suicide. :3 If a crew member is injured, they simply need a time out of about 30 mins before they can explore another area.

Using crew to explore may take some time, but offers good rewards (steel, artifacts, and materials).When a planet is 100% explored, you will receive a bonus reward of flux. :D


The first four zones of the Antor system (Hyperion, Kapello, Durian, Arrenius) work different pvp wise. Hyperion having NO pvp availability. Kapello haveing a lvl cap of 7 for pvp (meaning you must be lvl 7 or below to engage other players). Durian has a lvl cap of 9. Arrenius 15.

Below the antor system there is the Gellan system. (Kritillian, Zerglin, Hozar, Mitrilion, Vibrilian, more to come) These sectors have free pvp, no lvl cap.

To PvP, one of two things must happen…
Either you enable hostile mode (B) while in a designated safe zone (warp gate/recycle station/upgrade station/weapon factory) Or atk others who have hostile mode enabled.

When you change into hostile mode:
~Your name appears red on map and player list.
~You must remain hostile for a minimum of 180 seconds. The time it takes to turn off hostility increases when you kill other players.
~Normal safe zones no longer heal you. (including the one you currently occupy)
~A Pirate bay safe zone appears on your map. (this is where you spawn/heal)
~You can be attacked by “peaceful” (blue named) players, and other hostile (red named) players.
~The only players who can not harm you are those you are grouped with. Even if one member is hostile and another peaceful, group members inflict no direct harm on each other.

To turn off Hostile mode you must wait for the cool down time to pass, then either be in the pirate bay, or within the vicinity of a normal safe zone.


Honestly, i believe there is no “best” weapon in the game. They all have their times and situations of come~into~play. For a list of weapons please see the wiki.


Flux can be used to purchase warp permits, ship skins, and temporary boosts such as the helpful tractor beam, or double exp for a day. Flux can be bought with kreds, or earned through exploration and in game missions.

More to come surely, for now i wanna play. :D

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thank you

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ty. bump.

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TY! that came in handy for me :)

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Do take note that they changed skins to actual ships, meaning if you switch, use the free reset if you wish on your old ship in order to get major buffs :)

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bumping, and making mention of not only the free reset, but also that they might have added caps in the green zone.

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What is the hotkey for the tractor beam? I had purchased it but I cannot see my ship gathering the loots like beaming lightning into my ship.

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its automatic, if u have it or it been expired then the tractor beam will not work it can pull in some range only from the loot

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