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Suggestions - For fixing exponentially increasing upgrade costs!

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After doing two not so important upgrades (two ridiculous weapons), every upgrade cost goes up, including hull upgrades!!!

Why wasn’t I told this before upgrading? I’m not getting a new Kong account just to play an unbalanced game. You did not give me enough information upfront to make the right upgrade decisions and you are not letting me start over either.

The cost of a single wrong upgrade (say upgrading a weapon that you won’t use by just 1 point) on the hull alone is ~600 * 6 * 4 = ~15,000 steel
Now, if I throw in the 5 weapons you are going to use as well, the cost of a single point spend on a wrong upgrade is ~600 * 6 * (4+5) = ~30,000 steel

I just approximated the value of 600 but this keeps on increasing with every wrong upgrade.

Say you’ve made just 4 bad weapon upgrades initially (seems like any beginner will fall for this trap), the total extra cost that you will have to pay for your default set to be upgraded to the max level is approximately ~(600 + 660 + 730 + 800) * 6 * (4 + 5) = ~150,000 steel!

Ridiculous!!! Game balancing nightmare!!! Batshit crazy!!!

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Same, I decided to level up engines in the beginning because there is a lot of travel, now I don’t have weapons becasue of it and am finding it near impossible to pvp or pve. Dev’s really should have told us that the upgrades increas in price somewhere. Also I did 3 upgrades at once and got hosed no chance really to fix it and not worth putting real money into this.

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The current system is rather unforgiving compared to most multiplayers out there, yes. We are considering a tweak to the downgrade system (ie. reset individual upgrades) but we can’t promise anything yet. Or in which form or shape it will be implemented.

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If you just treat it like any other game with purchasable upgrades, just let each classification of upgrades scale on it’s own. Buying upgrades for weapons shouldn’t increase the cost for upgrading engines, for instance. After that, just increase the cost of the upgrades to make it so that you can’t upgrade everything in a short amount of time.

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2 FulafiskenAB

Upgrade cost can be explained better through hull-upgrading.
When you buy upgrade, you click to buy:
1. hull+1
2. chosen upgrade

A little change in upgrade menu, without even changing server logic.

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Insanely awesome suggestion – Devs, are you taking notes?

^n9120’s idea won’t work. Because then I should have the option to use a lower upgrade for a weapon that I don’t need and not use extra hull space for that.

Actually, it can work! If we separate upgrades and hull space completely. I can upgrade as many weapons as i want without the costs rising exponentially. But for each upgrade that I want to use, I will need hull space, and hull space cost can rise exponentially!!

So, the factor that prevents players becoming powerful too quickly won’t be limited access to upgrades, but rather limited access to hull space.

This way, a player can try all combinations of upgrades, and choose a pattern of upgrades that suits their play style best while being limited by the amount of hull space they have bought!

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^ Much similar to the way artifacts are used. You can get as many artifacts as you want, but what limits you is the number of artifact slots that you have unlocked.

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Now I understand why I have to pay soo much for a single update.
Game balancing zero….

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I like the increasing cost but it needs to be balanced with a way to downgrade even if it cost the same price as the upgrade.

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they gave xp protection to prevent people from staying at low levels and pvping, increased costs are not going to fix that problem.

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Originally posted by roundishcap:

they gave xp protection to prevent people from staying at low levels and pvping, increased costs are not going to fix that problem.

Sorry but this is just stupid. Then we don’t need to wonder why we need to pay so much pff

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hrs111111 + 1 to entire thread

I don’t want to quit, but I’ll have to if devs don’t reconsider

rated 1 till this happen. This system is ridiculous like it is now. Change the system or LET PLAYERS KNOW BEFORE, it’s a damned trap now. Show respect to your players.

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Don’t need to be so extreme, FC_BRAZIL and demonaii. The dev actually acknowledge the problem (read their reply) so just give them some time to change that!

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Patience, give the developers some time to fix some serious balancing issues. :)

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Highlighting the key points in the new system suggested for upgrades


1. Split upgrades into hull space, and actual upgrades bought
2. Cost of buying new upgrades do not increase (unless buying a higher level upgrade of the same tier)
3. Upgrades require hull space to add them to the ship (similar to artifacts, and artifact slots)
4. Cost of buying extra hull space increases exponentially

Why is this useful ?
In case you upgraded two sets of weapons that did not work for you, you can upgrade two new sets of weapons that work for you instead and assign them to the hull space that you have, without buying additional hull space (which would have been very expensive). But if you need to use the fully upgraded version of all four sets of weapons, then you will certainly have to buy additional hull space, and that will be expensive.

This system can be designed to be the exactly equivalent of the system used now in terms of the amount or resources required to buy upgrades.

Where will this fail?
After the hull space for all 4 full hull upgrades and any 5 full weapon upgrades are bought, the concept of hull space will become obsolete and players won’t be required to buy additional hull space.

Any workaround so that it doesn’t fail?
Maybe a player can rotate upgrades (similar to rotating artifacts) only when visiting an upgrade station. If he wants to rotate upgrades (decide which upgrade is inserted into the hull space) while in air, he needs to buy even more hull space.

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hrs111111, I really like your idea! It’s a really good solution in my opinion to the problem of upgrade cost!
To avoid failure, my idea would be to have the price of the hull space upgrade that reflect exactly the current price of the weapon upgrade. So you will have as base 5 slots for weapons already for free (or a small cost) but those slot could only have LV0 weapon on it. Then you need to upgrade each slot to LV1 to LV6 to equip equivalent weapon level.

The thing is that currently nobody will have 5 weapons and 4 hull spaces fully upgraded until level 30 or 35 maybe? I’m level 21 and have only 4 items upgrades (speed and 3 weapons). So not many people will hit the limit of max upgrade anytime soon if you keed the same prices.

I also agree with only allowing people to rotate your weapon allocation into a safe zone.

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how about you charge a fraction of the price of the upgrade to remove the upgrade

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Please devs do something about it, I’m almost leveling up and no changes =(

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1. Remove the baffling mechanic of increasing the price for every upgrade regardless of type.

2. Sort upgradable items into 2 groups.

First group, Hull Upgrades – Engines, Power, Shield, Armour
Second group , All Weapons

The first group follows the same rules as we have now, every upgrade makes every other more expensive BUT this time only within this group.
The second group follows the rules but only for each weapon – so upgrading the beam won’t make missiles more expensive etc.
Alternatively you could group the weapons by class, say guided/energy/projectile/bomb/etc and have each sub-group work the same as the hull items.


3. Duplicate weapon crates. Let’s give them a purpose, say each crate you collect for a weapon you already have adds 1-5% of the progress (ie: cost) of the current upgrade for that weapon. (I’m thinking like a bar that fills up or something – the fuller the bar the less it costs to upgrade.)
Yes, this will need some progress tracking code adding but it would be awesome and help two problems at once.

But what do I know? I am just an egg.