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Suggession - Artifacts sorting

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Its impossible to go through 100 artifacts and find the best ones each time you are in a different scenario.

Can the artifacts be sorted based on the artifact type in the artifacts menu. Right now its is so cluttered that going through them is a pain.

Poor game UI :|

And to add to that, new artifacts are added at a random location, and not at either the top or bottom of the stack.

Insanely poor game UI :|

And same goes for the player list. Its completely unsorted. It should be sorted based on something, so that it is easy for players to lookup info on, say presence of hostile pirates on the map. Maybe based on alphabetical order, or based on lvl.

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Need to add margins or a buffer to the bottom of the list too. I’ve noticed that if an artifact is on the bottom row and has more than one bonus, the first bonus is shown and the rest are off screen.

another suggestion: Make the artifact icons smaller so more than 4 fit on the screen at a time. maybe even a list view with the bonuses reading out the side. eg… ICON NAME BONUS1 BONUS2 ETC

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Please make a simple feature to sort artifacts

Right now it takes me 10 mins to change artifacts based on the situation/map each time.