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Originally posted by RyeEncoke:

wow thanks True…it’s so easy and yet I was completely unaware of it…you da best

Now since we talked about it in game…how bout explaining wishlist, and suggestions for what to put on your wishlist. Someone mentioned alexandrite because it can be used by squad in fight? So I am thinking I don’t really understand gifts all that well either.

Thanks Rye :) I’ll do a separate section on gifting when I do the Home page as well. I’ll let you know when all of that’s done :)

In simple terms, the wishlist is a collection of 5 gifts that you really want sent to you. When someone sends you a gift, you’ll be notified of what they want most when you accept it so you can send them back. As a personal recommendation, I put the upgrade parts as my wishlist because upgrades are always worth it. But I’d also recommend the Satellite Uplink as a powerful offensive gear as well. Again, like with stat point allocation, it’s completely up to you what you put up on your wishlist. Those are simply my recommendations.

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Home Page

Since it’s been requested, I’m going to do a section on the Home Page so as to clarify a few things. With this, the best way is through pictures and diagrams.

Admittedly, this image appears everywhere in the game, but might as well put it here since it’s useful information :)

EDIT 06/02/2013 :- The settings button isn’t entirely useless! If you put your email address there then you can get the Zombie Slayers newsletter. Apparantly that has awesome stuff so it’s worth mentioning. I would edit the picture but right now I’m too lazy to do it :P

This is everything at the top of the screen on every page. The text in the little red boxes should explain everything that may be obscure (obviously pointing out the travel tab for everyone who can’t find it :P ) If you’re confused about anything in this pic, just ask. :)

Now this picture IS part of the home screen. It also has red boxes that help show you what each bit does in the home page. Those boxes are now your friends.

Interesting fact: if you’re running low on energy and stam and are close to levelling, helping with outbreaks and challenges is a fab way to gain XP to help level up and get it all restored.
Thanks to the power of pretty pictures, this should be it! :) There wasn’t that much to cover anyway, but might as well have it done.

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Profile Page and Gifting

This was going to be a part on purely gifting, but I might as well throw in the profile page to help clear things there as well. Let’s get started on the pretty pictures again!

Here’s one on the main Profile page, and the little red boxes tells you what they are there for. As they say…

David Gates: If (It’s a real song. I checked. ~ TrueShad0w):

A picture paints a thousand words.

It’s where the phrase originally came from as well.

Yep, a thousand words painted in a single picture with word boxes as well. Anyway, I might as well get onto gifting now.

As you are probably aware, people can send you gifts and vise versa. You can send each person a gift each day, and you can send 100 gifts a day in total. What are good gifts you can send, I hear you cry. Well, here are my recommendations:

  • Upgrade parts (one can never have enough upgrade parts)
  • Satellite Uplinks (they’re a really powerful attacking gear and are great for early game)
  • Gemstones (Diamond and Alexandrite are the one’s I hear good stuff about)
  • Destructibles with a high attack stat (like the Moonshine)
  • Parts known to be used for the workshop (find those out for yourself :D )

Hope it helps.

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Nice work on the profile breakdowns TS, they look great! I wanted to quickly clarify about the “Settings” button on the home page. While there currently aren’t many options in this window, there will be more in the future. Right now, however, you can add your email address to ensure you get our newsletters which also have free items and loyalty rewards in them. You can also change whether or not the page jumps when you have a notification (something some players like, and some players don’t.) Hope that helps, and thanks again for putting these together!

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Thanks Kano. My initial thoughts on the settings bar were that there were so few options it was probably useless. I’ll do a quick edit on the post to give it a mention though. :) If you could think of anything else that I haven’t covered yet (apart from factions, which is fairly simple to explain) just leave me a note. Thanks again.