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Rare/Darks Available On Kongregate

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Hey everyone. As Kongregate is different from the Facebook version, I thought I’d make a (alphabetical) list showing all the currently available dark/rare crits on this version. If I have missed anything, feel free to say and I’ll change/add it. Crits denoted by a * mean they are only available in paid areas.

MF = Miscrian Forest, MG = Mt Gemma, SS = Sunfall Shores, Man = Mansion, JS = Jungle Shores, IT = Ice Tower, EI = Emerald Isle, Moon = Moon, CoM = Cave of Mists


Dark Arigato* (IT top 2 floors, CoM)
Dark Breezycheeks (Mansion, outside of the Moon)
Dark Bubbles* (IT, also available from collector)
Dark Craggy* (IT)
Dark Croaky * (IT)
Dark Cubsprout* (EI)
Dark Echino (CoM Exclusive)
Dark Elefauna* (EI, JS)
Dark Equestrion* (EI, also available from collector)
Dark Flameling (MF, Man)
Dark Flowerpillar (MF, EI, also from Collector)
Dark Flue (MF, EI)
Dark Grubbean (MF, EI, JS, Man)
Dark Hotfoot* (JS)
Dark Humbug* (JS)
Dark Hydroseal (Man, Moon, IT)
Dark Kiloray* (EI area 1, CoM)
Dark Nessy (MF area 3 – confirmed on Sundays and Mondays by Provokes, – the flower has a 100% chance of nessy, so there will eventually be a dark nessy spawn)
Dark Owlie* (EI)
Dark Prawnja (MF, EI. also from Collector)
Dark Salamindra* (Moon, IT)
Dark Snatcher* (IT, CoM)
Dark Snortus* (JS area 5, spotted in area 1 as well)
Dark Sparkslug (Collectors Only)

Rares (By my definition, or others):

Aegis* (IT, top two floors)
Barkley* (EI)
Beetor* (JS)
Blazebit (Man, MF)
Bloombat* (JS area 3, EI)
Bludger* (EI area 1)
Bullo* (JS area 3)
Charix* (JS area 3)
Crickin* (JS)
Darryl* (IT, JS)
Dravo* (IT)
Duggy* (Outside IT)
Eggy (MG, EI (More common in EI)
Ekidna* (IT, outer Moon)
Felis* (IT)
Flintly* (JS area 2) (By provocative demand)
Flutterpat (SS, IT, Man)
Fossillia (MG, JS)
Giggles* (IT, JS – rock near orange tree in area 3)
Gurgleplops* (EI, IT)
Hoghedge* (EI, JS)
Honeybolt* (JS area 5)
Ignios (SS)
Kelpa (SS sandcastle)
Liquifien* (Moon)
Luna (MG, very common inside Moon cave)
Monk Munk* (JS)
Mooncrit* (Moon) (By provocative command)
Mun Kee (MG, EI, JS, IT)
Nanaslug (Man, from the Collector)
Narlope (Man)
Osmeron* (Outside Moon)
Pachydo* (JS area 3 & 5)
Pamboo* (JS area 2)
Pollifog* (IT, outside Moon)
Poltergust (MG, JS)
Quackers* (EI)
Quartex* (IT, also available from Collector)
Raldio (Man)
Rockodile* (JS area 5, directly right of IT, several locations on the Moon outside)
Scintillion* (Outside Moon)
Shanghorse* (EI area 1)
Slithero (Man, JS)
Snorkels (SS, directly across from ship in IT)
Thundercracker (Man, JS)
Tongutail (Man)
Toro (Collectors only)
Treemur (MF, EI, Man)
Tulipinny (MF, EI, JS)
Vexie* (JS area 3)
Vhisp (Man)
Waddles (MF, IT)

Arena, Shop & Spin Exclusives:

Dark Drowsie
Grimm Kiloray
Light Blazebit (Exclusive reward for platinum purchase of 2500 kreds)
Scarecrow Charix

Note: At the beginning of the game, Aerobia was open for a few days. So some people have been able to capture critters there which won’t be available until it’s full release.


Hopps (Emerald Isle)

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In the shop also was some rhino-hammer-thing crit

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Originally posted by Jukon:

In the shop also was some rhino-hammer-thing crit

you are talking about rhinotaur,and yeah zali forgot to add it to the guide

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let me add a bit

Dark Breezycheeks (Mansion, Moon outside)
Dark Prawnja (MF, EI, also from Collector)
Dark Flowerpillar (also from Collector)
Dark Snortus* (JS area 5, also seen in area 1)

Flintly* (By provocative demand, JS 2)
Pachydo* (JS area 5 and also in 3)
Pollifog* (IT, outside moon)
Poltergust (MG, JS)
Quackers* (EI)
Quartex* (Also available from collector, IT)
Rockodile* (JS area 5, directly right of IT, lots of places on the moon outside)
Snorkels (SS, directly across from ship in IT, also the moon)
Treemur (MF, EI, Mansion)
Tulipinny (MF, EI, JS )

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I can also confirm a Sunday Dark Nessy. I found it in the curvy purple flower next to the tree in the picture you have up there.

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Dark nessy can be found on fridays too, might even be easier to find on friday since i found him in 4 trys and couldnt ever find him on sundays

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Would Sapphron be considered a rare? hes found in CoM

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Hi Can you tell me wat area is bloombat in the Emerald isle i have emerald isle but i dont have one

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And i dont found dark nessy i try many times whats wrong?