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I’ve been playing this game for a few days now by that i mean aprox 10 hrs game time. I do still have a surprising difficulty with playing this game for more than 15 min in any one sitting as either the energy burns out in 7 odd battles or i find all beasts to week to battle and all my gold is gone in any effort to keep healing them after they stop insta-lvling around lvl 11.

some difficulties i have that i could eagerly take some advice on is:

lower lvl beasts tend to be auto targeted by the AI apposed to random selection making leveling new pets a chore of back tracking lower level areas and fighting the case of dejavu, any way around it?

energy burns out so fast that its impossible to plan anything to do i.e. level a new pet only to find 4 levels in i need a hr break usually meaning come back tomorrow. perhaps a lvling guide for nubs?

perhaps the same as the 1st question but just to clarify, money seems to be an invisible currency as it takes good 10 battles to save the money to purchase 1 home structure or buy 2 items. Is there a better way of saving money other than the “Player V AI player” or digging shrubs?

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ive bin playing the game for a good week and ive never had this problem i currently have 49k saved up and maxed few and just keep moving on im about to start sector 4 with 4 upgrades to homeworld and lvl 3 ship

once you get farther in you will find lots of lunar from quests also tournaments give large amounts

dont worry about lunar to much and try to keep 2-3 strong members so u can win all ur fights at low cost ghost types r awsome with there healing attacks like life drain r vampire kiss once u get farther in some chests r giving me 300-800lunar and fights r around 400-1k sometimes vs lvl 30s but my 3 creatres r lvl 42 41 and 39

as for aip and shrubs both r bad currently ais dont give exp so ur wasting ur energy shrubs give 1 exp for 1 energy my current fights give 80-100 exp for 3 energy makes huge differents

to some my best tip up keep strong team fight weaker and save ur cash quickly ull become strong enough to have no need for lunar

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Thanks Helbrid! We’re making some tuning changes to the costs of healing items and making some increases to the amount of Lunar dropped from battles so hopefully this will smooth things out more in the early levels. We’re also increasing the amount of energy dropped so that play sessions should last longer. Your strategy for leveling sounds like a good one. We’re going to keep on tuning the economy and energy systems to try to keep improving it so please keep giving us feedback!

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A few of us have noticed, and are not pleased with, that with the latest update you completely took out all the basic revive potions. Leaving us with the option of buying the very expensive full hp/stamina revive potions or waiting for them to revive on their own. :(

We’re presuming this is a mistake, and haven’t been able to get any response from anyone on the kong chat. Sooo… posting here.

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this was an attempt to clean up some of the clutter in the store, but we didn’t realize the prices were so different between the full heals and the 20% heals. We put the 20% one back in on 11/21 so hopefully things are good with reviving?