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Crystallising Data Analysis

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Good evening,

I’ve noticed several times now on main chat with people asking if leveling up a beast before crystallising it increases the chance of items in addition to Lunar. It seems logical to assume that a higher level beast would increase the chance, because the amount of Lunar obtained is somewhat scaled according the level/rarity, so why not % chance on items?

In order to question this, it will take a lot of data. For this I shout out to my fellow Outernauts to help me gather the info I require.
It’s a big ask, but I plan on starting small, and compiling more and more data until I can finally answer the question with enough certainty.

I’ve been spending my excess Lunar on beige eggs, then putting them in my spare incubators in order to hatch something, probably, common. I’ve taken note of the beast, the gem type and the metal type, then crystallised it to see what happens. This data goes into a list, hopefully to become a large list.

So how can you help?

Do the same, if you can spare the time and Lunar. Take note of what hatches from the beige egg, it’s gem and metal type, and what happens when you crystallise it.
Gathering a list of level 1 beasts is easy, it doesn’t require time to level. But in order to fully pursue the experiment I will need data for beasts of varied levels. So if you’re feeling adventurous, scientific, or bored, then feel free to level it up as you desire, then crystallise it and see what happens. Please whisper me on kong chat with your findings, or you can send me a kong email.

This will take time, however I will greatly appreciate any input to support this. If you’re not convinced, that’s fine, this is all just a bit of fun on the side. But hopefully, we’ll see something interesting :).


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Or maybe we could just ask the developers.

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What you are doing will help the game. I’ll contribute.
Frozzling (Beige Egg)
Gem : Peridot
Metal : Copper
Level 1
Crystalised : 34 Lunar.