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Knight Mage Mage has never been that easy xD
lost once against the armored hounds though, because they killed veradux at the beginning .
didnt have to buy anything at shop in the whole run, and didnt lose anything exepted the fight against hounds.
perfect guide to say the least.


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uh i just got Poseidons Fury from the roach guy just putting it out there

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Poseidon’s Fury is a bad weapon. It doesn’t offer up any vitality or strength.

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Originally posted by PistolArtist:

Poseidon’s Fury is a bad weapon. It doesn’t offer up any vitality or strength.

And you are a bad reader…don`t you see this guide`s gearing/stats system is all about instinct?Not vitality we got tenacity for that,not strength we use instinct.No it`s all about INSTINCT.
Anyway TS just a little something you might wanna change,in zone 2 with ZPCI elite and 2 armored hounds veradux and roald CAN,in fact,do ZPCI elite without you.I done it today after re-playing sonny cause I was bored.I died just as I finished second armored hound and veradux and roald defeated him themselves.Also,once again,kudos to you for making such a great guide.I wouldn`t have any impossible badges if it weren`t for you.

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you can beat all the fights on zone 7 with the high voltage - shock coma combo of psychological (with tenacity 0/5) : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- doctor klima: high voltage - high voltage - shock coma - shock coma - high voltage - retrograde. ( i didnt kill him that way, but the guide says it can be). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- twin guardians: free will - high voltage - high voltage - shock coma - shock coma - high voltage - retrograde - ultimatum - free will - high voltage - high voltage - shock coma - shock coma - high voltage - retrograde. (i did this first on north guard then on south). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yo'suke: ultimatum - free will - high voltage- high voltage - shock coma - shock coma - high voltage - retrograde. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ corruptor: ultimatum (i did that but i dont think its necessary) - high voltage - high voltage - shock coma - shock coma - high voltage - retrograde.
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dawn i separated everything… :/

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Sulfras, this combo works on anything, but Sonny needs to have Retrograde Overdrive on.

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Hi people, I don’t know if this is considered a necro when all the forum threads for Sonny 2 are so outdated but I have a big problem…

I was able to get to Captain Hunt by myself without using the guide, and so I re-specd a lot. After getting stuck to the point where I couldn’t get past Hunt no matter what I tried I found this guide. I used the last of my money to re-spec into the suggested build and attempted the fight again with the stratagy but keep dying. It might just be because I have no expirence with the build, but how exactly do you beat Hunt? I have a example turn list to help pin-point where I’m going wrong:

Turn 1: Shields go up, Hunt uses Marked for Fire on random squad member (effect usually goes away before being capatalized on)

Turn 2: Tramatize Hunt, squad attacks sniper.

Turn 3: (double move) Activate wraith form, squad attacks sniper

Turn 4: Sniper readies buff

Turn 5: Shock Therepy sniper, squad attacks sniper

Turn 6: Sniper readies buff, Captain Hunt recovers (what to do?)

Turn 7: Shock Therepy sniper, squad attacks sniper

Turn 8: Hunt attacks with Marked for Fire/Death, sniper readies buff (taking damage now and no way out)

Turn 9: Tramatize Hunt, Roald attacks sniper & Veradux heals

Turn 10: Sniper attacks Roald, medic kills Roald

Turn 11: Out of focus, use Electrical Storm on Sniper. Veradux attacks sniper (sniper shield breaks around now)

Turn 12: Sniper buffs, Hunt recovers (COME ON)

Turn 13: Shock Therepy sniper, Veradux attacks sniper

Turn 14: Hunt attacks me, sniper buffs

Turn 15: Out of focus, Electrical Storm sniper, Veradux is now healing 24/7

Turn 16: Sniper attacks, Hunt attacks. Someone usually dies now.

As you can see it goes to hell very quickly and I’m left with the choice of Tramatizing Hunt or de-buffing the Sniper. Either way my focus runs dry and my choice usually goes to “neither”, which ends with someone’s death. Can I get any help?

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I can’t answer for the inventor of the original build here, so the following are more or less my own thoughts.

- Wraith form: I’m no fan of this, but if you use it, I think it’s more about gaining 50 focus, and the extra percentage makes up for the lost move. Use it later, not when you still have 85 focus. The long cooldown is what makes it hard to use. I prefer two electrical storm and 3 shock therapies for attack/regain focus in an electrical build.

- You could keep Hunt traumatized 2 of 3 turns, take his damage in the 3rd turn.

- Make sure the sniper doesn’t get to shoot with his 300% damage buff. The piercing buff alone isn’t so bad. Don’t miss a traumatize on hunt just for the piercing buff.

- REMEMBER SALVATION! Electrical build won’t work without salvation.

Remember that Roald has a useful shield. Set to phalanx to make him cast it. Be aware of long cooldown and 20 focus requirement, though.

My personal preference, though, is – more fight control by getting 3/3 shock coma. But – I also learnt to love the shadow build. oh well.

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Wow, what a convenient forum thread. I beat zone 6 an 7 with biological already, but i was having trouble repeating it with psycho sonny. awesome.

on a side note, turns out the producer of sonny 1&2 has cancer. Go support him with positive thoughts and stuff guys.


link to his new website:

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Uh oh. I’m level 17 before Mokoshantar (that wolf thing in zone 4)… I’m SURE I didn’t do any training fights. Am I screwed out of Legend?

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Remember Dandamaniac, that you may not fight neither Training fight nor REPLAY boss fights as this will prevent legend, if you somehow got a level higher without redoing any bosses or any training fights, then you should be off fine, but if you want to be 100% sure, I suggest you make a new character. If you are very sure that you have done nothing, continue on, if you still dont get legend, you need to start a new one.

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I have a question:How to beat the bomb on hydraulic?!!I just cant do it,so im asking.

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Did you check the hydraulic guides? This one is psycho.
But anyway, level up to 30, and best use an all-out aggressive skill set from the hot side for this. Bring Felicity and Roald. If I remember correctly, though, with level 30, it even works with a cold hydraulic. Build up shatter and crystal ice to max, as well as glacier. You don’t get the achievement, though, just win.

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Thank you really much!PS:Sorry for posting here,but i couldnt find any hydraulic guides.

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Maybe not on kongregate, because you can’t play hydraulic on kong. But they are on armorgames’ walkthrough forum. :)

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I checked armor forums and there are no guides,theres one which says re spec and thats it.PS:i finished the bomb with lvl 26 cold hydraulic.

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Congrats :)

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hydraulic guides – yes, there are none here, and one or two good ones at AG.
And for hydro, first you’re free to level up to 30 prior to tackling Z6-Z7 (but after beating the mayor for legend), then for the Bomb you can take hot hydro build, max out strength with stats&equipment, max out hot part of hydro tree, and have fun with Regulate level 3 and then 11 focus free attacks for 4k each plus occasional DoT for 2k each too.

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I know a good weapon for Roald, it is the annihilator, dropped by spectres, and it gives 17 speed, 88 strength and 9 vitality, this carried me straight through the next battles (the one with the wraths was till now the only “harder” one
Hope it helped to let you all know there is such an amesome weapon (500 dmg per shot that can stun from roald)

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how can i beat the 2x frost zombies and frost terror in zone 2 im doing the things that you said but i can never defeat them and they always kills veradux first

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Thanks!! It’s a really awesome walkthrough. Thanks for spending so much time writing this up <3 You’re my hero.

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Im stuck on Yo’suke (from zone 7) i followed exactly what the main forum said, then what some of the comments said and i cant get it. the heal/retrograde on deals 12,000 out of his 20,000 health. (i have tried like 20 times.) help?

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nvm i didnt see that i was suppose to put on overdrive

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Using this build, I couldn’t seem to beat the Frost Terror, Frost Zombie x2 fight. Can anyone give me any advice?