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Originally posted by LandisCarter:
Originally posted by knight3607:

Excuse me I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet but for break it says
Break: Ah… This attacks and stuns for one round. Very useful skill Guardian, Assassin and Destroyer; But If your A guardian or Gunslinger I recommend Shatter Instead. 10 Focus
So is it useful for Guardian or not?

it is up to you and whatever suits you and your priorties. WHY THE HEK DID YOU BRING UP A YEAR 2 MONTH OLD THRED?

because i can!

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I’d say an on-topic bump, so no actual trouble here. And yes, having more stuns rulez, although when I came to it, I never used any stuns vs Sinjid. Only Block x2, heroic motivation x3, quick strike, subversion and something less rememberable. Regeneration was pretty high. Class is irrelevant.

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destroyer ftw … in last zone get guardian and assassin allies.
assassin can use speed buff which supercharges certain attacks and guardian can block and heal for you.

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I probably missed something in the tutorials, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to change your allys. Help?

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I tried the defensive tactic…and fell asleep enough that I forgot to use the shield when the shadow charged up…goddamit

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Originally posted by awe862:

Shaman Survivor, Totem: If you can beat the last battle; you can beat this. Still; Kill the totem first.

x3 Devourer: You should put some of the Physical defense armor on for this – Greatly reduces their physical damage. See x2 Devourer; only harder.

x2 ZPCI elite: Save your Stuns for when they use their aim for the heart de-buff – Other then that; same old same old. Once one is dead; The battle is won. The major problem is if Both of them use Aim for the heart in the same turn – Rare; But dangerous. Since you can Only stun one; You can wave one of you good bye.

Level up! D-Destroyers should get 2/3 Aggression, O-Destroyers and Assassins should get 2/3 Coup De Grace. Gunslingers should get 1/3 Aggression. Guardians should get 3/3 Electro bolt

Zombie Ambassador: See x1 Devourer fight.

Elite Medic, ZPCI hunter, ZPCI elite: Get rid of the Medic first, because he can heal and that gets annoying. Once the Medic is down; Kill the Elite. Not the hunter; Because Once his focus is gone; Like the ZPCI assault from the first zone; All he can do is use a weak attack. Once the Elite is gone; Kill the hunter.

Baron Bruxius: Re-spec for this fight. Your skills set, No matter your class, Should be: Get 3/3 Aggression; Get 3/3 Heroic Motivation, 1/3 Block, 1/5 Smash, 1/3 Wound, 1/1 Break.

Your Skills Circle should be: 1 Suppression, 1 Blood focus, 1 Aggression, 3 Heroic Motivation, 1 Block, 1 Break.

Let me make It clear right and now: If you were O-Destroyer, Assassin or Gunslinger, You are Not The main Damage dealer for the fight. Galiant the Paladin, A one time Teammate, Now takes that role.
Your role is A support character; Like veradux: Healing when needed; Dispelling when needed with heroic motivation (It also heals; so heal when needed). Always stun with break when you can. When low on focus; Use Blood focus. Block is for your own personal protection. Always have Aggression on Galiant; It will make him hit Allot higher. You will thank me when he has 0 HP left; trust me.

Galiant the Paladin: Re-spec; Using the builds, but with a few modifications.
Assassins and Destroyers should get: 1/5 Smash, 1/3 Wound, 1/1 Break, 1/5 Disruption, 1/5 Sunder, 1/5 Master strike, 1/3 Flame blast, 1/3 Shatter, 1/5 Void, 1/1 Subversion. Your skills bar should be: 1 quick strike, 2 smash, 1 shatter bolt, 1 Master strike, 1 wound, 1 Subversion.

Guardians and Gunslingers: For gunslingers; this is not much of a change. For Guardians; how ever, It is. Oh well. get 2/10 Magic bolt, 2/3 Electro bolt, 1/10 Intervention, 1/3 Block, 1/3 Flame blast, 1/3 Shatter, 1/5 Void, 1/1 Subversion. Have equipped: 1 Quick strike, 1 Block, 2 Shatter, 1 Magic bolt, 1 Intervention, 1 electro bolt, 1 Subversion.

Basically: Get him to around 1000 HP. when that happens; Stun him with shatter bolt. Then deal As powerful an attack as you can; but make sure you have at least 15 focus afterwards. Then; Subversion; And he’ll kill himself.

Congratulations; You just got the hard badge and completed the main Storyline!

The Infinity: Valley of illusions

An extra zone. There are 4 Difficult bosses, 3 Shops (2 Of which give the best armor for all 4 classes! :D), A training that scales endlessly with your level, and a special training that’s really easy that drops an item that sells for 2000 Currency! Anyway; all the shop armors are very expensive. 2000+. Also; all the secret boss drops an item that sells for 4000!
Anyway; Ill let you Build your own build from there on. Ill Write out the 4 bosses. I recommend Farming Galiant for the paladin armor for Veradux. Don’t bother with the sword – The judgement rifle is much better for him. Speaking of the judgement rifle; That’s the best weapon for Guardians. If you DO get get the sword; give it to Veradux It until you get the judgement rifle.
You get 4 Teammates here. The four Teammates each share one class you can use: Gunslinger, Assassin, Guardian, And Destroyer. Ill let you choose who you get. But, Don’t, I repeat, DON’T use the one that’s for your class. The Destroyer is a red zombie named Gligus. The Guardian is a zombie name Teco. The Assassin is a girl name Amber. The Gunslinger is a girl named Catelin. Have fun!

Ignition / 15 / 5
Omen / 18(or)19 / 6
Doctor Herregods / 22 / 4
Sinjids shadow, x2 Sonny Shadow / 25’1 / 9

Ignition: Note: You need 3/3 Heroic Motivation and 1/3 Electro bolt

When He has 3 Fire De-buffs or Fate on someone; Use heroic motivation on them. Have the highest speed! If you don’t, The person with higher speed then you will attack and die before you can use heroic motivation on them. When he uses Dark healing; Dispel it with an electro buff. Other then that; Easy.

Omen: Have your normal build, But if you don’t have a stun, GET ONE. If you use shatter; have 2 shatters equipped. When he uses The Dark omen buff on himself, STUN HIM. If not; If he hits ANY of you; Its a guaranteed death. Other wise, Easy, But It will take a while; and if he gets a lucky double turn or critical; you may have to redo this.

Doctor Herregods: Note: This requires Subversion

Simply get him to just over 990000 HP, But don’t get him Under. Stun him; then use a powerful attack. Then, when he wakes up, Use Subversion. If All goes well; He should heal himself for a whooping 2 million damage!. That will kill him. Use the same build you used for Galiant.

Sinjids Shadow, x2 Sonnys shadow: This guy is mean. He has 2 lacky’s that restore his focus; and he has an 100 focus 1HKO attack. When I beat him the first time, I was an Assassin – So I simply stunned him then used disrupt. Took a few tries; But worked eventually. That’s all Ive used to kill him… There’s a defensive way but I dont know where It is. If someone could post It here; It would be greatly Appreciated. The closest thing to It is this:

Sinjid: I have used Regeneration at level 7 or 8, I need focus to fuel constant Heroic Motivation on self – I didn’t use Iron Skin or survivor’s eq or glitches (though I should probably). If he refuels, use Block – he WILL launch his one-hit, the attack is Ice, and if you will be the target, good – no one is harmed. Attack with Quick Strike, heal with Heroics. I used 3 of these, two Blocks, 1 Quick Strike and I don’t remember what else. No Suppression tho.

Credit to vesperbot for this

Congratulations; You now have the second hard badge!

Perhaps the next Impossible badge for sonny 3 will be: “Defeat Rick Astley” Lol :D

the funny thing is well i was assassain and i did the most damage cause the paladin died in the middle so i used master strike for about 900 damage and coup de grace for 1300 ish

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Sinjid is actually quite easy. Take out the lackeys then proceed to destroy sinjid. He will kill off one of your party members before proceeding to use normal attacks. after about 12/13 turns, he’ll re energize and then disrupt him before whacking him as usual.