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Hi, I never DID actually finish the game, well, I did get to Zone 6 but not Zone 7. (due to too much vitality, not enough instinct .) So I thought I might show you what skills I used and other people used to get to Z6-7.


Epiphany-Highly recommended as it deals high amounts over-time.
Traumatize-I know, I know, it makes you deal 50% damage against the target, but it’s still worth it coz’ it stuns AND makes them lose focus.
Psychopath Form It does heal Health, and quite a lot too. It also improves Shadow Piercing.
Free Will Heals an ally, gives them focus over-time and shields them for damage for a few turns, (enough for you to heal/buff them)

High Voltage-To be only used for combos or with high Lightning Piercing.
Shock Therapy-Deals a high amount of damage, and destroys up to 3 buffs on an enemy.
Charged Blood-Improves Lightning Piercing by up to 200%
Electrical Storm-Restores 20 focus each turn

Salvation-Gives an ally (Preferably Veradux)far better healing abilities and defense for over 10 turns!
Ultimatum-Only Useful if close to death and enemy is too.
Implosion-Good to be used on an ally, especially if on a heal buff.
Tenacity-Boosts Health and Physical Defense by high amounts.

EDIT:Thanks, don’t forget to post ideas or suggestions about how I can improve it.
Just ran tests today, Hydraulic coming tomorrow.

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Hydro – standard cold (don’t use shatter). Viable through and through, except The Bomb (re-spec for that).
Bio – standard speed, poison build works too, but requires patience.
Psycho – add Shock Coma. Yes it heals, so what? The enemy is out of combat for four turns!