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"The Seed", ZPCI Ambassador, 2 Men

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I must ask.

1. What is the Seed?

2.Who were the 2 males sitting with the ambassador in the cut scene?

3. Where is the ZPCI ambassador?

I might have missed something in the story, pretty sure I haven’t though, so maybe someone can shed some light on this topic?

edit: Are the two males the North and South Guardians perhaps?

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1. i dont know, but where did u hear it from?

2. maybe guardians but im not sure

3. He could appear in sonny 3 :D

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“The Seed” is supposed to be some sort of plot device, to keep people wanting to know what happens next; hence the ambiguity. You’re going to have to wait until Sonny 3 to find out what it is. Same applies to the other people sitting at the table at the final cutscene, and all other unanswered questions.

Also, anything past Z6 and Z7 are completely unrelated to the story; they’re only there as bonus levels.