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Enemy Tips N' Strategies (Z1-5, may be changed)

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Ok. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the triple thread, but I have played this game for ages, on all difficulties and on all classes, therefore, I’d thought I could make it easier for the new guys.

WARNING: Some of these methods may not work at times, because some of them only work if you have luck on your side. I will accept any criticism, and will try to put in any new characters if someone asks. BTW: I am planning to work really hard on this guide, ya know, tests n’ stuff. So maybe we could get this one into the “permenant” section

Zone 1
Easy battles, really need no help at all. Although, I thought I might help with two of the guys here.

Ensure that both of you are alive by the time the Warden reaches the 200 hp mark as he will cast “Death Sentence”, killing one of you. Otherwise, pretty easy, although his attacks deal high damage (Up to approximately 200-300) if you have low vitality, so I recommend stunning or focus restricting. (Mind Freeze)

Twisted Experiment
Ah yes, good old crusher of heroic people…. who want to….play….heroic. I’ll stop talking now. Anyway, this guy causes deaths on Heroic a LOT of the time, so he deserved to be in my section. Continuous stunning will work. Put two of the stunning moves that you can do for your class, and use them as much as you can. He shouldn’t be able to cast withdrawal. (This is, basically what kills everyone)

Zone 2


Very hard zone for the Heroics. Mages will cast “Doom” which severely severs your/Veradux’s Healing abilities. Your only hope here is to isolate the mages, Turn on adrenaline, and see if you can get Roald to put the buff “Greater Purpose” on you. If you are a Hydraulic or Psycho… Shrugs (Maybe stun both and kill middle enemy?)

The Baron
Stun the Baron continuously, and disrupt when he is down. Watch out for the “Infamous” Tick Tock. (See the reference…?) :D eventually he will use "Holy Scars or something like that. Put your guys on agro, enrage an destroy, use your strongest move or whatever (I know, this is probably one of the poorest bits of the guide).

Captain Hunt
Stun the sniper when he turns on “Superb Shot”, and “Crouch Shot”, otherwise he is pretty much guaranteed to kill one of your guys. When the Medic’s and Sniper’s shields are at about 2-4 turns left, they’ll start to get weaker so you can attack them. Just endure about 10 rounds of endless pain. Not that bad. Tip though. Go for the sniper first. Anyway, after killing the Medic and Sniper, the Captain will be isolated and powerless. Pile him and watch out for “Marked for Death”. Shield/Stun upon buff.

Zone 3
A pretty pathetic, short and easy zone. You might need help with Clemons.

Clemons the Deceiver

Clemons may use the “Unknown Condition” buff. I suggest to keep your allies on agro so they don’t try to heal themselves. Other than that, good drops. See if you can get lucky and get “Shandor’s Darkstaff”

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looks like you wrote this during a sugar rush.