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Hello! I Hope My Thread Will Help You On Psychological Bulid! Here’s What You Need For The Bulid! The Best Skills To Finish The Game, All Are Below!
3x Shock Therapy
2x Electric Storm
1x Wraith Form
1x Corruption
1x Dark Infusion
1x Charged Blood.
These Was The Skills You Need In Your Skill Bar, Note: That Charged Blood Is A Passive Skill, To Increase Your Shock Therapy And Electric Storm By Huge Damage Output!

The Attribute Points You Should Increase:
Waste All Your Points On Instinct!

And If You Have More Ability Points, Upgrade All The Skills That I Tell’d You To Acquire To Max, So You Will Make It Pretty Fast.

( Thank You For Reading This Thread! Kongregate Fellows! )

Hope This Helps.

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( If This One Didn’t Help You, I Posted A New One, Go Cheak It Out!

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What about Retrograde?